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It has its moments, but Bachelorette ultimately plays it too safe with its trio of unlikable leads, betraying them with a predictably sentimental final act that undermines the bracingly honest humor preceding it.



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On the night before an old friend's wedding, three frisky bridesmaids go searching for a little fun but find much more than they bargained for. With lovely Becky (Rebel Wilson) set to marry her handsome sweetheart, Dale (Hayes MacArthur), the remaining members of her high school clique reunite for one last bachelorette bacchanal in the Big Apple. Regan (Kirsten Dunst) is an overachieving, ueber-Maid of Honor who's secretly smarting over the fact that she's not the first to marry, while Gena (Lizzy Caplan) is a whip-smart sarcastic who's actually a closet romantic, and Katie (Isla Fisher) is a ditzy beauty who loves the good life. But when Becky insists on keeping the bachelorette party tame, the women proceed with an after-hours celebration of their own. -- (C) Official Site

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Arden Myrin
as Melissa
Ella Rae Peck
as Stefanie
Paul Corning Jr.
as Jack Johnson Guy
Anna Rose Hopkins
as Club Monaco Customer
Sue Jean Kim
as Wedding Planner
Horatio Sanz
as Barely Attractive Guy
Ann Dowd
as Victoria
Megan Neuringer
as Singing Cousin 1
Leslie Meisel
as Singing Cousin 2
Jenn Schatz
as Geeky Bridesmaid
Beth Hoyt
as Anorexic Bridesmaid
Shauna Miles
as Theresa
Melissa Stephens
as Wasted Stripper
Chris Cardona
as Scores Bouncer
June Diane Raphael
as Cool Stripper
Alden Ford
as Photographer
Erik Parian
as Band Singer
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  • Aug 25, 2014
    In "Bachelorette," Regan(Kirsten Dunst) is initially taken aback when her friend Becky(Rebel Wilson) tells her she has gotten engaged to Dale(Hayes MacArthur). But she soon collects herself and rallies their friends Katie(Isla Fisher) and Gena(Lizzy Caplan) to be bridesmaids, even though Gena did not ever want to see her ex, Clyde(vodka spokesperson Adam Scott), again. But things do not go well with the obligatory male stripper and get even worse when they wreck the wedding dress the night before the wedding. "Bachelorette" is a fast paced comedy with a talented cast, especially Lizzy Caplan who with the best moments in the film proves that 'Masters of Sex' is no fluke. That's not to mention the skinny women being the screwed-up ones for once. But then the movie takes this too far, not only in the department of why people write about characrers they have obvious disdain for, but also implies that the only reason the bridesmaids are not married yet is because they are so screwed up. Personally, movies have to do better than this and make more progressive statements than it is okay for women to behave badly. Because otherwise all you are left with here is a particularly vulgar afterschool special. And correct me if I'm wrong but that has to be the most demure New York City strip club.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 02, 2013
    With such a stellar a cast, this film should have been fantastic. Except, that it was a very poor attempt to match the comedy of Bridesmaids...with only raunchier humor. The characters in this movie were unlikeable, unbelievable, annoying, and sad (as in sad attempt). The writing, and stupid dialogue, was even worse. Too bad....
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • May 19, 2013
    I was intrigued as I haven't seen a Kirsten Dunst movie in awhile... Well, she should stick to cheerleading. And Isla Fisher's character was even more painful to watch.
    Lily L Super Reviewer
  • Mar 22, 2013
    Snappy, Bitchy, and Surprisingly Fun! Decent funny movie! This movie is funny once you get it. There is a big dip in quality the middle of the film and it gets below average, but the writing upkicks again and it ends well. The overall trouble with this film is the characters and friendships are not established very well. As a result, it takes a while for the viewer to believe the premise of the movie. Overall, 'Bachelorette' is a smart and a darkly funny story of flawed but vulnerable ladies in a one crazy night. On the night of one of their old high school friend's wedding three irresponsible and capricious bridesmaids reunite for one last bachelorette bacchanal in the Big Apple. They unintentionally create a mess of their best friend Becky's wedding dress, before she marries her sweetheart Dale. They attempt to repair the situation by spending the evening before and morning of the wedding desperate to get the dress to Becky on time before the wedding starts, whilst discovering themselves and what they truly want from their lives along the way.
    Manu G Super Reviewer

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