A.I. Artificial Intelligence Reviews

May 4, 2011
April 27, 2011
April 14, 2011
A.I.'s Blu-ray debut should remind audiences why this fascinating fairy tale remains Steven Spielberg's most audacious, incomplete, and menacing film.
March 28, 2011
...a long, expansive, always illuminating but never didactic look at life and love and what they mean to Mankind. (Blu-ray Edition)
September 1, 2006
In retrospect, it seems inevitable that a Steven Spielberg interpretation of a Stanley Kubrick story would be an experiment in cinematic polarization.
November 14, 2004
January 24, 2004
January 11, 2004
October 28, 2003
This is a reasonably sound sci-fi fantasy, but hardly the great masterwork that was promised.
November 23, 2002
June 14, 2002
Its greatest fans will treasure it, and its detractors might even be willing to reevaluate it someday. If that isn't the mark of a great piece of art, I don't know what is
June 13, 2002
May 6, 2002
April 7, 2002
March 18, 2002
March 15, 2002
This is the meatiest a DVD edition can get sans director's commentary.
March 11, 2002
Did working on a project by somebody he respected, bring out the best in Spielberg?
March 10, 2002
Steven Spielberg continues to deliver the goods for you DVD freaks. This 2-disc set is virtually overloaded with fantastic features.
March 6, 2002