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Upon awakening from a deep coma, a troubled police detective sets out to rescue his wife and seek vengeance against the men who nearly took his life. Anthony Stowe (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a heroin-addicted detective attempting to take down the city's most powerful drug lord. His life is in shambles, his wife is pregnant with another man's child, and when the bust goes awry, two of his fellow officers end up dead as Lowe lies in a hospital bed hovering between life and death. Miraculously, Lowe eventually wakes up from his trauma-induced repose. While he once thought his life couldn't get any worse, however, the ailing detective is shattered to learn that the very same men he had nearly died attempting to apprehend have kidnapped his wife. Now left with nothing to lose and every reason to live, the same man who had once written his own life off determines to rescue his wife and ensure that justice is served no matter what the cost.


Jean-Claude Van Damme
as Anthony Stowe
Selina Giles
as Valerie Stowe
Stephen Rea
as Gabriel Callaghan
Mark Dymond
as Mark Rossini
Stephen Lord
as Jimmy Medina
Wes Robinson
as Chad Mansen
Alana Maria
as Clementine
Adam Leese
as Van Huffel
Rachel Grant
as Maria Ronson
Maggie Eldred
as Samantha Curry
Rachel O'Meara
as ER Doctor
Eric Loren
as Doctor Gaudio
Atanas Srebrev
as Mr. Millstein
Mena McCabe
as Mrs. Millstein
Marta Kondova
as Nurse on Duty
James Graves
as Street Cop
Julian Dioulo
as Young Cop
Johnny Rock
as Undercover NOPD
Frank Riede
as Skinny Man
Milen Simeonov
as Singing Man
Jessica Dwyer
as Party Goer
Peter Kuiper
as Old Gangster
Anna Mihailova
as Old Gangster's Wife
Julia Adams
as Window Shopper
Michele Adams
as Police Officer
Edward D. Caiado
as NOPD Police Sergeant
Richard Diggs
as Businessman
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Audience Reviews for Until Death

  • May 21, 2012
    A nice change for Mr JCVD here, he plays the anti hero whom everybody despises in his local police station. Mr JCVD is a bad cop who has a drug addiction which clearly affects his judgement leading to an undercover cop getting killed by another ex-cop friend of his who also turned into a bad guy...must be something in the water huh. Its clear this is where Jean Claude has turned the tables and started to take roles with a bit more meat, roles that challenge his acting skills where he isn't just a kicking machine, and it works. Of course there is still plenty of gun action and Van Damme is still a bad ass but there is a strong undercurrent of real acting involved too and he's not too bad. The film is held up with the help of Rea as the ex-cop turned drug kingpin (massive career swing there and it seems to be going well for him) who sneers his way through the action until the rather predictable conclusion. Yes its predictable and still cliched like all action thrillers but the European version has a different ending which does have a slightly original twist...for Van Damme anyway. Still can't escape the 'straight to DVD' abyss but this admittedly is a much better film than his other action fluff, the Euro version has the better ending.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Nov 18, 2010
    Not bad but not great either, its kind of a waist and fails to have an active plot.
    Al S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 22, 2009
    Falls into the trailer made it look so much better category. Pity but very run of the mill action film. Oh and don't expect to see any martial arts in this!
    Dean K Super Reviewer
  • Mar 16, 2009
    A different type of film for Van Damme, he is almost unrecognisable. His character is almost like Vic Mackie from The Shield, although Vic is more likeable. Stephen Rea who is supporting in it is pretty good. This one though proves that Van Damme can be a very strong actor, and it is a challenging role. Certain events in this film are unpredictable and others you can see coming but it does come together pretty well. Certainly one of the better straight to DVD releases out there, I was impressed with this.
    Marcey I Super Reviewer

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