2.0 Reviews

November 30, 2018
Against all reason-against all common sense-'2.0' works, and in a big, big way.
March 11, 2019
Despite being loaded with quinnessential Rajinisms - including the slo-mo walk, self-referential dialogue, witty punchlines, and, well, immortality - 2.0 stands out for acknowledging the problem plaguing every superhero film.
January 30, 2019
The characters seem tin-like with no steely resolve. Watch this at your own peril.
December 11, 2018
The visual effects encourage the audience to generously overlook the gaps in the screenplay and simply sit back and enjoy the show. It's totally worth it.
December 4, 2018
2.0's biggest draw is its impressive use of visual effects, and the film doesn't waste a moment to showcase its budget.
November 30, 2018
2.0 is a very clever spectacle not to be missed for its sheer audacity and scale.
November 30, 2018
2.0 might be a cool title...but it is also a cool rating.
November 30, 2018
Just in case you've missed the point of this film, Dr. Vaseegaran spells it out again. Like everything else, it's a tiring overdose. But you need to see the film to see what ambition and imagination and the confluence of talented artists can create.
November 30, 2018
In 2.0, Shankar's ability to marry visual effects with populist melodrama serves him well in some of the sequences, even though the larger message is confused and the screenplay is too sluggish for an action spectacle.
November 30, 2018
2.0 is a prime example of the dispensability of women in Indian commercial film sequels.