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September 2, 2020
Aquaman isn't quite a true dud, courtesy of cotton candy visuals that are least a lot of fun to watch.
August 30, 2020
Epic, weird and comic booky. Aquaman revitalizes the DCEU in ways no one ever saw coming. [Full review in Spanish]
July 26, 2020
We get but a glimpse of what Aquaman could've been oncewe plunge into Atlantis, but its world-building is all too passive, zipping past its most unique aspects.
July 24, 2020
Comic-book fans will find it entertaining enough to stay afloat, non-fans will start drowning and the rest of us will be tired from treading water.
July 21, 2020
So does it give you your money's worth? Yes, if you look at the brighter side of things.
July 14, 2020
Aquaman is not great -- it's barely even good -- but it's a great deal of silly, preposterous, splashy fun, with a fascinating degree of world-building that is rarely seen outside of the Star Wars universe or higher-end animated films.
July 9, 2020
This is a rip roaring, hilariously goofy movie that is nothing short of entertaining throughout its two and a half hour runtime.
June 30, 2020
A Day-Glo, candy-colored, hallucinogenic seascape that resembles the cover of an epic adventure metal album from the '80s. And it's as fun and messy as that sounds.
June 30, 2020
[T]hat the locales are announced via subtitle, often before the characters ... know where they are, evokes the levels and stages of an adventure game. [T]hat's what [it] is.
June 28, 2020
Aquaman is not only a surprisingly fun adventure film, but it's also a huge leap forward for the flailing DCEU.
June 27, 2020
It gives me a feeling that I only find when I see the fishes in the fish tank or in the aquarium, where nothing relevant happens for two and a half eternally long hours and the fishes transform into disposable plastic characters. [Full review in Spanish]
May 29, 2020
A glimmer of hope for the troubled DCU, Aquaman is a way better than a film about a superhero who talks to fishes has any right to be.
May 20, 2020
It felt like eight different movies.
May 20, 2020
It's a solid hour too long. I felt like I was in the theater for days.
April 4, 2020
Non-existent believability isn't always a problem, but the rest of the skeleton that the film hangs on needs to be entertaining.
March 18, 2020
Overall, Aquaman is everything it needs to be in order to succeed. It looks great, it's a ton of fun, and the action sequences are truly a step forward in terms of merging coherence with cinematic show-offery.
January 29, 2020
Watching it feels like eating 10 boxes of Junior Mints while drinking a 64-ounce Icee. It cements the idea of a DC Cinematic Universe that people actually enjoy, and also the end of human sanity.
December 6, 2019
In a time that continues to place comic book superheroes in a class that's all their own, Aquaman can now stand tall as well, even if there's a little ocean spray back.
November 29, 2019
When the cast isn't aimlessly drifting from port to port, they're swimming in a soup of phantasmagoria that's both intoxicating and exhausting.
November 19, 2019
Each of Aquaman's flaws, are complimented by brilliant action-sequences, stylish swagger, and an epic, massive adventure, like the character himself.
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