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September 10, 2018
Bayona zeigt in diesem Meisterwerk wie wichtig doch der Regisseur für ein Film ist. Seine Handschrift zieht sich durch den ganzen Film wie ein Roter Faden. Viel mehr sticht dabei doch der Junge Lewis McDougall der eine selten eindrucksvolle und mitreißende Schauspielleistung zeigt die vielleicht erst dafür sorgt das man die Erzähl Perspektive eines Kind so schnell akzeptiert. Der Junge hält auch mit der groß auf spielenden Filcity Jones und der großartigen Sigourney Weaver mit. Der Film geht mit einer so schönen und berührenden Art an ein Thema heran das sich eigentlich nur in einem eher kalten Konzept aufgehen kann. Trotzdem zeigt der Film fantastische Bilder, ein durchdringliches Monster welches großartig von Liam Neeson gesprochen wird, der Film ist lustig, hat traurige Szenen mit tiefschmätternden Gefühlen in denen der Cast alles abliefert. Einer der besten Filme der letzten 10 Jahre. Noch viel fragwürdiger das er keine Oscarnominierung bekam
½ August 31, 2018
not a bad fairy-tale
½ August 3, 2018
I shed a tear, this movie is so underrated and good!
July 8, 2018
I won't lie - I teared up during the last act of 'A Monster Calls' - which is not only quite rare for me, but also wasn't really what I was expecting when I popped in the disc. If you've seen the posters or the trailers, you could easily be fooled into thinking this was simply a kids movie, and - whilst kids should certainly see it and learn from it - this is a film that adults can appreciate just as much; if not a little more so. As clichéd as this sounds, I found it to be a truly heartwarming and beautiful depiction of dealing with the loss of a loved one; that was far deeper and far more effective than I had anticipated. Whilst the wonderful visual flair displayed by Bayona elevates Patrick Ness' heart-wrenching script, the performances - particularly from young newcomer Lewis MacDougall - really brought this one home for me. A pleasant surprise, then, that anyone who's ever been in love can empathise with.
½ June 24, 2018
Despite early pacing issues, A Monster Calls more than compensates for being a devastatingly emotional story about the loss of a loved one to terminal illness, one told with sensitivity and brutal honestly.
June 1, 2018
Absolutely outstanding.
½ May 24, 2018
a great kids movie that teaches loss and grief not your typical kids movie but worth a watch if you are curios
May 19, 2018
I AM GROOT (the emo years). Nah but seriously its very good! Very emotional
May 1, 2018
This should've had more press as it is outstanding and is the first movie to ever make me cry, and I've seen Up and Marley and Me so that is saying something. Brilliant filmmaking.
April 23, 2018
A hard review on how the human psyche works when facing illness and death of relatives at early ages.
April 22, 2018
The good intention of confiding the conflicting psyche of a boy coping with losing a very sick mother to cancer in J.A. Bayona's adaptation of the children's book of the same title is unfortunately crushed under the clumsily cryptic stories of the titular talking tree.
April 21, 2018
Not your typical family movie.
This movie is definitely amazing, but beware the feelz...
April 12, 2018
I have started to watch it to see if it is suitable for my daughter (PG13, and she is younger). no, definitely not, this is a very dark and depressing movie. visual effects was so good that i lost myself in the movie, and couldn't stop it (apart from the nightmare at the end: there was too much shouting and grumbling noise that i had to turn down the volume).
½ April 11, 2018
Deftly mixing a coming of age drama with fantasy elements, A Monster Calls is a rare family film. One that takes on a complex, heavy subject and creates something moving and beautiful. The characters, humans and giant tree creatures alike, are very well realised, while young Lewis MacDougall gives a powerful breakthrough performance.
April 9, 2018
What a movie. This one's not for casual viewing.

The subject matter is familiar to all, it's nothing new, but the way this movie deals with it is stunning and unbelievably mature for a movie of this type.

The things this movie manages to pull off with its CGI, with its animation sequences, with the art of this movie, is worthy of applause. The cinematography was used beautifully, blending scenes together sometimes seamlessly, and in very creative ways. It was a visual treat. Stunning, really.

