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A boring genre film and a waste of a good set.



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Todd is a veteran of numerous galactic conflicts and, having lived by the American Force's Rules for Life since childhood, is one of the best. Scarred, toughened and numbed by a lifetime of fighting, he stands as the embodiment of Darwin's principle of survival of the fittest. But Todd's glory days are over. Scientific advancement has fostered a new breed of warriors.

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  • Sep 03, 2015
    Just a good solid 90's action flick, Kurt Russell plays a robot like soldier kicking ass and taking names, As he gets replaced by super soldiers and thrown out like trash, The first hour was pretty slow with hardly any dialogue from Russell, But the last 25 minutes was solid action and pretty good too, The effects look dated but it doesn't ruin the film too much it's just a nice way to kill an hour and 30 minutes.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Jun 25, 2014
    Entertaining Sci Fi actioner starring Kurt Russell, this is an underrated film that is entertaining for what it is, but also shows that it could have been much better as well. Directed by Paul W.S Anderson who has had a sketchy career, Soldier is one of those films that might entertain viewers that are looking for a mindless time waster to watch when they have nothing else to watch. Anderson for me, a so-so director, I don't hate his work, but he's one of those directors that create popcorn action flicks, and for that, he's very capable of doing so, but one thing that his films lack is substance. I don't mind his films, and here he makes an entertaining picture with a decent cast of actors. Soldier is mindless fun if you're in the mood for this sort of film, but it's never anything great either. I enjoyed the film, but I also felt it could have been better as well. Some ideas here fall flat, and it's a shame because the ideas here are quite good, but they never really take off, and in turn the film suffers from being a truly memorable action film. Paul W.S Anderson is a director that goes for thrills and action and not substance. Soldier is fun for what it is, but if you want a bit more, you'll sadly be disappointed. Soldier could have been a great film, but as it is, it's an action film that is mindless popcorn entertainment, and if you enjoy these types of films, you might like this one. However, at the same time, you can only wonder how good the film would have been if the script would have been better thought out.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jan 28, 2012
    Kurt Russell is a one man army in Soldier. When an obsolete soldier is marooned on a remote planet, he must stand up against a group of elite super soldiers sent to eradicate the population. Russell does a solid job at portraying this character, but he's hard to relate to and his emotionlessness is alienating. However, Jason Isaacs creates a delightful villain that's a lot of fun to watch. The action is pretty good but the special effects don't holdup especially well. Soldier has s few story and character issues, but ultimately comes through with a lot of good action.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 14, 2011
    In the UK this was the biggest budget ever for a direct to video movie. Mostly because Russell took a reported $20 million pay cheque. What's great is that he clearly put in the work for that money. Looking buffer than ever and certainly capturing the correct look and tone for his character. I watched this not knowing it was a Paul W.S. Anderson film, which was lucky as I would have judged it before a single frame. Soldier focusses on Russell as Todd, a soldier that has been training since he was a child. Forced to watch dogs slaughtering pigs, heavy endurance tests where the loser is shot, and cognitive training too. Todd is a veteran of many wars, none of which have taken their toll on him, mostly because he doesn't have to socialise with civilians. Enter Jason Isaacs in moustached sneering form with his genetically engineered soldiers. They are stronger, faster, and better. After a training test Russell is believed dead and sent to a trash disposal planet. There he meets some people and he learns to care etc. Russell has so few lines you could actually count them on your toes and fingers. He uses subtle facial techniques and body posture. His reaction to his first ever hug is very emotional and powerful. The action is competent at least, and it's great to see some real violence in a sci-fi movie. The main theme shows that soldiers and loyalty are important, but it's almost important to keep the humanity that is present. I loved it when Russell went nuts, but never lost his cool, his intelligence and experience rises him above the new "improved" soldiers. There are moments where Anderson is clearly visible on screen. The lack of subtlety concerning Isaacs hammy performance being the main fault. An underrated and enjoyable action movie.
    Luke B Super Reviewer

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