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½ November 10, 2011
Becomes really quite depressing in the second half, and I don't think it's handled brilliantly, but it ends on a satisfying note. The plot concerning the guy with two families is very well-executed, I could have watched a movie of just that.
½ November 1, 2011
An involving drama that manages to walk a delicate balance between melodrama and reality. The ending is wonderfully vengeful, though I can't help wondering how it would be better suited to a Japanese revenge drama than a French Canadian one (aren't they accustomed to infidelity, or am I just being racist)?
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½ May 4, 2011
This French-Canadian film tells a largely depressing tale of three families, with tenuous connections, that are slowly unraveling. Michelle (Sylvie Moreau), a woman with a gambling addiction, and her out-of-control teenage daughter, Marguerite (Mylene St.-Sauveur) move in with a friend, Janine Macha Grenon), and her daughter, Gabrielle (Juliette Gosselin), son, and frequently absent husband. Conflicts ensue and finally spiral out of control, and both women find their worlds falling apart. Add in a young woman, Kate (Emily Holmes) that Janine befriends with what are finally revealed as ulterior motives and a recipe for disaster is in place. Terrific acting by all of the principles. The story wears a patina of gloom throughout, and the camera angles convey a sense of claustrophobia that emphasized that Michelle is facing ever fewer viable options. There are scenes of mild depravity as a result of her desperation that are tastefully handled. This was not a fun film to watch, by any means, but the quality of the production kept the viewer engaged. A couple of holes in the plot that may have been due to over-zealous editing, and plot twists that could be seen from a mile off detracted only slightly from the experience. The ending left one hopeful that life would go on, just not as originally configured.
September 8, 2009
Meilleur que ce que je m'attendais. Je ne connaissais pas grand chose du film non plus; je n'avais même jamais vu la bande-annonce. Bon jeux des comédiennes principales. Une histoire qui diffère de ce qu'on connaît des films québécois... ça fait du bien!
October 3, 2008
C'est un film foudroyant, car il enonce de nombreuses problematiques qui sont liees à l'eclatement des familles nucléaires. En effet, ce film evoque une certaine morale ou la dependance a l'alcool, la drogue, la prostitution sont des facteurs de decompensation relies a la qualite de vie chez les parents et les enfants. Beaucoup de scenes sont emouvantes par exemple lorsque Gabrielle se fache apres sa mere ou sinon lorsque Margerite qui a pogne les nerfs apres le docteur. Ce film énonce un portrait de la realite a la fois tres lumineux et tres sombre.
September 21, 2008
Far too explicit in the opening titles and (especially) the (horrible) final sequence. They might have just let the story alone, and it could have rested on the actors' shoulders. However, "you're a slut, just like your mom" makes it worth watching.
May 4, 2008
Un des meilleurs films québécois des 3 dernières années
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½ April 12, 2008
FAMILIA (2005)
directed by Louise Archambault
starring Sylvie Moreau, Macha Grenon, Mylène St-SauveurMichelle is a compulsive gambler, she has a 14-yea-rold daughter be she can barely take care of herself. She steals from friends and even her daughter so she can somehow get a few bucks to play a poker game or have a try to one of those slot machines. She lets her mom's husband touch her for a few bucks as well. She has no self-respect. She is manipulative and she is good at idea, she makes people care for her, even though they know most of what she says is a lie.Janine has two kids. Her husband is always away for work living in hotel rooms, or at least, thats what she thinks. For her, appearances are more important than anything else. She is a little snobbish and repress all her feelings. She is annoyingly mannered but she also really is a sick person, but no one can tell, and when she tries to express it, even her mother makes it sound ridiculous, not to change the appearances that everything is always alright.Margot is Michelle's daughter. She spends the night in clubs, wake up in the bathroom no clue what happened to her. She acts cool cause she drinks. She is like that cause her mother is irresponsible.Gabrielle is Janine's 13-year-old daughter. She hates her mom, she calls her Hitler in her back. She's not just a teenager, she has reasons, she just hopes for a bit more freedom without wanting to be too extreme or a little whore. She just want to be a teenager, but she is influenced by her cousin, Margot.Michelle and Janine are pretty much the opposite of each other, but they have been friends since they were kids. Michelle had an affair with Janine's brother when he was married and thats how she had her daughter. Michelle is the way she is cause her mother was like that. Its the same with Janine and seeing the way things are going, the daughter fatherless teenage girls are on their way to be like their mothers as well. Like mother like