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November 24, 2011
Top Critic
December 10, 2009
It has beautiful cinematography, a star performance that is shocking in its authenticity, a careful eye for nuance and detail and an irresistible blend of action and romance that should spell automatic success.
November 13, 2009
Inoffensive, arcane and ultimately rather sweet, 'Amelia' is one to take your grandmother to.
November 13, 2009
Hilary Swank is forced to deliver dialogue that sounds as if it was written in Chinese and then translated into English by a computer.
November 13, 2009
A tinny and barnacled affair, showcasing a peculiarly awful performance from Hilary Swank.
November 13, 2009
Nowhere is there any sign of the passion that Amelia must have had.
December 6, 2018
Seasoned director Mira Nair goes way off the rails in almost every way-from the lack of chemistry in Earhart and Putnam's seeming relationship of convenience to the final heart-wrenching mystery of Amelia's disappearance.
December 1, 2018
[Amelia Earhart] must have been a fascinating woman - but you wouldn't know it watching the slick but unsatisfying Amelia.
November 1, 2018
These have to be some of the least exhilarating flight scenes ever committed to film, as Swank looks as if she has been put in a box in a studio and told to imagine that she is up in the air.
August 14, 2018
While Amelia doesn't crash and burn, the new biopic of Amelia Earhart fails to soar as high as it should, given its fascinating subject.
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