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March 19, 2018
Amazing. It will have you in tears and wanting more. This is a masterpiece by Mel Gibson and worth watching a million times
½ March 8, 2018
Recognizable, but "Braveheart" is little more than a hyper-violent, historically inaccurate war epic.
February 24, 2018
1001 movies to see before you die.
February 11, 2018
One of those enjoyable sweeping epic movies
January 31, 2018
Great story movie! Mel Gibson such a good actor! The soundtrack is perfect! The last scenes make me cried.
January 28, 2018
One of my five favorite movies
January 27, 2018
Gets a little drawn out in the second act, but that's all paid off with the final scenes of the movie, making this a journey worth watching.
January 7, 2018
Mel Gibson está sensacional na pele de William Wallace.
January 2, 2018
This movie is imperfect but fantastic.
December 31, 2017
How does this movie only get a 77% rating by these retarded ass liberal critics but Star Wars the last Jedi (the worst movie in history) gets a whopping 93% rating??? Who are these moron critics??
December 28, 2017
Great fantastic phenomenal movie starring Mel Gibson as the iconic William Wallace. Yes, this movie does have some flaws like being to long but to me, the outcome matters and spoiler, william Wallace dies and that particular scene in this movie and the emotion leading up to that point in the movie is what this movie needed and I'm glad whoever wrote the screenplay had him die. This movie definitely deserves all the oscars and other major awards.
December 24, 2017
best movie of all time
December 22, 2017
Ignore the factual and historical inaccuracies and enjoy.
½ December 16, 2017
Puntaje Original: 8.5

Una historia emocionante e inspiradora, con grandes y épicos personajes encarnando los deseos de libertad, independencia y gloria del ser humano.
December 4, 2017
Braveheart is an amazing war film directed by and starring Mel Gibson. The whole cast gives gives great performances as the rebellion is shown between the Scottish and the English with lot's of violence and intense battle scenes. Mel Gibson does a great job with direction and does a good job showing all of the drama, romance and action to fulfill the film.
November 30, 2017
Awesome battle seems and speeches that give you goosebumps. A must watch for every Scotsman and every action/drama fan
November 23, 2017
Braveheart is such a great movie. Mel Gibson definitely did a absolute great job. He played a character and he was also the director of the movie. Braveheart is one of the greatest drama motion pictures ever made. And Mel Gibson is a great actor. I love Mel Gibson.
November 2, 2017
An amazing war film shot in the pre-CGI era.
Apart from its shear violence and blood scenes during the war battles, the elements of love, patriotism and freedom are often mentioned and/or portrayed at other times.
A splendid film indeed.
October 27, 2017
it the best movie, it has everything that you love romance, action, and drama.
October 14, 2017
My favorite movie of all time!! Great story, tremendous acting. Gladiator used the same story line as Braveheart & that was a tremendous movie as well...
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