daughter. Although, they really are the most lucid characters in those messy lives.The year 2005 was a strong one for Quebec cinema. This film makes thats statement very true Along with C.R.A.Z.Y., L'Audition and Maurice Richard, Familia is a memorable piece of French-Canadian filmmaking that came out that year. Louise Archambault's directorial debut is so maturely written and directed, it feels as if she had been making movies for years. André Turpin, probably the best cinematographer in Canada, does a great job as usual, giving the film some desaturated colors but also giving the feel of a hot summer in the suburbs.The acting is nearly perfect, from every single actors in the film. Sylvie Moreau, known for her comedic talents, does more than a great job, she is totally convincing as Michelle. Macha Grenon totally becomes her character as well, Janine. She brings many subtleties to her performance. Mylène St-Sauveur as Margot is very good and in control which is rare for a child actor. Last but not least, Juliette Gosselin, who was the ultimate revelation of Nouvelle-France is just so powerful as the young Gabrielle. The rest of the cast is just plain good as well.Familia is a film about two friends coming together, dealing with their own problems while raising their teenage daughters. They have different ways of doing so, their values arent the same and ultimately many tensions are created. The film is so well-done it takes a second watch to fully appreciate the subtleties of the perfectly-written screenplay and the way director Archambault translated it into images without having to make everything so bold.A profound reflection on what family really is about, but also a film about growing up, and thats not only true for the kids but also the adults. Many more themes are touched and they all bring some good insights. The ending is so powerful, one of the best scenes I have ever scene in any film of any year. Its so well-acted and at that very moment, we understand that the character has really lost it, she kept it inside for too long. I find that weird, cause I just praised the ending and many people complained about the film not having one. I guess they didnt understand the entire film was building towards that finale moment, and that, from the very beginning.Familia is a powerful drama with many memorable scenes. Terrific acting, sublime direction and photography. Heartbreaking and frustrating in a good way, its definately a must see, an amazing character study.
February 6, 2008
Prostitution, drugs, rape, controlling mothers, teen pregnancy, men with two wives- they tried to combine too much inthis...
January 22, 2008
sounds interesting, and possibly good.
November 2, 2007
If one is ever in a situation like the "hitler' mama was in... I'd hope to handle it as she had. What pure grit! A story of real proportion for both families... lots of heart.
October 26, 2007
Can our paths in life be formed by our decisions or is everything set in place by the genes our families? Or do we create our children to be more like us by example? We all face difficulties in our lives. Often times children show more love then we can in our self-indulged lives. However, family is also a friendship that can become strong through weathered times and hold us together. At other times it helps us realize our own faults and where we must change. But with these four women life is a challenge. They are faced with real situations that test their strength and show the areas in our lives where we at times must act more human and less self-centered. To understand problems and pay attention to those in need. Especially in the case of men taking on responsibility in their roles as humans rather then contributing to a cycle of abuse.
October 24, 2007
Jo la fin est dans les bonus : scènes suprimés : épilogue! Lol mais avec les scènes supprimés sa aurait été bien meilleur à mon humble avis..
October 12, 2007
I really enjoyed it.
October 11, 2007
Sylvie Moreau et Macha Grenon sont émouvantes et captivantes dans ce film traitant sur les ressemblances psychologiques entre les parents et leurs enfants. Le sujet est bien abordé dans le scénario, mais la scénariste a tendance à vouloir aborder trop d'éléments à la fois. Néanmoins, cela ne nous empêche en rien d'apprécier ces personnages attachants qui cherchent une lumière dans leur malheur.
October 5, 2007
On a topic that's been done left right and centre, this one is pleasantly outstanding. So glad the stupid epilogue was cut out of the main feature...
October 3, 2007
C'est un excellent film. Les acteurs incarnent très bien leur personnage. Ce film dénonce des réalités, qui malheureuse, surviennent assez fréquemment! Alors bon film!
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½ August 28, 2007
I usually hate movies made in quebec but surprisingly i loved this one... the ties between two mothers and their own daughters is quite appelaing in this movie where you have diametrically opposite characters with diff. values, morals and lifestyles. I loved it! This is definitely a tear-jerker for those sensitive at heart.
½ August 10, 2007
This subtle character piece, has so many true moments, that express a real heart.
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