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June 18, 2017
Braveheart is one of the best epic films ever made. This is without a doubt Mel Gibson's greatest achievement. The score by James Horner fits the movie perfectly ! With one word this movie is a masterpiece !
June 14, 2017
Freedom!!!!!!!! Love this non-accurate movie!!!!!!
½ June 10, 2017
good but shit ending
June 9, 2017
While I recognize it's influence on modern film, I can't help but see Mel Gibson's Braveheart as a great story that's poorly told, with awful characters, bad dialogue that doesn't reflect what's happening on screen and a plot that starts too fast yet drags after the first hour.
½ June 6, 2017
The gold-standard for a medieval action film to live up to.
June 1, 2017
Altho not very historicly accurate Mel Gibson did make one heck of an entertaining movie.
May 21, 2017
Best movie of all time. Exiting, engaging, with beautiful picture.
May 14, 2017
FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM... every man dies, but not every man truly lives
May 3, 2017
What a true war movie about freedom!
May 1, 2017
Ruthless Scottish rebel bangs French princess! Plus lots of blugeonings and decapitations!! What more can you ask for?
May 1, 2017
you're marking this on camera work not historical accuracy. Even Errol Flynn Hollywood wasn't this made up. Huge liberties taken, like battle of Sterling Bridge with no Bridge!
April 14, 2017
Could have been a bit shorter, some filler near the end.
April 9, 2017
Movie about William Wallace, a man who won Scotland its freedom against the British way back when. I used to absolutely love this movie to death. But its gotten somewhat silly and melodramatic over the years. Mel Gibson overacts in many scenes. Still, its pretty good. I'd recommend it.
April 6, 2017
Five Oscars for this movie says it all.
½ April 4, 2017
Even though this movie is not perfect, it's still a pretty entertaining war thriller which keeps the viewer interested despite the fact that it's almost 3 hours long.

After William Wallace's lover is killed, he decides to start an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Longshanks in hopes of inheriting the crown of Scotland for himself.

This movie does have many memorable scenes. The 2 battle sequences in the movie are memorable and the ending is also very memorable. This move is very quotable also. It clearly has a few iconic quotes. Examples of the iconic quotes are "They may take away our land, but they'll never take away out freedom!" and when Mel Gibson yells "Freedom!"

The acting is okay. It isn't the best performance by Mel Gibson but it's also not bad. There are a few cringeworthy moments but not too many. All of the other supporting actors just gave decent performances. They weren't bad but they also weren't very impressive.

This movie is clearly violent but sometimes its violence can be distracting because the movie gets a little carried away with its style. Some scenes include a man getting thrown off a platform and getting impaled on a wooden pike and a man getting shot by an arrow in his butt. Those scenes are several others can take the viewer out of certain battle sequences because they are kind of ridiculous.

Also, the movie does have its historical inaccuracies. The inaccuracies mainly revolve around the princess of Wales. Granted, the movie would be a little more boring if it didn't include these inaccuracies but the movie still should've tried to find a way around them. I'm sure that it could've been done.

