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February 3, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 27, 2017
One of the most challenging films to watch. A dark, twisted, yet brilliant thriller by Martin Scorsese. Wished it was more entertaining and have more memorable scenes though.
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January 17, 2017
Excellent film, Good twist at the end, The film does well on keeping us guessing and at the edge of our seats, It sometimes can be a little hard to follow but just hang in until the end and you will have the answer to all the questions, And it's worth it, It's a must see.
½ January 16, 2017
Depressing and illogical
January 11, 2017
Leonardo DiCaprio is good at every role he is in. When I watch this, I was surprise to see the ending and the character he played. I don't know how he pulled off this character as I like to think of it as a Oscar worthy performance just like every movie he has done because he has never failed me as a movie goers
January 8, 2017
Por las evidentes señales que da desde el principio asumo que ser predecible no es algo que busca evitar, y que la revelación no pretende marcar un giro inesperado sino meramente aclarar las particularidades. 6/10

- People tell the world you're crazy and all your protests to the contrary just confirm what they're saying. Once you're declared insane, anything you do is called part of that insanity. Reasonable protests are 'denial'. Valid fears 'paranoia'. Survival instincts are 'defense mechanisms'.
January 6, 2017
Even tho you can be disappointed by the time that the end approaches, it's still a good thriller.
½ January 4, 2017
All of the typical thriller nonsense is in there, but it's the acting from both DiCaprio and Kingsley as well as the way the story unfolds from Scorsese's vision that will really hook you in.
½ December 30, 2016
Twist and twist then twist, Shutter Island is not only a well-made suspense movie but also delivers a shocking ending with plenty of undetectable foreshadowing to the audience.
½ December 3, 2016
The new Scorsese/DiCaprio partnership! Gripping! Fantastic twist!
Some creepy music which is quite effective.
But I think the movie is too long. Also, there are probably some incoherences in Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio)'s behavior in some specific scenes.
November 26, 2016
Scorsese fully embraces the transcends the pulpy premise into an enthralling and twisted mystery with sorrow to boot.
November 19, 2016
Great movie, I don't understand why the rating is so low :c
November 16, 2016
This is going to be a hard movie to review because I don't want to spoil anything. For that reason, expect this review to be short. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. If I could compare it to anything, it would be Martin's Scorsese's version of The Shining, mixed in with some themes of German Cinema in the 1920's. What that means is that is often deals with themes like the unreliable narrator and shifting reality. The story takes place at a mental institution. Since the patients all have messed up brains, the film also messes up yours. Shot cuts are extremely choppy and random flashbacks are thrown into the mix all adding to the level of wickedness of the island. Leonardo DiCaprio is great once again with Martin Scorsese behind the camera. Great additions of Ben Kingsley and Mark Ruffalo really elevate the film as well. This is not so much a horror film as it is a psychological thriller, but that doesn't mean it won't give you chills. That is exactly what this film did so well for me and I believe it will do the same to you. Give you the chills!
November 15, 2016
it's a wonderful experience, not kind a movie you expect from martin scorsese, really underrated picture but still movie shines with memorable music, charachters and mindblowing twist. MODERN CLASSIC.
November 8, 2016
Just finished the book - surprising and very disturbing.
November 4, 2016
I forgot how much I love this movie.
November 3, 2016
August 2010
October 2016
October 31, 2016
WHAT I LIKED: This movie has one hell of a complex story, but it's one that can deal with some very interesting thematic ideas as a result. Not only that, but the story also offers an excellent premise for a genuinely thrilling experience with plenty of exciting turns and tense sequences that make for a griping and engaging experience that makes the final reveal all the more shocking. Overall then, it's the story that makes this film, but it can't be denied that this is helped enormously by excellent performances from DiCaprio and Ruffalo.
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: You really do have to be in 'the right mood' as if you lose concentration, it's not the kind of movie that lends itself to audience catch-ups.
VERDICT: A thriller in more ways than one, this movie has an incredible story that will keep you engaged right up to the end, but only if you can stay in it for that long.
October 26, 2016
Nice, methodical pace and good acting, but the cinematography is shotty and the ending is insanely predictable.
October 23, 2016
Excellent performances, solid soundtrack. Certainly not what I expected.
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