The plot has a lot of familiar beats other movies of this nature strike, but it still manages to surprise and subvert expectations. It pulls a mature twist here, gives us some incredibly illuminating dialog there, and doesn't get held back by conventions. You pretty much know what's going to happen in this movie from the get-go, and you go through the build up, and when the movie hits that expected climax, the strength of it and the intensity is not harmed. You're there being shaken to the core along with the boy. The movie didn't falter in that important moment.

Liam Neeson who voiced and mo-capped the monster did a phenomenal job. His voice was perfect for the character, and his delivery of all the lines was simply impeccable. His warm rugged voice fit all the right tones. It was beautiful. And then it was a nice surprise that the child actor that plays beside Liam, was also a solid actor that managed to convey some heavy and serious emotions very believably.

Felicity Jones' role was something a lot of actors get to do, but she held her own. It was a good role for her, felt natural. My initial opinion of her was shit because of Rogue One. Thought she was a snore-inducing actress, but this movie greatly improved my opinion of her. Now, Sigourney Weaver was fine. Had a small role and she played it decently. Nothing much to say there.

The only slight problems I had with this movie are these; the slightly weird and unclear bully subplot, and the wavering pace of near the end of the movie (the "when would it be perfect for this movie to end?" problem). But even thought I found myself thinking about these parts a little bit, the overall experience was so satisfying and so unexpectedly good, I was completely willing to let go and to be guided by the movie. Not resist.

Beautiful movie, I recommend it to anyone. Just some warning, it's intense. You will probably cry or shed some tears, so choose who you want to watch it with.
April 5, 2018
Had no idea what this was and picked it at random on HBO go. Really glad that I did as it was fun, dark, and pulled few punches.

The acting was great and I was struck early by the great sound design and beautiful art direction.
April 4, 2018
I got the chance to see the Guardians of the Galaxy spin off "A Monster Calls" - Groot's Revenge!
It will take a while until this film is released in the States and... it feels nice to be one of the first! This film is directed by J.A. Bayona who managed to do a quite stunning feat: his three films were The Orphanage, The Impossible and this one. The first is a tense and masterfully built horror movie, the second is an emotional disaster flick and the last is a kind and moving allegoric drama! He has been so consistent and so varied that it's exciting to see what he does next. (Can't wait for his take on the Jurassic World sequel). "A Monster Calls" may have one of the most misleading trailers of the year. It's not a fantasy film about a dendraphiliac kid (look it up! or... ugh, don't), it's not the boring BFG, it's not your usual boy meets monster movie. It feels very fresh as it's about a boy with a mother dying of cancer and him dealing with it through The Monster, a metaphor for his journey. How can a talking tree so beautifully mean the acceptance of his conflicting feelings, the personification of loss and mostly the understanding of death. The visual effects are fairly good, Sigourney Weaver and Felicity Jones are splendidly layered and I can't praise the casting of Liam Neeson as The Monster enough! Maybe his best role since Schindler, really! The score also positively impressed me as it doesn't waste its presence when it isn't justified. When it does come along, it's saying something important and complementing the film in a triumphant way. This detail may seem small, but there are not a lot of filmmakers out there that, while having at his disposal of the means to have a score from start to finish, know just when to fit it. Also, Bayona compiles a sequence of scenes that range from the truly scary to the deeply touching where every tear on your face feels effortless (the filmmaker doesn't shove a sad violin down your throat for you to cry, you just do). Yes the film suffers from some pacing and tone problems and the script could be bettered, but it stills beats most offers that are out today. When the time comes, the monster will surely call you!
½ March 24, 2018
A great story. I love when fairytale and reality mix together. I adored "El Labirinto del Fauno" and even if this work doesn't reach that perfection, is still a great ride. Yes, it's amazingly sad. If that is plus or not, is not up to me to say.
February 24, 2018
Sure, there are familiar tropes in here but I wasn't expecting it to be so honest and controlled in its themes of acceptance, particularly with how it's dealt by children. A mostly moving and beautiful family drama that's way more rich than most films of this kind.
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