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A vacationing family encounters an alien threat in this pulse-pounding thriller based on the real-life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina. (C) IFC Films

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Katherine Sigismund
as Katie Morris
Corey Eid
as Corey Morris
Riley Polanski
as Riley Morris
Jillian Clare
as Jillian Morris
Peter Asle Holden
as Peter Morris
Jordan Turchin
as Officer James
Kelley Hinman
as Park Ranger
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  • Sep 30, 2016
    Another found footage horror movie. Though this one embraces some more sci-fi themes what with it, OBVIOUSLY, focusing on aliens. I've already said my piece on found footage. Much like every genre, if the effort is put into creating a quality product, then you'll see that play out in the final edit. And even if it's not a quality film, but you can see that they're making an effort to do something, then you also get to witness that in the end product. I'm kinda tired of saying this already, but I'm tired of people unnecessarily maligning the style for no real reason other than to be contrarians or condescending to the horror genre as a whole. There's a specific blurb on here that's so condescending that it's embarrassing that this person couldn't even pretend to hide their distaste for the genre. Though, I will admit, that this movie isn't the best example of what found footage can offer. Even if this was a straight-up horror movie without the found footage style, this wouldn't have been good. It's not a worse movie because of the style it employs, it's a bad movie regardless of it. It's not even that this is such a terrible movie that I want to pull my hair out. It's just a bad movie. It's a movie that doesn't ever attempt to put its own mark in the genre. It exists simply for the sake of existing. It exists because hardcore horror fans, like myself, would give it a shot simply because they love watching horror movies. I'd hate to say that this movie is lazy, because I'm sure that there was a lot of effort put into this behind the scenes, but it does end up feeling like it was lazily constructed. The acting isn't great, but it could have been so much worse given the fact that this was a super low-budget flick. Because of that budget, you never actually get to see any of the aliens. Just quick little glimpses before the camera glitches out or they run away, shaking the camera, you know all the tricks. And even on those quick glimpses you can tell that the alien itself looks absolutely dreadful. So they were at least smart enough to stay away from that. At they knew to hide their weaknesses. I wish I COULD say, however, that they also knew how to magnify their strengths, but I can't say that. I can't honestly think of anything that the film did well. I can't come up with any positives. Which is a really strange thing for me, because I can at least come up with something. No matter how small. And yet I can't do that for this film. So I guess it's worse than I thought. While I didn't hate this film or watching it as much as the review might imply, I can't say nothing good about this movie. It just plays into every cliche of the genre that people have come to hate. You can do much worse than this for sure, but that's not exactly a glowing recommendation either. Put plain and simply, this is a bad movie.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Sep 30, 2015
    Why do I keep doing Found Footage Horror to myself? Entries to the genre are frequently bad, and frequently boring, both of which Alien Abduction absolutely is, but more than anything, it's dumb. It's really, really dumb. The characters try to convince their parents (twice) that some crazy jazz has gone down, but never use the VIDEO FOOTAGE THEY HAVE OF IT to convince them (but later do exactly that to convince a complete stranger off screen). I could sit here and list logical inconsistencies about "Alien Abduction" all day (there is... A lot) but instead I'll give you just one. And it may sound like a spoiler, but the the fact that it's not one is why it's so stupid. Because it's the film's opening. Literally. The very first scene of the film ruins the end "scare". You are supposed to think the protagonists have escaped and are safe without ever getting abducted, but you already know they can't be, because THE FIRST THING YOU SEE IS THEM ON AN ALIEN SPACECRAFT and then it jumps back in time. Save yourself the trouble of putting up with Alien Abduction and skip it all together..
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 22, 2015
    Alien Abduction is a rather innovative found footage film that delivers some frightful scares, but it's unable to avoid the trappings of the genre. The setup is that of a recovered home video that was made by a child who followed his family's camping trip in the Brown Mountains, which turned into a struggle for survival against alien abductors. And, this is intercut with interviews from paranormal experts who explain the history of UFO activity in the Brown Mountain region. While it starts out rather interesting and has some intense moments, the film quickly degenerates into a generic "cabin in the woods" scenario with the characters holding out in the middle of a creepy forest. Additionally, the acting isn't that good, particularly the cabin owner; who couldn't be more of an outdoorsman stereotype. Though it gets points for creativity, Alien Abduction isn't able to escape the classic horror movie tropes.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 27, 2014
    Aliens and the effects were cool, Actors were weak, idea is great but lacked some effort, still cool.
    Shawn M Super Reviewer

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