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½ September 17, 2017
Feel those production values! A good mystery thriller, but unlike some critics I saw the end from quite a long way out, so was just waiting for it to play out rather than gripped.
September 14, 2017
In my opinion, there are two types of movies with surprise twists in their plot:
1) Those that rely on surprising you to be entertaining, but don't hold up all that well to repeat viewings.
2) Those that have a twist as an added plot element that warrant a rewatch to see what you missed the first time.

Sadly, before watching Shutter Island, I already knew about the plot twist, so I was worried it might fall in the first category of films. Fortunately, it did not, instead it was solid despite my foreknowledge. It made for an exciting viewing experience, because I felt like I was in on the "joke" so I could watch all the blatant clues. It made me wonder when I would have figured it out if I didn't know.

The story is structured like a strong noir detective film, but has some insane elements thrown in that make it a little darker. I was thrown off by some of the dream sequences, only because they seem so extreme and sometimes have elements that make no sense to me (even knowing the twist.) It might have worked better if things were a little more grounded, so the dreams didn't need to be there.

I loved the cast in Shutter Island, particularly DiCaprio and Ruffalo. They have a great report with one another that makes the story work better. However the real highlight of the film is that mysterious story. I just adore the feeling that I was piecing together the elements of the story little by little. And the final scene was jaw-droppingly brilliant. I would have loved to see the film unspoiled but even watching it as I did was a treat.
September 12, 2017
Excellent film! Leo is exceptional in Shutter Island and keeps you immersed from start to finish. The film is full of twists and keeps you wanting to know more. No matter how many times you watch it, regardless of twists, it's still one of the best Thrillers made.
½ September 1, 2017
We turned it off about half way through and should have much sooner. its poorly done and very graffic
August 29, 2017
The beginning felt a little jumbled, but the middle and end redeemed the film, at an above passable level. Also(spoilers for other movies), the end felt sort of ripped from Memento.
½ August 24, 2017
Obstructive flashbacks.
½ August 23, 2017
A mind blowing physiological thriller, great performances from all the actors, although it does require 100% attention span for the whole movie. Does not deserve some of the hate it gets, one of scorsese's best films
August 21, 2017
This is an unrelenting suspense thriller about Teddy Daniels, a WWII veteran and present 1950s US Marshall, investigating the disappearance of a patient from an isolated mental hospital called Shutter Island. The case starts to take more twists and turns than expected as the Marshall learns more about himself and the truth behind his investigation on the island. Firstly, I consider this to be one of Leonardo DiCaprio's finest performances. He is engaging to watch every second of the film and never lets down. Secondly, the cinematography is outstanding. Every frame is poetic and layered with details that greatly enhance the film's perspective through Daniels' eyes. It is safe to say that this film succeeds on a visual scope and is complemented by taut direction and dialogue. Lastly, I didn't find myself moved on a personal or philosophical scale, as I did with many of Scorsese's previous films. On a psychological level, I was blown away.

