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Romeo and Gavin are best friends who live pretty average 12 year-old lives -- until Morrell moves into their Midlands estate neighborhood. When the eccentric Morrell develops a romantic obsession with Romeo's older sister, his friendship with the boys takes on a rather sinister edge.

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  • Sep 29, 2010
    From the director of the superb 'This is England'. This is a typical British film that demonstrates what made TiE so good in the first place. The cast features a very young Milky and Lol (cast names in This is England) in completely different roles but still great to watch. if you have never heard of Shayne Meadows as a filmmaker then this would be a great place to start. Not only is this well directed but it has a great cast and even has a part for Bob Hoskins! Well recommended!
    Ian W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 14, 2009
    a most english of english films. with a couple of the cast who later went on to this is england (andrew shim & vicky mcclure) and one that went on to dead mans shoes (paddy considine) shane meadows makes another masterpiece. we all know dead mans shoes was great and this is england a masterpiece, but delving back into meadows older stuff we get some closer to the heart stories, especially for those of us who grew up in england. i remember being played with when i was a kid by one older nutty kid and i remember playing with a kid in my road when i was a few years older. dear god... that sounds so michael jackson. anyway, it's obviously not meant like that... hey, wait... i even had a crush on his older sister... only i wasn't a psycho, but yeh... i do wonder why bother having bob hoskins in it for five minutes screen time max!! becase he's english? man, i need some help in working that one out... but frank harper in it too... wasn't he in football factory? anyway, i'm really starting to become a major shane meadows fan. he's not afraid to bear his feelings on film. rather than show them off he's bringing out the skeletons you're meant to hide in the closet in a truly english fashion. foreigners will never get us! especially the yanks who we'll have to slowly explain the whole film too afterwards :-)
    Sanity Assassin ! Super Reviewer
  • Feb 23, 2009
    Simply amazing. Funny, dark, innocent, violent, bizarre, sweet, surprising, shocking. Indescribable. A tour de force performance debut from Paddy Considine is the highlight of the film. Simply stunning.
    Sarah B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 20, 2008
    <i>"It's my imagination because I have got a very, very fuelled imagination."</i><br/><br/> <b>Director:</b> Shane Meadows <b>Starring:</b> Paddy Considine, Andrew Shim, Vicky McClure, Frank Harper <b>Running time:</b> 90 minutes <b>Country:</b> Canada, UK<br/><br/> A Room For Romeo Brass is a good yet flawed film. It is a very firm and interesting story but there were some things in it that were a bit off about it. First the good things were that it was a very personal, affectionate and depressing story that would get you focused on it throughout the whole film. There was a lot of swearing involved but that was a big thing in this film. If there was hardly any it would be a lame film. It would fit with the story. I will give this film credit for being an extremely underrated film that should be watched but on the other hand there were some things that slightly disappointed me. It was mostly because the ending was very flat and I thought there would be more severe consequences but there wasn't all really which left me very slightly disappointed much to a friend of mine's dismay!<br/><br/> Andrew Shim was absolutely fantastic as Romeo Brass. He is a very troubled young man who hasn't had a very good childhood because of his parents seperation and how his father treated the family. Because of this, Romeo turned out to be a very rude and arrogant boy. Paddy Considine delivers a very powerful performance as Morell that was very threatening and dangerous to be around. Considine is an actor who has received praise in only a few of the films he's done. This and Hot Fuzz are his most famous works in my opinion. I did like Considine in The Bourne Ultimatum despite he wasn't in it for a great amount of time. Morell is a man who becomes close friends with young boys Romeo and Gavin after he rescues Romeo from a couple of boys who were beating him up. Morell then starts to turn to Romeo's older sister Ladine who he has "feelings" for. He becomes very obsessed with her and her brother Romeo and his best friend Gavin. I could tell by this because he was around them all the time and wouldn't leave them a moment's peace.<br/><br/> Shane Meadows is a brilliant director. I loved his work on This Is England and I liked his work in this one too. A Room For Romeo Brass is a film that is deeply personal and can be quite hard to watch on occasions. It is more of a drama than a crime film whereas This Is England is more of a crime film than a drama even though that had drama within it.<br/><br/> I do still think Paddy's best performance is Hot Fuzz. Shane Meadows best film is still This Is England. I did love that one a lot! A Room For Romeo Brass is a good film that I enjoyed watching but didn't love. There were some things that I thought were a bit off about this film but apart from that it was a good film that I am glad I watched.
    Samuel J Super Reviewer

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