But despite what I said, I do feel that this is a pretty entertaining war film. However, I don't think that this is one of the best war films out there and I feel that there are much better ones. I also think that Mel Gibson has made better movies.
April 2, 2017
Can't believe I haven't seen this yet ...
½ March 20, 2017
Very well done, nothing bad to say about it.
March 13, 2017
When we see our stories of our bravery live long after we die. When we see we have always been brave and fearless growing up. When we see bravery has always been in our family and taught to us at a young age. When we lived and seen in the age of the bravest man to fight for land to share stories that you needed to be there fighting along his side. When we see that are aim is true when we must one day fight. When what we see scare us when we don't know. When we see in our dreams that we are given the courage to fight and take the path. When we see that we have to take care of ourselves when our family leaves to fight. When our eyes are too young to fight and see death too soon. When we see that others are still looking out for us long after they are gone to have someone look after us and see us through to manhood. When we see that we are brave but not a fighter and must learn. When we see the importance of fighting, rich in tradition and rituals that long look after those whom sacrifice their life for this land. When we see its not much but a token of gratitude for what they do for our people. When we can see that we are in need of happiness after death. When we see that we must leave our old life behind. When we see that others are not ready to take what is handed to us, when we see they have other people in mind. When we see that we are becoming unreliable when they don't see the importance of our duties to send others to do our work. When we see on the greater good for our countries well being. When we see we must rule sternly when others take lightly of whom we are and what we do. When we see how vicious and ruling we are when we want something's out. When we see that we must return back where we are needed. When we see that see that we go unnoticed when we have a strong family name. When we see that we must show that we have always been strong and brave when proving ourselves worthy. When we see that we must wait for other things we need to prove for when others are in need of us. When we see that everything has to wait when we are ruled over and have to give or suffer consequences. When we see that we are all brave but must give what is asked of us to keep the peace. When we can clearly see how life has gotten worse since we last returned. When we have always seen life out here has always been a challenge when we live outlands. When we see that not everything is a challenge when we have been keen on one another for along time. When we see that we are not just a beautiful face, when we know and been everywhere. When we see that is it feels right to be at home with our people. When we don't see why others took the leap into our arms. When we do see that it is just feels right when we recall a moment we shared together. When we see that he is right man to fight for this land when it's in our blood. When we see that we must prove ourselves to other people to get what we want. When we see that we rather settle down and live peacefully with someone for the rest of our lives. When we see that we must hide in order to be together. When we see that we must do it wrong by doing it right when it feels right, but don't care when we love someone. When we can't wait to see each other again when we are hiding our love from others. When we see we must flee where we are mistreated. When see that we must show others disobedience of unlawfulness goes unpunished. When we can't see our loved ones where they ought to be. When we see we must return to face those and see our loved ones again. But what they don't see is we don't give up so easily without a fight. When we see we must give them a fight in order for them to leave us alone. When we see we are much stronger together and our aim is all the same mighty & true. When we see they are no match more our strength when we have them cornered. When we see we don't show no mercy to those whom don't show us any. When we see that we must lose another love, family to our enemies. When we see that we owe ourselves to those whom we have taken. When we see that nothing can bring those back. When we see we must pay respects to our win to what we stand for. When we see life is done differently down here when there is little to live on. When see that news spreads of this great victory that others share this victory as well. When what others don't see might cost them more then their life but their right to stay here. When we are seen as not ruthless as others in sparing some people. When we see that others don't see the way we see it, that we can't let others see how we really feel about how we displease those whom don't see eye to eye with us when we are handing our reigns to them and we see they are unfit and blind. When we see we are displeased with certain unions when we are living with such ruthless people, but we stay for the sake of our countries prosperity. When we see that we want others gone whom we are arranged to be with. When we see we must not allow such acts go unpunished and show whom is the ruler and powerful. When we see that we too can match power for power, when we defeat each challenge we face. When what they don't see and take our message of surrendering will suffer consequences. When we see that news of our rebellion has spread. When we must seek guidance from those whom have the greater interests of the people than any rebellion. When we see how inspiring some people are in what they stand for, that challenges our perspectives. When we see that we all wish to have the same courage as others do, but we are of different places when we are given titles and land that gives us the opportunity to live in parts others not wish to be in. When we see something in this man and people that we haven't seen before that changes our minds. When we see others not as others when we wish not to compromise a good thing that we currently have. When we see that our power and direction can go elsewhere that safens our livelihood. When we see that we need more fighters to handle a problem. When we only need to make people see ourselves as a powerful person. When we are close enough with our own people to know they are all wrong, in love and livelihood. When we don't need to see some people but hear how loving they are in how they see the world and what matters to them for us to see they are right for us. When what others don't see, we see when we know all too well their plans. When we see we could use all the men we could get. When we don't see what others see when they are not right in the head. When they don't see that some sides we prefer and are backstabbers. When we see that we must watch each other's backs when we have to pay our loyalties to the side that hates another side as much as we do. When what others don't see we get right past them. When we see that we must fight a different way smarter and surprising that they don't expect. When we need see everywhere when we got eyes scattered. When we see we are out matched, outnumbered and the odds are not in our favor. When we see that we have no faith in leaders whom don't know and show they are not fit to lead. When we see there are others fit to lead, when their reputation proceeds them, a fearless warrior you would be honoured to fight beside and along side. When we see that we must fight for 1 thing that we both share and set aside our differences. When we see we must be the face they bare, the heart they hold and courage that they march on fighting for something they believe in, a free land that is not for others to rule. When we don't see whom they are seeing, but doing our duty as we are instructed. When we see that we must act civilly and accordingly when the terms of war ask of it. When we see we don't share in the same terms and offer our own terms that we see they wont take but we offered. When we see that we must show we are relentless, fearless and confident of victory, when this war is for all of the dark history this land had to bare and we are putting a stop too. When others don't need to see what others are fighting for, but know what history, stories and ruthlessness that has be done to know what this means. When we see we have no other resolve but to fight. When we see that they must fire first to start