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½ June 20, 2017
One of the cutest and most thoughtful movies I'v ever seen. Always makes me feel better to watch it!
½ June 18, 2017
Very nice love story. Robin Williams (R.I.P.) is phenomenal as always, major props to Johnathan Rhys Meyers, I love his singing voice and Keri Russell delivers an equally great performance. One can not forget about Freddie Highmore. His performance in this film is tied with Finding Neverland. I loved him in that film as well.
½ May 29, 2017
This movie is so shocking - its just so badly made. How does the kid go from running away from modern day Fagin to make it to Central Park - dressed in a tux. Worst movie I've ever seen.
May 25, 2017
I love this movie as did my sister and my mother. It's like the saying...for those who don't hear the music, think the dancers crazy. The professional critics/reviewers don't see movies for any kind of enjoyment but to criticise. Don't believe them, they bypassed their hearts to hopefully be a better machine/robot, but they aren't. Stay human and see it as a human. The mind makes a great servant but a terrible master. That's the (eternal) heart. :)
May 15, 2017
This movie was thoroughly * feel-good *. Music lovers of many ages will be able to relate to the themes in the movie. The pivotal roles by Robin Williams, Terrence Howard, Keri Russell, and Jonathan Rhys-Myers, were nicely done, considering the somewhat predictable direction and conclusion. Nevertheless, this is a good choice for family movie night, and again, for anyone who associates music.
½ May 12, 2017
I didn't bother finishing it. I thought it was derivative and corny.
½ May 6, 2017
Looks amazing!!! I love Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. And I think Freddie Highmore is a young genius!!
April 19, 2017
While it may be imperfectly told, it works as a fairy tale. The music is wonderful and uplifting. Freddy Highmore conveys an innocent love of music with a performance far beyond his years.
April 8, 2017
Earnest acting and beautiful cinematography could not save this sweet but odd and clumsy plot - a lonely, adopted boy searches for his estranged parents by wandering around the city.

I was interested in the story, but lost interest bc of the silliness, lack of plot, and the cliches. By the time Robin Williams showed up, I was done.
I was watching only to "see how it ends"- not a good enough reason to recommend a movie. Ever.
A good-hearted attempt at an emotional story where you'll either feel the strings tugging on your heart and be touched, or you'll be annoyed at the attempted manipulation.
That said, it's a typical, meandering Lifetime Channel story.
You'll love it or you'll roll your eyes.
I liked it initially - until I realized it wasn't trying to go deeper, but rather toy with the idea of an adopted boy living a fantasy in the city, and not much more.
½ April 1, 2017
Wow. I've put off watching this movie, because I didn't know how anyone could pull off a movie about a kid looking for his parents and make it interesting. I underestimated the creators of this film. Unbelievable at times, yes, but ultimately deeply satisfying. Every music lover needs to see this film.
March 23, 2017
"August Rush" adalah sebuah film yang unik, walau mengambil latar cerita dengan perpaduan unsur musik. Walaupun sebenarnya hanyalah sebuah kisah yang sederhana, namun kerumitan dan perjalanan hidup dari Evan, akan mampu memberikan sesuatu yang tersendiri bagi penonton. Penonton akan merasakan sesuatu yang berbeda dari permainan gitar unik ala Evan, dimana Ia tidak hanya memetik, tetapi memainkan gitar dengan menepuknya. Sebuah tontonan drama yang cukup menghibur, apalagi dengan irama musik klasiknya yang fantastik.
½ March 18, 2017
One of the most cloying jugs of treacle ever dumped on an audience. Far fetched even as a fairy tale, painfully overacted or not acted, with music so mediocre and uncreative it makes it hard to buy August's alleged inexplicable brilliance.
February 4, 2017
The worst movie ever boring
January 22, 2017
One of the best movies I've ever seen. Definitely in my top 15 favorite movies.
January 22, 2017
The music is all around us. All you have to do is listen!
December 29, 2016
Don't take nit-picking bitchy critics seriously. August is beautiful film. Robin and Freddie, and Terrence stand out. If you don't shed a tear, you aren't human.
December 14, 2016
I love this movie! It's my favorite!
December 9, 2016
This is my new favorite all-time movie of all time!!! Yes I said all time twice...!!
November 7, 2016
To some the plot would seem to be ask over the place and very unrealistic, but to those who live music, truly been in love, or have been robbed of something You truly love and wanted them those are the people that get this movie. I loved two people in my life So hard that I let them slip right through my fingers (my daughter and her father) and this movie is how I wish we could've been reunited.
August 19, 2016
Love this movie!! A lot of it really makes sense and I can relate with :) Music is all around us
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