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June 4, 2020
The tight writing and direction underpinning this very likeable ensemble chuckler nails every tacky joke and surreal sight gag with considerable aplomb.
August 21, 2019
Seann William Scott's great boorish creation, Stifler, provides nice flashes of idiosyncrasy away from the more stereotypical characterisations of the four main friends.
July 9, 2019
American Pie has a likable cast, but the actors appear throttled back by a pedestrian script and direction. Consequently, one winds up liking the film more than it deserves because of the gameness of its attractive cast.
March 26, 2019
What makes American Pie stand out is its extreme commitment to the bit, its relentlessly sex-positive attitude, and its sneaky ability to be both disgusting and kind of sweet.
January 14, 2017
There are some fine comedic moments that still shine, despite "American Pie" being pretty forgettable...
October 26, 2012
Although it has many familiar elements, this fresh slice of American adolescence isn't baked from the same warmed-over stereotypes and formulaic storylines of the recent batch of teen movies.
April 29, 2012
It works as well as it does because the central cast - equal parts male and female, lest we forget - are all so uniformly endearing.
April 18, 2012
It may not have invented the genre, but it did bring that genre to a whole new generation.
November 8, 2011
A well aimed jab at jock culture full of satisyingly dirty belly laughs.
November 8, 2011
Another giggly gross-out comedy for teenagers, this one somewhat better than most by virtue of a more satisfying ending.
December 18, 2010
Ultra-raunchy sex comedy is a teen fave -- beware.
April 19, 2010
Rest of the rancid jokes, listless performances, and mild sauce mischief bury the basic boner novelty of American Pie alive. Eleven years later, it's still the same insufferable, meaningless hooey it always was.
December 15, 2009
American Pie shows us how little boys know about sex going into it, and how little the act really teaches them about it as well. But the true joy, for us in the audience anyway, is the chase. Vulgar and heartwarming!
August 7, 2008
The production is amateurish and cheap-looking, but two decent performances are worth mentioning: Chris Klein as a sensitive jock and Alyson Hannigan as a nerdy flute player.
July 23, 2007
It has likable characters and infectiously funny situations, and that's about all a comedy like this needs.
December 30, 2006
A surprisingly large amount of screen time devoted to the sickly sweet morality tales of the movie which would be fine on TV series...but are way too frothy and take up too much time here.
June 24, 2006
A crude piece of work, spottily acted and directed.
July 21, 2005
More likely to gross out adults than kids.
July 16, 2005
April 9, 2005
More mature audiences, beware, 'cause this ain't your film.
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