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August 12, 2017
A fucking hilarious movie. Billy Bob was great in the movie as well as Bernie Mac and the fat kid. I liked the plot as well.
½ July 15, 2017
HORRIBLE!!!! Couldn't finish watching it.
½ July 12, 2017
Bad Santa is equal parts filthy, cheeky and hilarious. It is gut-bustingly funny and is a much watch Christmas movie. Every time I do this movie though I get black out drunk by the ending though. Still haven't seen it.
½ July 10, 2017
Ridiculously vulgar and profane, but enjoyably funny. A good movie to watch around the holidays, but definitely not with the family.
July 10, 2017
Literally one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life... Billy Bob, Tony Cox & the late greats, John Ritter & Bernie Mac was hilariously outstanding.
½ June 6, 2017
I really love this flick because it's such an anti-holiday movie, puls it's fun to watch as Thornton's character slowly comes around to being more of a functioning human being. Well, sort of.

Best line has to be "I beat the shit out of some kids today. But it was for a purpose. It made me feel good about myself. It was like I did something constructive with my life or something, I dunno, like I accomplished something." Hilarious stuff.

It's amazingly offensive, but has some truly touching moments in there, well worth a look

Highly recommended.
May 9, 2017
A fun movie, worth a rental.
½ May 4, 2017
Sleazy with some unfortunate crude humor, but it's a funny movie with a little bit of heart. It was better than expected. (First viewing - December 2003 in theaters)
½ April 24, 2017
Outrageous and stupidly funny, Bad Santa is black humor comedy with a hilarious performance by Billy Bob Thornton. (3,5/5)
½ February 25, 2017
I Liked This Movie This Movie was great Good Job Miramax Have a COOKIE!
February 19, 2017
A lot of bad language, some crude humor. I liked it, Billy Bob plays a good creep with nasty language.
Super Reviewer
February 10, 2017
A very funny and dark comedy that's full of laughs and shocks in equal measure, Billy Bob Thornton plays his part really well and his don't give a shit attitude works so well, A Christmas film not for the family, Adults only, It's my favourite Christmas film ever.
February 1, 2017
One of my favourite movies. Its not a kids movie at all. But at the time it was fresh and dark. Very funny. Watch it every Christmas.
January 22, 2017
Very hilarious. Billy Bob was made for this role
January 7, 2017
I'd been looking forward to watching this for years so maybe my expectations were a tad too high
½ January 5, 2017
Obviously not an academy award winning film. However, it was funny as hell !!!
December 27, 2016
sadly, this is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Billy Bob is just a perfect scumbag.
December 26, 2016
ok but nothing like the original.
December 23, 2016
Funny at times, dumb at times, entertaining yet its dark and deathgripping dumbness.
½ December 21, 2016
Ridiculously vulgar and profane, but enjoyably funny. A good movie to watch around the holidays, but definitely not with the family.
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