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December 3, 2016
This film is well planned and executed. It moves with incredible quietness and fragility. There is an emotional depth to this piece.

However, I had to watch this in three sittings, my personal feelings are that the film is long, slow, and arduous. It is an important addition to cinema and begins many important dialogues... but I had to try really hard to get through this film.
November 24, 2012
Fascinante Ackerman.
½ November 9, 2011
A very liberal adaptation of the same named book by early 20th Century novelist Joseph Conrad, this is a movie that seemingly addresses the tragic sensibilities of cultural identity and colonial uprooting that plagued the imminent crumbling of the vast colonial empires of the Europeans. Unfortunately, this film while promising with the early stabbing of a suave and handsome crooner lipsyncing to a classic and very American Dean Martin song followed by an entranced beautiful local girl who breaks out in a sudden aria in foreboding acapella, this film lost it's groove with the lack of direction or discipline. The constant aimless wandering, repetition of monotone dialogue, i..e. "Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina...." along with the excruciating details of daily minutia literally drowned this vessel and lulled me to very deep sleep. I simply didn't care nor could I relate to the displaced colonial Frenchman and his half breed daughter. As outdated as the concept is, when in the hands of a more competent film maker, this could have been rather poignant and touching. Ah,Comme Ci, Comme Ća.
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