The Warrior Reviews

December 30, 2006
Sumptuous and profound, this is a stunning debut.
August 5, 2005
It is hardly the most original story, but Kapadia, the British-born son of Indian immigrants, infuses it so much with stately resonance and spiritual reverence, that it never seems remotely shopworn, much less laborious.
July 29, 2005
Long before the end, it takes on the quality of a wise fable and reveals itself as an enriching experience.
July 29, 2005
If you can forgive its lapses in storytelling and character development, then Kapadia's 2001 feature filmmaking debut delivers, at minimum, an impressive visual account of a worthwhile spiritual journey.
July 28, 2005
A film for moviegoers who love powerful stories and ravishing imagery.
July 28, 2005
There's a pinch of Akira Kurosawa, a sprinkle of Clint Eastwood, and heaps of originality in this.
July 28, 2005
What is best in the film is its depiction of the warrior's epic journey, photographed with breathtaking beauty and simplicity by Roman Osin.
July 18, 2005
The violence is of the high-minded, self-congratulatory sort that indicates without actually showing. This enables macho-but- sensitive cineastes to revel remorselessly in the idea of decapitated heads, sliced necks and severed limbs.
July 15, 2005
If you have patience, this is a stately, beautifully composed story.
July 15, 2005
The Warrior may be mighty of sword but he is exceedingly limp of writing.
July 15, 2005
Asif Kapadia's feature debut is a minimalist but strikingly beautiful tale of renounced violence told with uncommon precision and depth.
July 13, 2005
Asif Kapadia's blazing feature debut, a gorgeously photographed saga with a fine sense of the way place shapes personality, has won numerous awards in the filmmaker's native Britain.
July 12, 2005
If this moralistic apologue appears a tad too simplistic, at least the pictures are pretty.
July 12, 2005
It's in the larger canvas that the picture ends up short, with an elliptical style that sometimes leaves the viewer bereft of information and a seeming unwillingness to dig deeper into the psychology of its main character.
June 22, 2005
I much prefer the full-throated passion of The Gate of the Sun, but it's to the film's credit that it's able to say so much with very little words.
November 14, 2002
The plot is simple to the point of being simplistic, and the characterizations are never more than rudimentary.
May 13, 2002
Asif Kapadia has scored a tremendous success with this first movie, a substantial, satisfying drama in a telling visual idiom. He is a talent to watch and his film demands to be seen.
April 22, 2002
Although the plot is over-simplistic, Kapadia sucks us into his exotic world using cinematic magic.