Acts of Worship Reviews

March 1, 2007
Generally competent and contains the heartfelt and persuasive message that judging others is easy, but truly empathizing is hard.
December 6, 2005
March 27, 2005
...just not all that entertaining...
April 8, 2004
Rodriguez depicts addicts as a sea of agitated vultures haunting the streets...counteracted by character confrontations forced to move too quickly and predictable plot turns.
April 6, 2004
Honesty, a great virtue, is insufficient to make a good film.
April 3, 2004
Call me shallow, but the rest of us might prefer something a bit more, well, entertaining.
March 23, 2004
Man, the life of a junkie sure does suck. I got that point fairly early in Acts of Worship, yet for some reason the movie kept telling me over and over again.
March 19, 2004
Has all the hallmarks of a high-quality independent production, where real-life texture and genuine emotion more than compensate for lack of polish.
March 19, 2004
There is nothing really new or particularly insightful here, and even though Acts is at least watchable, it begins to fade from memory almost immediately.
March 19, 2004
Rodriguez' view of addiction from the inside, and Reeder's warts-and-all portrayal of a junkie going over the edge, make for a fascinating film.
November 21, 2003
Rodriguez's film captures the grinding routine of street-level drug use with numbing precision.
November 21, 2003
For better and worse, Rosemary Rodriguez's directing debut feels just like what it is -- a drama about addiction made by a recovering addict.
November 21, 2003
Rosemary Rodriguez makes a worthy debut with this troubling tale of a young druggie struggling to survive on the streets of the East Village.
November 20, 2003
Despite its crudeness, the film has a number of scenes that are so real they hurt.
November 20, 2003
Rodriguez makes a promising debut with this unsentimental drama.
November 18, 2003
Digna's struggle with sellout guilt is way more interesting than Alix's boilerplate dissembly, but ultimately Digna's just a pawn in the moralist checkmate.
November 18, 2003
Some of the acting may not be the best and many of the points aren't made with a soft touch, but damn, I can't think of another film about addiction with a more accurate view from the inside.
April 13, 2002
You'd be hard-pressed to find a better movie about addiction than this debut
April 12, 2002
Ana's playing a Lower East Side druggie, who's riding on a seesaw through life. The problem is that this seesaw has two down sides.