a war. When we see weakness we capitalize when we are ruthless. When we see that we are no match that we retreat. When we see we pulled off a miraculous victory. When we see that we are worthy of serving our country with a title, name and backing. When we see what victory means that we are not all fighting for 1 thing but separate things when we there are politics are involved. When we don't see the importance of the politics and designation of rights to continue fighting for a cause. When we don't see that backing involves giving what the people want, to which we can't provide. When we don't see that what makes us weak is that we all have separate needs that we want but are not getting when favors lean more towards opposing sides, and not ours. When we don't see that backing & support involves funding, people, and risking entitlements. When we don't see that our own people see us as weak and wont risk what little they have for the greater importance. When we must see ourselves as proven fighters that are victorious in battle to gain support by how well we plan & win battles. When we must see to it that no one pushes us around that we stand up to them. When we see that we must send a message that we are relentless and won't stop. When we must continuously make others see how ruthless we are that we won't be taken lightly. When what we see is just a dream when our thoughts remain with them. When we are seen taken lightly when we are sent a princess to send the word of terms. When what others don't see we reveal, when we show that we a person fighting for what is right. When we want to see some people live for we like the sight of some people whom are loving but foolish in thinking they can win. When we see why we are fighting for, that nothing can be given titles and funding that we want but our land to live how we intended all our people to live. When what we see we can't get when we our allegiance is towards the other side. When we see that peace was never what they had in mind when we are ruthless. When we see our loyalties are both sides when we send word of plans. When we must see that we will get support and backing when we are revealed that there we are out powered, out numbered and out matched again. When we can't see the longevity of our army continuing to fight such numbers when we don't have the support to do so. When what we see uniting together others don't see it succeeding when we can't risk the future of our entitlement for it. When we see a fair fight when our people are banded together to fight the opposing sides. When we see we must fight our own side but don't see that our side rather stick with our side and fight for the opposing side. When we see that the moment to rebel is now and we won't be seen as disloyal and tolerant to invaders whom want to claim our land. When we must be seen as a proven smart and tactical fighter to win our battles and meet with any challenges. When we see that there is no winning a war that gives us nothing when others give us more. When we see that disloyalty is worth living for when we are given the land but not the rights to it. When we see all our support and backing to become victorious and free fade when we are alone and give up. When we betray the very sight of inspiration and courage to get us through to victory. When we see we must not allow others to give up when they are wanted dead, and the dream dead as well. When we see what we want is a dream to become true that we can see a future where its free and able to stand on its own without the support of another country whom is wealthier, powerful, and stronger. When we see our actions have cost the lives of so many people's dreams and hopes whom braved and fought and died for their country. When we see that we must take revenge on those whom betray us and our country when they remain alongside the enemy. When we can no longer see the man whom has to be unseen when his own people betray him and now has to fight alone. When we see the dream fade, but the story and legend of the man grow when all what is already accomplished have inspired many from across the land. When we must be seen ruthless without any land or cause when that dream remains, but reality fades when we are wanted. When we need to see the vary thing that we ever known what love is supposed to personify to not give up on those whom we need but can't have. When we see we are drawing closer to letting something's go, love, family, dreams, land, entitlements, power and livelihoods. When what we see we wish we could change when we no longer want to be part of any disloyalty and betrayal when it's not right not to fight on the right side when it counts, when its not right not to have our own land, when its not right when we can lend support and backing that we are not there to give to the most fearless and courageous man this land has to know. When we see our loyalty lays with yours, but can't see that others betray on our behalf. When we don't see how long can we keep the lands that are handed down to us to only have it taken away. When we can't see the price of lives when our name and titlements are more important then a dream, or others names and titlements. When we can't see the self-greed to put forth our own gratifications forward ahead of others. When we can't see that no one cares about the land, but what it gives for us. When we can't see that there are people whom idealize, respect and love a person whom is unlike any person with power that is worthy of any title, any land, any support, any funding and any name when he has a great heart for a land and people it wishes to see have a future. When we must show how brave and strong we are to reject anything less but land or death. When we can't see how weak we are seen being defeated so many times by 1 savage man. When we see how much we wish others to die when they make us lose our power and livelihood. When we see that in different places, we are treated less when we are just a spectacle and entertainment for those to see in pain for being on the opposing side. When we see some people have accepted the way life is and continue to be when they don't have a dream worth dieing for. When we see that our name won't live on when we never had the opportunity to bare an heir to pass on. When we see that we will never get to see a future where our children can grow on. When we see that we can't live knowing we abandon our dreams when our family, love and own people never abandon it neither. When what we can't see we hold onto with every breath to see that they lived long enough to see dead. When we can all see how much this dream means to this man, able to do so much, take as much pain, and keep hanging on to the livelihood that one day he can live in land where it's free. When we can see we will carry the dream till death. When we can't wait to see the vary thing in our dreams once again. When we can see how ruthless they treated a treason person after death and make little of all what he stood for. When we can see clearly what the man inspired in all people to continue in his brave steps, keep his stories and dream alive, that we never trade all worldly possessions for anything other then land we wish to keep our own, our own name, our own culture, our own traditions, and our own people. When we see ourselves in that one man when we fight every battle and fight for our freedom.

Level of Interest-5
Twist & Turns-5
Historical Accuracy-5
½ February 28, 2017
Recognizable, but "Braveheart" is little more than a hyper-violent, historically inaccurate warpic.
½ February 26, 2017
The anachronisms are too numerous to mention (the real Princess Isabelle was only 3 years old during the events that took place, William Wallace's rampage never got near York and the Scots didn't start wearing kilts until 400 years later to name a few), so perhaps it's best to view Braveheart as historical fiction. Mel Gibson stated Braveheart's multiple creative liberties were taken for dramatic purposes and when you consider he was able to hold our attention with a 14th century historical epic for nearly three hours, no one can argue it wasn't to the film's benefit. Gibson plays up the legend of William Wallace at the expense of accuracy, but never realism, wrenching out all the thrills and bloodspills he can in this rowdy medieval epic. If you leave entertained and moved by the sweeping action, drama and romance and intrigued enough to research how history actually took place, then Braveheart has already justified it's legendary status.
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