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May 21, 2018
A truly exceptional film to change Batman from cartoony and comic character to more of a realistic approach. While Batman Begins features some unrealistic aspects, the characters and the stakes of the film is amazingly done. Highlights of the film include Christian Bale's take on the brooding superhero, Cillian Murphy's wonderous portrayal as The Scarecrow - and the payoff of a lovely scripted and memorable film that kicks off a truly epic trilogy.
May 18, 2018
An origin story of one an undeniably iconic character, "Batman Begins" is an excellent beginning to a promising trilogy.
May 16, 2018
A strong start to a trilogy.Really good origin story.Liam Neeson is electrifying.
May 14, 2018
Liam Neeson is Ra's Al Ghul. Ducard is just his secret identity.

Christian Bale plays Bruce/Batman as a dull, slow-witted man with a bit of a speech impediment or mouth problem -- I can't tell -- or, maybe, it's Bale himself who has some sort of speaking impediment or mouth problem. In the comics Batman is highly intelligent but that certainly doesn't come across in this movie.

Anyway, this movie was alright -- you couldn't tell from this film that the next movie, The Dark Knight, would be a steaming pile of something one million times worse than crap and vomit and cancer blended together.

Morgan Freeman plays the token black guy who is a sidekick to the white lead character, which is a cliche in almost all TV shows and movies these days.
May 11, 2018
A brilliant introduction to the Batman saga that almost rewrites the character in spectacular fashion. Nolan brings the realness back from the Burton era while introducing him into a modern setting.

Christian Bale sinks his teeth into the role and we get the best Bruce Wayne/Batman we have had on the big screen. The gadgets all seem realistic and Bale's performance in Both roles anchors the character in a believable setting.

Very well directed and a terrific supporting cast all add up to the best Batman movie since the 80s!
April 16, 2018
After batman and robin utterly destroyed any chance the old series of batman films had of continuing, this reboot truly redeemed batman's film career and showed us that there were still many more possibilities for batman on the big screen. This film delves into the origins of batman, and how he became the feared protector of gotham we all know and love, and it hits all the right notes. The actors all do a great job, the plot is engaging, and the movie nails the dark and serious tone that I think suits batman best. Combine this was some really suspenseful action, and some amazing lines, and this is a really good superhero movie! Its not the best one of its kind (though that could be a bit of bias speaking seeing as I'm not the biggest DC fan), but its still really good! And this movie gets extra brownie points for spawning my favorite batman movie, the dark knight.
April 12, 2018
It's an all around fantastic film and deserves a better score than 84
½ April 10, 2018
'batman begins' has an introverted, miasmal spirit which is invigorating for the genre. it's a smart and highly perspicacious inquiry into the batman legend. but it's almost too sedate and soporific for its own good. nolan and bale are intense, consummate artists. but the former is hardly an exciting filmmaker here. he's uncomfortable with action scenes, so the film lacks delectableness.
½ April 5, 2018
"Writer and Director Christopher Nolan starts off with "Batman Begins" as the first entry in the cinema-shaping trilogy."
April 2, 2018
An epic entry into The Dark Knight Trilogy, and a movie that transcends the superhero genre to a more serious nature. A respected and tenacious entry to the super hero genre that makes it a whole lot easier for regular movie goers to enjoy comic book films.
March 30, 2018
This definitely saved Batman from the era of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. This darker and more gritty take on Batman definitely worked and changed what comic book movies could be. The performances and writing is superb but the score could possible be the best thing about it.
March 27, 2018
Without being the great thing of its successors, Begins is an intriguing beginning of Batman that opened the expectations towards the panorama to which later the director would be in charge. It has hints of suspense and drama that make it a peculiar superheroic film that gathers enough condiments from a classic thriller.
March 25, 2018
Overall, this film serves as a great origin story and first battle for the caped crusader. Although the villain wasn't very inciting, I still quite enjoyed the film. I rate the film a 7.5/10
March 24, 2018
Gripping, intense and Christian Bale is a show stopper. "Batman Begins" is a amazing uplift, to a dying series.
½ March 22, 2018
Christopher Nolan's first film in the batman franchise is an incredible thrill ride that does a fantastic job kicking off the trilogy. The plot is a bit predictable, but the performances from Oldman, Bale, Neeson, and Freeman propel this movie to the top of the superhero genre.
½ March 20, 2018
Christian Bale is amazing, Batman is amazing, this movie is amazing.
½ March 13, 2018
Ranks as one of the best superhero films ever made!! This is not just a film about action and special effects, it's one of those films where it actually draws us into the story of Bruce Wayne and the tragedy surrounding him that motivates him to become Batman, his alter ego. It's dark, serious and tops as one of the best films (up there with The Dark Knight) of the Batman franchise! The film really makes us believe in the world of Batman and its characters! A great ensemble cast put together and great direction by director Christopher Nolan! Seriously this is one of the year's best films and a great and well deserved comeback for the Dark Knight!!!!
March 10, 2018
One Of The Best Batman Movies
½ March 9, 2018
a good superhero origins story. actually sticks to material at some extent.
½ March 7, 2018
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