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The Red Riding Trilogy continues in this sequel that picks up six years after the events of the first film. The Yorkshire Ripper is continuing to prey on the young women of a dead-end town, and the local police have proven completely ineffective in solving the crimes. When Manchester detective Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine) arrives in Yorkshire to investigate, he discovers a number of inconsistencies in the official report, and begins to suspect foul play. Unfortunately for both Detective Hunter and the growing list of victims, the local police seem unusually tight-lipped about the case. Perhaps their refusal to aid Detective Hunter in his investigation has something to do with his previous visit to Yorkshire in 1974, when he rubbed the local authorities the wrong way while investigating a shooting. As Detective Hunter delves deeper into the case, it becomes increasingly obvious that incompetence isn't likely to blame for the lack of progress made by Yorkshire police.

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Andrew Garfield
as Eddie Dunford
Paddy Considine
as Peter Hunter
Joseph Mawle
as The Ripper
David Morrissey
as Maurice Jobson
Jim Carter
as Harold Angus
Warren Clarke
as Bill Molloy
Shaun Dooley
as Dick Alderman
Julia Ford
as Elizabeth Hall
Sean Harris
as Bob Craven
Eddie Marsan
as Jack Whitehead
Tony Mooney
as Tommy Douglas
Peter Mullan
as Martin Laws
Maxine Peake
as Helen Marshall
Tony Pitts
as John Nolan
Lesley Sharp
as Joan Hunter
Chris Walker
as Jim Prentice
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  • Aug 15, 2013
    The second film in the Red Riding trilogy follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, making for a slow but engaging crime drama with a haunting finale. Six years after the events of the first movie, detective Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine) is investigating a series of murders attributed to a serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper. However, just like in the previous movie, it turns out that the Yorkshire police may be corrupt rather than incompetent. It's less thrilling than the first movie, but it's well-made to be sure, and the plots of the both movies connect near the very end. Red Riding: 1980 isn't quite as impressive as Red Riding: 1974, but it's still a fairly good crime drama with enough of a payoff at the end to make it worth seeing for fans of 1974.
    Joey S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 17, 2012
    For the first half of the film, it feels like a mediocre movie that has not much to do with it's predecessor, but just there to continue the story and find the killer. We are thrown into an entirely new story with new characters and plot lines, but it is far less interesting than the first. The mentioning of past characters is really the only thing that kept me going until the second half when things start intertwining. The whole film makes you wonder what is going on, until the very last moments of the film where it all comes together and you see why it is a sequel/continuation. Andrew Garfield only makes a cameo in this film, but it has the most meaning out of anything else seen in the film. I thought the first film was great, so I found it very hard to put this film on the same level, but once the end of the film comes full circle, you see why you watched it, and it's worth it!
    KJ P Super Reviewer
  • Jun 13, 2012
    "Red Riding: 1980" is more focused than its predecessor, largely in part due to superior direction and outstanding cinematography. Paddy Considine turns in a solid performance, which is masterful in its own way. Overall, the film isn't has haunting as the one that came before it, but it's much more riveting.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • May 08, 2011
    The second in the Red Riding Trilogy, And this movie is as intense as the first one. Police Corruption has run wild and as a detective is getting closer his life becomes mre in danger. 5 Stars
    Bruce B Super Reviewer

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