Grade: A+
½ August 20, 2017
If a movie can be both extremely predictable and confusing, Shutter Island such achieves...
½ August 13, 2017
A movie that should only be seen once. After you've seen the ending, you can't get it off your head because the reveal it's so big it will prevent you from ever being surprised again. "Shutter Island" not only suffers from lack of repetitiveness, but also continuity problems from its editing.
August 5, 2017
Left you with no ending. That statement is how much I learned from this movie.
July 31, 2017
loved the visuals and the deep subject theme. the end really makes you think
½ July 26, 2017
This was fantastic: brilliant performances, stunningly filmed, great score...superb. The plot was masterfully revealed and I was kept on the edge of my seat. I didn't necessarily like the twist as it wasn't what I wanted for the characters, but it was brilliant...and I now want to re-watch it!!
July 1, 2017
(6 out of 6 Stars)
When what we see we can't stomach, when we see alot of it. When what we see past the fog we see where we are headed. When we don't see somethings coming until it happens. When who we are and what others see we represent from different parts they know by reputation. When they have seen a lot when some places are meant to hold the worst people from getting out. When what we see we must obey when such places that are created are meant for only one reason from those above to keep those out. When we see some places are kept out from public eyes and only meant for crazy eyes to see. When know one above want to see some places, but rely on the security to keep those in. When we see some places with such unorthodox practices were once accepted, when the past invites us to see how life once was and some ways still remain. When we see how some places many few to go when they don't belong, try to escape. When seeing is believing when we need to see how some people react or are viewed to see what we see to see whether we see eye to eye. When we see some structures are meant for us to remain, but we choose to escape whether it's our mentality, physicality, and spirituality. When we see it takes a level of consciousness to be aware of our current state and the state others put us in to know we have a comprehensive mind like others we are kept in with. When others see that we have a state of comprehensive consciousness when they know all to well the confounds beyond the structures to stay away, but we don't see it. When what we see but others dont see, some structures are meant for those to remain in and others out. When some structures we see are meant for those to come in and out as they please when some places we see are hard to live in too long that we need to escape. When what we know to keep out, we defend when we choose who and what is allowed to see us deeper. When we see the world differently based  on what we saw to know what the outside is like and what the inside is like when we see crazy shit on the field those who live to kill to live. When we see that what we keep deep within we store to get better or worse in us that our defenses either get stronger or weaker with time. When what we store inside we indulge in all of the highness it brings to us when we are on top and controlling life as we fit. When what we see keep to ourselves when the world is full of difference that need exploring in vast parts of the world to see what we don't see to see what we are missing. When what we see on the inside we lie on the outside when it's of value, and the world as we see it is full of lies and deceit when power and control is in the balance of maintaining order. When we see others refuse to see themselves as out of place to not follow orders to need to be put in place so they do follow orders. When what we see we carry with us along way when we see a time so alive that we can't let go. When we see what we always could see when others see what we see when our intuition makes us see what we must do. When we see what makes us a patient and keeps us in are what makes us meant to be in when we are sedative and medicated to remain. When other signs of what we see that makes remain in such structures we see are disturbing but they function in and out of such structures when orders are meant to be obeyed and they do so in a normal fashion. When all other signs we see are just weird and strange that don't belong to deeper societies of the world. When we see somethings that belong but others dont see belong we know someone is seeing all wrong of the world. When what we see now is different from what we used to see when the past is much more disturbing when change happens & we don't understand the times, that we shut ourselves from the world around us and choose to see the world we seek fit. When we do see what's wrong to naturally make it right as we seek fit. When somethings we see we know all to well who to stay away and not see when their reputation could see us down a wrong path, that we rather see it others way & obey what they seek fit. When we don't see why we are in some places to see that we rather be in the comforts of those who we rather see and not the world we refuse to see which is crazy. When naturally some storms are too strong to weather that we rather see the insides where it's much safer. When some things we see we continue to see when some acts that changed our life we hold onto when we regret it or think it was a good idea that we do but others dont see represent who we are but others we fight against. When who we are in what others know, those high above know we see what others have been seeing ourselves in places we either belong or don't belong. When we see we need to escape the orders we fail to execute we see it our way. When we don't normally see why we dwell in our own ways or other ways to not see the other side. When what makes others see us in a different light is who we are and what we represent to be shred of everything to see who we are underneath. When we need to make others see eye to eye with us to make them one of us to see our point of view. When we don't see what others see when they continue to see differently on the other side, but the other side is not everything what we may see. When we don't see somethings coming, when somethings are an illusion to us, unpredictable, unstable, and not what we are lead to  believe to be true. When we see some pains and problems are too much to handle when we can't get past our failures to see them in front of us, confronting us and haunting us to see it their way and pass them for all their societal wrongs. When we don't care how others wish to see it to see it our way and the other sides way to know if the right side way works. When we don't see the structure is its own person that wishes upon what it let's in and let's out to see who belongs and who should be let go when perspectives are introduced to turn what we normally see upside down. When we don't see how some structures influences us to see who we are and how we see the world to see that we either belong or not. When we don't see why some traumatic incidents grows on us like a cancer that rots our sanity, but we are able to control and balance that not many people can see or communicate with only those with the same rotting cancers that we are able to see eye to eye that keeps us in the inside. When we see deep down why we came to some places to see to it we put the past behind us for good. When what we see others make us see that everything is OK when we have to follow orders when we are part if something greater to not venture our from. When what we see not many go when it's uninhabitable when places and the mind need further exploration that need to be tested and experimented on to see how far we can go with our comprehension of the world. When we never expect to see a world changing like it does to see endless possibilities that fear us that we don't want to see when we grasp on the past not the future that we can't take so we choose to remain in. When some places we see, you cant bring the past with you when it takes more then seeing to comprehend. When what we don't see that is eye to eye on who we are we choose to follow when signs of our presence wants us to stay when we seen too much and we can't let anything our for the world to see. When we don't see somethings are a perfect fit for one another to see that some places are meant for those whom can explore more then meets the eye to further advance ourselves in what we deem necessary progress or constrain us from unnecessary destruction to know where we belong. When we don't see others perspectives as logical or unlogical as they may be, with clear signs and proof to back them up, we see how hard it is to see it someone's way, when evidence says otherwise. When we see that some structures refuse to collapse based on perspectives, when it's vary institutions gives power to something greater and something smaller to not allow it from crumbling that we choose to see it another way by any means to keep it standing.

