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The biblical story of Noah and the Great Flood gets a decidedly unusual retelling in this film, produced as a two-part TV movie and first aired on NBC in May 1999. Noah Jon Voight is an ordinary laborer who one day begins receiving messages from God. It seems the Lord has a special assignment for him: since God is planning on destroying the world with a massive flood, he wants Noah to build a giant ark and fill it with one male and one female of each animal on earth. So why Noah of all people? As God tells him, "You fit the bill. Good times, bad times, you believe in me." And why a 500-foot-long ark? "I think big! I made the world in seven days!" Joining Noah on the trip of a lifetime is his wife Naamah (Mary Steenburgen); those not invited along for the ride are F. Murray Abraham as Lot, Carol Kane as his wife Sarah, and James Coburn as a peddler. Some video versions run 140 minutes.
PG-13 (adult situations/language, violence)
Action & Adventure , Classics , Drama , Television
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Artisan Entertainment


Jon Voight
as Noah
Carol Kane
as Lot's Wife
James Coburn
as The Peddler
Jonathan Cake
as Japheth
Sonya Walger
as Miriam
Max Phipps
as Jezer
Terry Norris
as High Priest
Jonathan Biggins
as First Priest
Michael J. Sheridan
as Second Priest
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No, this certainly isn't the story we heard in Sunday school.

Full Review… | December 5, 2015

The answer to the question of how to make God frown.

October 14, 2002

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June 26, 2005

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December 18, 2002
Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)

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December 31, 1999
Apollo Guide

Audience Reviews for Noah's Ark


The funniest terrible mini-series ever, and for all the wrong reasons. If you ever wanted to see Abraham's nephew Lot, who, according to this movie, was Noah's best friend before they left Sodom--anyway, if you ever wanted to see him become a pirate and attack the ark, this is the mini-series for you. It also includes Noah's wife trying to kill some creatures aboard the ark because she considered them gross, Noah demanding that no sex take place on the ark (hello, why are you taking these creatures again?), "the peddler" and a bunch of pirates survive the flood, and an epic race between Noah and a lava floe down a mountain. Don't remember that anywhere in the Bible? Me neither, but I guess they had to liven it up a bit. A story about an epic flood that covers the world just isn't exciting enough on its own.

Jeff Bachman
Jeff Bachman

(1999 Director: John Irvin) Is it really possible tha Noah in this movie was portrayed by Jon Voight?? Adored James Coburn's performance and the surprising performance by Carol Kane.

Teresa S
Teresa S

Super Reviewer

A completely inaccurate retelling of the story of Noah and the flood. Apparently, the filmmakers thought that they needed to flesh out the story with out-of-context events from other places in the Old Testament (I'm rather surprised Goliath didn't show up somewhere, actually). The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is here, along with Abraham's nephew Lot, who, in perhaps the most unforgivable bastardization of all, is portrayed as a ruthless, amoral cutthroat. (In the Bible, Lot was the one good inhabitant of Sodom, and God spared him from the destruction of that city.) There are a lot of good Biblical epics out there. Don't bother with this misbegotten tripe.

Christopher Poole
Christopher Poole

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