Autumn in New York


Autumn in New York

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Although the film isn't as bad as feared (it wasn't pre-screened for reviews), it's not that good, either. Most noticable flaws are the sappy romantic cliches and lack of chemistry between Gere and Ryder.



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Successful restaurateur Will Keane is on the verge of turning fifty, yet he's still quite the playboy with a persistent case of commitment-phobia. When he meets Charlotte Fielding, a free spirited woman half his age, he expects another quick and easy romance. But their nothing about their relationship is quick or easy. Instead their encounters are rife with intergenerational clashes, differing philosophies and an urgent sense of sensuality and connection. Just when Will is tempted to bail out with his usual line about "not promising forever," Charlotte responds with reasons of her own about why she feels this relationship can't last forever -- she's dying.

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Winona Ryder
as Charlotte Fielding
Mary Beth Hurt
as Dr. Sibley
J.K. Simmons
as Dr. Grandy
Kali Rocha
as Shannon
Toby Poser
as Autumn Woman No. 1
Laurent Schwaar
as 458 Waiter
Patrick Price
as 458 Waiter
Ted Koch
as 458 Bartender
Alvin Einbender
as 458 Bartender
Daniella Van Graas
as Model At Bar
Rachel Nichols
as Model At Bar
Ron Emanuel
as 458 Customer
Dan Camins
as 458 Customer
John Guidera
as 458 Customer
Russell Hunston
as 458 Customer
Nik Pjeternikaj
as 458 Customer
Paige Handler
as Charlotte's Birthday Friend
Liza Lapira
as Charlotte's Birthday Friend
Steven Ravid
as 458 Customer
Sarah Burns
as Little Girl At Playground
William Raymond
as Michael/Doorman
Earl Carroll
as Will's Driver
Dave Filippi
as Taxi Driver
Becca Lee
as Michelle
Estelle Robinson
as Old Frail Lady
Brittney Bunkis
as Little Girl At Museum
Hatsumi Yoshida
as Clown At Halloween Party
David Filippi
as Taxi Driver
Kristi Lee Guinness
as 50's Girl At Halloween Party
Luca Waldman
as Vampire at Halloween Party
Harry Burney
as Choirmaster
Cheyne M. Hansen
as Boy at Rockerfeller
Pamela Twyble
as Nurse At Cleveland Heart Institute
Iris Flick
as Nurse At New Haven Hospital
Kathleen Goldpaugh
as St. Vincent's Nurse
Robert Plunket
as Grubby Man
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Audience Reviews for Autumn in New York

  • Feb 06, 2014
    I've seen a few movies like this. Womanizing guy falls in love with beautiful woman only to find out she has terminal something-or-other, and he matures caring for her. Seen it, done it.
    Red L Super Reviewer
  • Dec 17, 2011
    An overly stylized romantic drama, Autumn in New York gets a little maudlin but has a compelling story to tell. Richard Gere plays a New York playboy who gets more than he bargains for when he pursues a much younger woman (Winona Ryder) who turns out to have a unique heart condition. Ryder delivers her usual charm and good humor, but Gere is just phoning it in; and as a result they don't quite connect well enough to sell this unconventional romance. Additionally, the film itself does the story no favors by over saturating itself in symbolism and aesthetic designs that emphasize the themes. Still, it's not a bad picture and Gere and Ryder are both likable and sympathetic in their respective roles. Despite a few weaknesses, Autumn in New York is an entertaining film that explores some interesting issues.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 11, 2011
    Richard Geer plays an aging lothario who newest target is an extremely young Ryder who catches his eye one Autumn evening in New York City. The result of their instant attraction is a tempestuous affair which becomes complicated after he finds out that she is terminally ill. The originality of the plot was a bit predictable with this Renaissance woman and a modern day bachelor but the beautiful autumn scenery enveloped me in a bittersweet lovey-dovey atmosphere that sedated me like a cup of tea to make me temporarily forget about this romance mismatch and instead sympathize for the situation alone. It is an excellent movie for anyone who has ever read and thoroughly enjoyed a Harelequinesque novel. One redeeming feature is the filming of New York. Just Beautiful!!
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Mar 21, 2010
    (2000 Director: Joan Chen) This movie is on TV right now...watching it (review to follow).Somewhat predictable story about a very ailing young lovely woman 9Winona Ryder) suffering from a brain tumour. Richard Gere plays her very fickle boyfriend who comes through for her in the end. (review to be continued)
    Teresa S Super Reviewer

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