When we see that we can either fall for what we see or get ourselves in what we hate seeing by escaping the various layers that grasp at us to stay and remain. When we see that the vary reason such institutions exist are due to what we don't know that we continue to accept such practices until there is a day that we do know that such structures will no longer be needed. When we see that not many people come to such places when they don't have deep rooted problems as we do that gains us access to places to either come and go or remain permament. When some structures & walls that are meant to do something but does other things in secret, those secrets cannot be let out. When we don't see how awkward we act under the eye of a structure that keeps an eye on us, we are analyzed on all what is wrong to see that we can accumulate all what we don't see as something to create a new/different reality that we never could see or believe to see. When we see such structures need to be respected and followed in order for them to stand. When we go against such structures we see that all evidence and facts can go against us, the same which we use to prove our sanity all re-written laws and rules that keep us safe we choose to hate can go against us and keep us out. When we don't know how powerful the human conscious mind can be to be tilted upside down and reveal the blind spots we don't know exists. When we hold on to our pasts that we choose not to see the moment we suppress for its vary existence is disturbing enough that sends our peaceful mind into a tail spin that we never could see coming. When we no longer can see our past for it haunts us, when we its the time we lost it all and we couldn't see how we could have stopped it or prevented it from happening. When we see that we have been seeing it all wrong, when we see the truth of the moment that brings us back to reality. When we see we can escape our truths, moments, reality and venture into the unknown for it makes us continually see the dishonesty of the world that we rather see to suppress one moment but create a new moment we can't escape to get back to reality. When some gateways we choose to surrender our sanity to whether it's unreal it enriches us to live consciously to keep thinking, breathing and trying to escape our issues until the other side gives up. When we see how the disillusioned can be unsatisfying when those who choose to keep such structures standing are the vary patients that's want to remain to get out and not the doctors whom want to keep them there to cure them, test them and in capsulates them for future research. When consciously we begin to see things about our reality, but not every reality we continually choose to escape and dwell into the unknown again that keeps us here and locks up the real us. (Split personality) When some structures we don't see exist we can't escape.
June 27, 2017
A good thriller / mystery. The movie gets better through each scene.

There are twists, even at the end!
½ June 26, 2017
Scorsese uses Shutter Island to deliver ambiguous representations and hidden meanings of reality and insanity, and succeeds both as a noir and thriller film.
½ June 25, 2017
In terms of substance, this is excellent - intriguing, thought-provoking, ambitious. In terms of style, though, I find it much weaker - a surprising and disappointing thing from Scorsese, usually such a sylish director. However, his direction and DiCaprio's acting remain a safe bet. The result, 'Shutter Island', is a solid work, though artistically short, due to its lack of style. A great could-have-been rather than a masterpiece to me. 3,5 seems fair, since 'Shutter Island' remains, in terms of impact, way above average.
June 25, 2017
Excellent movie, unexpected ending with great action of the main actor
June 19, 2017
Easily one of the best movies I've ever seen.
June 18, 2017
Direo madura do experiente Scorsese e grande atuao de Dicaprio. O roteiro de Laeta Kalogridis intensifica o delrio a cada oportunidade, no entanto, quando a soluo para o mistrio finalmente revelado, voc deixado com um sentimento de decepo, ate por que foi criada uma expectativa grande sobre o final.
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