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April 20, 2018
I enjoyed the performances in this film more than the story. While the story was limited to the events that it was based on, I still had a hard time fully getting into it. Seeing as how the real life events are never fully explained, what that leaves us with is a movie without an ending. For some people, that might make it a waste of time to watch it.
March 2, 2018
Well acted but was let down by the script.
February 5, 2018
It's a story of murder mystery but the murders are less mysterious than the murderers. Well done at all levels but I have questions. Nobody seems to see a link to the mafia while it seems obvious it is a big part of the issues. Secondo, the family and the murderers were all likely psychopaths. I suppose this is not so rare in the USA. The film did not have subtitles in english or french available, making it less easy to follow for a non-english. But they had spanish. Strange.
January 15, 2018
This film is really poor and suffers from trying to avoid too many legal potholes you feel. The documentary series 'The Jinx' Jarecki then went on to make about the same subject matter is a million times better and a million times more coherent. This is just a muddle and unsatisfying.
½ October 14, 2017
ALWAYS great to have Ryan Gosling on the screen regardless of the script. His absorbtion into the character is consistent. I want to say Frank Langella was a force but there wasn't a whole lot about the role that he could have forced further. His character should have been given more of a central role because you had a terrific opportunity at a GREAT villian with him. After seeing what he brought, the director should have gone back to the writers and have grabbed that opportunity. The casting of Kirsten Dunst watered the whole movie down. Sweet, white, high voiced... Way too vulnerable to make the story a challenge. Needs a more worthy female opponent... A thinker, like Anna Paquin, Amanda Seyfried, Claire Danes to grab from the main stream.... Bottom line, story line is cliche, acting was restrained, sets nothing great. Again, Ryan Gosling is the draw.
½ August 17, 2017
As the film turns dark, it also turns less convincing. Could've been a real standout, if not for the last third of the film.
August 7, 2017
Heir to a real-estate dynasty, David Marks (Ryan Gosling) lives in the shadow of his father, Sanford (Frank Langella). He takes a chance at true love when he meets Katie (Kirsten Dunst), a woman of modest origins who sees David's real worth as a person, not just his family's wealth. David and Katie marry and plan to build a life together, but their once-loving relationship deteriorates after David gives in to his father's demand that he work in the family business.
½ April 29, 2017
hmm. started off differently than it ended. not horrible overall, but inconsistent in its delivery. UPDATE: two years later rewatched this forgetting that i had already seen it. and wasn't engaged at all. and not sure what i meant by the common above.
April 25, 2017
Beautifully done acting.. great cast... Reviting storyline.. I very much enjoyed this film.
½ October 21, 2016
This is a nicely executed part 1 through 9 of a 10 chapter story. I feel like the final movie will come out in a decade or two, and that one will include the real ending. This felt lacking in resolution, and therefore purpose.
September 12, 2016
It's too bad that I can't rate this zero stars. totally bizarre movie. no point to it. i'd rather watch paint dry. acting was good though.
August 20, 2016
This was alright. Interesting but felt "made-for-tv" ish too.
August 15, 2016
A mostly engaging mystery/thriller that could have used some more thrilling mystery. Good acting and score, though.
½ July 29, 2016
way too long and drawn out. seen it a hundrew times ...husband murders wife and gets away with it
½ June 10, 2016
Gorgeous looking. Segmented. Incomplete. Nowhere near as enthralling as the actual story.
½ June 9, 2016
This movie is just bad. It's somehow "based on a true story" but my question is how can anyone believe that when Ryan Gosling's character was somehow hidden in plain sight in the most ridiculously awful drag ever seen. On top of this the movie is just plain silly. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
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½ May 9, 2016
It is curious to see that they changed the names of everyone involved in the Robert Durst case when even the character's sworn statement in court is exactly the same, and this is a dark, heavy drama about how people you think you know can change - or show who they truly are.
May 1, 2016
Not perfect by any means, but it does enough to merit its place as an effective thriller
April 24, 2016
I guess I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
First off, sorry if you didn't like the ending, but the movie is based on a true story... Now the POS has been arrested, but I digress.
Well acted, with an end that leaves you angry and sick to your stomach... I was hoping and hoping that poor Katie wasn't gone, but... That wouldn't make a movie I suppose :(
I would give this a watch.
March 28, 2016
Los nombres han sido cambiados para proteger a los culpables... Esta podría ser la premisa de "All Good Things", el debut dentro del cine argumental del documentalista Andrew Jarecki, director de la soberbia "Capturing The Friedmans", el retrato de una familia acusada de pederastia. Aunque los nombres han cambiado, es evidente que la cinta de Jarecki se basa en la vida de Robert Durst (aquí David Marks), el heredero de un emporio de bienes raíces que se enamora de manera idílica de Katie, una joven ingenua y noble de clase media (encarnada de manera más que adecuada por Kristen Dunst). El romance poco a poco va a convertirse en un verdadero descenso al infierno que incluye a una figura paternal opresora (un maléfico Frank Langella), una amiga ilusa (una Lily Rabe sin contacto con al realidad) y a un malvado anciano con ilusiones (un demoniaco Philip Baker Hall). Aunque los hechos criminales que rodean a Durst (interpretado de manera compleja por Ryan Gosling) son de dominio público, es mejor que el espectador que desconoce la historia permanezca en la ignorancia, para disfrutar al máximo de esta película que hace patente el conocido refrán que dice que la realidad muchas veces (y tristemente) supera a la ficción.
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