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The undead are on the march in bowling alley, though they aren't aware of what's happening to them in this ambitious blend of horror and comedy. Military intelligence forces are attempting to formulate a drug that will turn ordinary soldiers into invincible killing machines, but their latest batch of the stuff has far too many unpleasant side effects, and the green slime is sent out with the Army's trash. However, by accident the stuff is shipped to a bowling alley in a dot-on-the-highway town, where sweet but un-ambitious Timmy (Michael Grant Terry) moons over half-bright Cindy (Betsy Beutler) and smart-mouthed Mike (Matthew Davis) swaps insults with former flame Vanessa (Juliana Robinson). Assuming the bilious goo is some sort of desert treat, the denizens of the bowl-o-rama wolf it down and soon turn into drooling flesh-hungry zombies. However, one of the unusual effects of the drug is that those using it are unaware of its impact, so Timmy, Cindy, Mike and Vanessa are quite puzzled as others flee in terror at the sight of them. Ahh!Zombies!! (aka Wasting Away) was the first feature from director and co-screenwriter Matthew Kohnen.

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  • Jun 30, 2011
    also known as Aaah! Zombies!! SO do not know what to make of this!!! Matthew Davis that Plays Alaric Saltzman in Vampire Diaries plays Mike in this.. MMM Green Glowing icecream looks Yummy...This movie is told from the standpoint of the walking dead. They think the living are infected as they seem to be on 'speed' meanwhile the living sees them as what they are tho' alcoholic consumption could delay the onset of infection & seeing who is infected. This is set in both Black & white as well as color. (which at first had me confused but was pretty cool as one is used as the zombies P.o.V. & the other is from the living's P.o.v. I guess in ways it was a bit fun once you figured out the 'rules' of the movie. The make-up is a bit of cheese but cool. Oh & Talking head on top of a table always freaky looking, especially when the sides of the table aren't covered. This is yet another reason why I say GREEN FOOD IS EVIL!!! I have no idea how to grade this... So I'm just going for a C for confused
  • Jun 27, 2011
    This was a fun B style movie with a very different perspective! It will not win awards, but it will entertain!
    Thomas J Super Reviewer
  • Jun 19, 2011
    Not bad. Also known as Aaaah! Zombies!, Wasting Away utilizes a very interesting concept for its plot: a group of people get turned into zombies, but don't actually realize that they've become zombies. I've seen a number of zombie films, and I've wondered hypothetically whether zombies would know of their plight, or if they would see other zombies as mere people, as the zombies do in this film. Although it's stupid at times, it's deliberately and laughably so, not due to bad writing or something. Worth checking out if you like zombie films, but fans of comedies might enjoy it too.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 17, 2011
    Great low budget zombie film. This starts with the typical old school zombie film thing of a top secret serum leaking into some ice-cream mix and when eaten by a group of friends they turn into flesh hungry zombies. BUT WAIT! What makes this different from most other zombie movies is the way that the serum makes the friends believe that they aren't infected, its everyone else thats the problem so we see alot of the film from the perspective of the zombies themselves which is cool and often funny. Whats also cool is the use of black and white and colour. Also, for a B-movie, this is well written, the actings mostly good and cute blonde Betsy Beutler is as good looking as any other Hollywood A-list lady. Although i found an idea towards the end didn't work and would have rather just had the four/five friends together until the end, this is an entertaining, fun and fairly original zombie flick that horror fans should watch and zombie fans must watch.
    Adam M Super Reviewer

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