Paddy Considine

Paddy Considine

Highest Rated: 95% The Death of Stalin (2017)

Lowest Rated: 8% Girl on a Bicycle (2013)

Birthday: Sep 05, 1973

Birthplace: Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK

Possessing an enormous wealth of animated charm, along with a touch of quiet intensity, actor Paddy Considine established himself as a talented performer in his relatively short career. From the time he made his feature debut in friend Shane Meadows' "A Room for Romeo Brass" (1999), Considine amassed a number of credits that displayed his versatility, particularly in roles that required morally or mentally troubled characters. He delivered fine turns in the stark drama, "Last Resort" (2000), while doing a 180 degree turn for the lighthearted romantic comedy "Born Romantic" (2000). Considine's exceptional performances often exceeded rather underwhelming material, as so happened with Michael Winterbottom's "24 Hour Party People" (2002). He shined as an Irish immigrant who struggles to make good in the United States in Jim Sheridan's critically hailed semi-autobiographical drama, "In America" (2003). Following smaller supporting roles in studio fare like "Cinderella Man" (2005) and "The Bourne Ultimatum" (2007), Considine excelled in lower profile projects like "The Cry of the Owl" (2009), "Red Riding: 1980" (Channel 4, 2009) and "Blitz" (20110), which once again allowed the actor to put the full breadth of his talents on display.


Highest Rated Movies



79% No Score Yet How to Build a Girl Pat Morrigan (Character) $70.5K 2019
95% 78% The Death of Stalin Comrade Andryev (Character) $8M 2017
82% 72% Journeyman Matty Burton (Character),
- 2017
78% 70% Funny Cow Angus (Character) - 2017
86% 67% The Girl With All the Gifts Sgt. Eddie Parks (Character) - 2016
No Score Yet 44% Macbeth Banquo (Character) $1.1M 2015
27% 41% Child 44 Vladimir Malevich (Character) $1.2M 2015
71% 68% Miss You Already Jago (Character) $1.2M 2015
91% 89% Pride Dai (Character) $1.4M 2014
48% 47% Honour Unknown (Character) - 2013
89% 71% The World's End Steven (Character) $26M 2013
No Score Yet 64% The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Murder in Angel Lane Mr. Whicher (Character) - 2013
8% 54% Girl on a Bicycle Derek (Character) $89.4K 2013
56% 64% Now Is Good Father (Character) - 2012
83% 85% Tyrannosaur Director,
$22.1K 2011
48% 36% Blitz Nash (Character) - 2011
88% 82% Submarine Graham (Character) $466.7K 2010
11% 20% The Cry of the Owl Robert Forrester (Character) - 2009
87% 66% Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee Le Donk (Character) - 2009
92% 74% Red Riding: 1980 Peter Hunter (Character) - 2009
No Score Yet 31% My Zinc Bed Paul Peplow (Character) - 2008
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dog Altogether Director,
- 2007
91% 89% Hot Fuzz DS Andy Andy Wainwright (Character) $23.6M 2007
92% 91% The Bourne Ultimatum Simon Ross (Character) $227.4M 2007
67% 27% The Backwoods Norman (Character) - 2006
57% 66% The Half Life of Timofey Berezin Timofey (Character) - 2006
14% 45% Stoned Frank Thorogood (Character) $36.6K 2005
80% 91% Cinderella Man Mike Wilson (Character) $61.6M 2005
90% 69% My Summer of Love Phil (Character) $992.2K 2004
58% 91% Dead Man's Shoes Richard (Character),
$6K 2004
46% 35% Hypnotic Elliot Spruggs (Character) $39.4K 2003
86% 87% 24 Hour Party People Rob Gretton (Character) $1.1M 2002
89% 91% In America Johnny (Character) $15.5M 2002
No Score Yet No Score Yet Bouncer Knife Man (Character) - 2002
No Score Yet 54% The Martins Hatfield Recorder Editor (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet 77% Happy Now Marcus (Character) - 2001
94% 86% Last Resort Alfie (Character) $114.7K 2000
58% 55% Born Romantic Ray (Character) $14.6K 2000
68% 92% A Room for Romeo Brass Morell (Character) $20.1K 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: The Ties That Bind Mr Whicher (Character) - 0


76% 69% The Third Day Unknown (Character) 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Outsider Claude Bolton (Character) 2020
79% 79% Informer Gabe Waters (Character) 2018
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Suspicions of Mr Whicher Jack Whicher (Character) 2013-2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Red Riding Unknown (Character) 2010
No Score Yet No Score Yet FREE HBO: The Outsider Claude Bolton (Character)


Richard says: [narrating] God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven. I can't live with that.

Richard says: If I were you, I'd get in that fuckin' car and I'd get out of here, man. I'd gather them goonies and get whatever you've got and come at me, cause I'm gonna fuckin' hit you all.

Richard says: They're all dead. I executed them.

Herbie says: Can I help you mate?

Richard says: [shrugs] Sorry?

Herbie says: [aggressively] What the fuck are you looking at?

Richard says: [shouts] You, ya cunt!

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: It's all right, Andy! It's just bolognaise!

Richard says: You know why people give kids drugs? So they can control their minds. 'Cause they're fucking weak-minded themselves.

Nicholas Angel says: Leslie Tiller was fucking murdered!

DS Andy Cartwright says: Just like Tim Messenger?

Nicholas Angel says: Yes!

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: George Merchant?

DS Andy Cartwright says: And Eve Draper?

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: Martin Blower?

Nicholas Angel says: No, actually.

DS Andy Cartwright says: Really?

Nicholas Angel says: 'Course he fucking was!

DS Andy Cartwright says: Everyone and their mums is packing round here.

Nicholas Angel says: Really, like who?

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: Farmer.

Nicholas Angel says: Who else?

DS Andy Cartwright says: Farmer's mums.

Nicholas Angel says: You've got a mustache.

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: .......I know!

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: Nice one, Doris.

PC Doris Thatcher says: Nothing like a bit of girl on girl!

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: Angel! Don't go being a twat now!

Nicholas Angel says: I wouldn't give you the satisfaction!

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: You want to be a big cop in a small town? Fuck off up the model village!

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: You wanna be a big cop in a small town? Fuck off up the model village.

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: You do know there are more guns in the country than there are in the city?

DS Andy Cartwright says: Everybody and their mums is packing 'round here

Nicholas Angel says: Like who?

DS Andy Andy Wainwright says: Farmers!

Nicholas Angel says: Who elses?

DS Andy Cartwright says: Farmer's mums!