Jan 31, 2021
A Brilliant Young Mind is a gentle film that elegantly searches for the answers of loss and love. It is a winning formula.
Aug 30, 2020
A Brilliant Young Mind is at its most brilliant when it's portraying Nathan's inner journey and his awkward yet intimate and revealing struggles with relationships.
Apr 11, 2019
Morgan Matthews infuses the film with enough emotion, good conversation, and an effective ending that will pull on your heartstrings a bit.
Nov 13, 2018
Perhaps it's Matthews' background in documentary that allowed him to pick up such grace notes, but like his central character, Matthews begins to be able to see something new and exciting between two opposite ends of the spectrum.
Aug 2, 2016
The touching A Brilliant Young Mind, about a teen boy with autism, features strong performances that make it more memorable than you would initially expect.
Jun 8, 2016
It's pleasingly moving.
Apr 27, 2016
A loss of focus turns this small English feature from an excellent film into a routine and mediocre one about half-way through, but its opening reels have touches of understated genius about them and it is full of undeniably moving moments.
Mar 12, 2016
A confidently directed version of an underdog story that we've seen before.
Dec 14, 2015
Matthews' direction is perfect. Yes, he manipulates you throughout, but nothing is milked, there is great subtlety, and his settings in Taiwan and at Cambridge are deftly shot by Les Miserables and The King's Speech cinematographer Danny Cohen.
Dec 12, 2015
Given [that the film] is concerned with the rigid certainties of algebraic formulation, its winning formula -- mixing charm, low-key humour, on-screen chemistry and emotional delicacy -- is altogether more ineffable.
Nov 12, 2015
Witnessing Nathan's "special powers," as his dad called them, may give the film its spectacle, but its soul is in the relationships Nathan struggles to build.
Nov 12, 2015
It does for Asperger's syndrome what A Beautiful Mind did for schizophrenia: lots of drama but not much science.
Oct 10, 2015
Hardly breaks new ground, but it's a watchable entry in the tortured young genius genre.
Oct 7, 2015
A Brilliant Young Mind is an inoffensive film, looking to please a broad audience and while it achieves its goals, there's always a sense that it could have done more...
Oct 4, 2015
I'm sort of amazed that movies like this keep getting made, which makes me the stupid one.
Sep 25, 2015
... well acted but tugs too eagerly at the heartstrings and relies too heavily on manipulative melodrama that tends to trivialize its protagonist's plight.
Sep 25, 2015
Bungled ending, but a great, stylish, brilliantly cast film about math prodigy.
Sep 25, 2015
Yes, this movie is as sugary sweet as it sounds, but director Morgan Matthews uses his documentarian eye and does a good job of showing us the world through the eyes of a remarkable young man.
Sep 25, 2015
The path may be predictable, but the priorities of the screenplay by James Graham are unexpected.
Sep 25, 2015
...stock characters are part of the toolkit for writing melodramas, but they can be more or less fully realized, and in this case Matthews and writer James Graham have gone for less.