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November 25, 2016
Sweet, funny and delightfully heartwarming. Big rides on the charms of Tom Hanks and the heart of it's screenplay
October 20, 2016
One of my favorites.
October 13, 2016
i think it is my 1st or 2nd movie i ever seen for tom hanks
when i was 9 or 10 may be
i still love it
½ October 1, 2016
I found this movie's concept creepy. It made me uncomfortable watching it.
October 1, 2016
Big manages to achieve a dream of being an adult having it's ups and downs
September 22, 2016
Fun to watch, has charm, and really makes you think about letting your inner kid out once in a while and not forgetting about it. I just don't feel that the conflict/problem in the film was developed properly considering it was placed alongside such playfully childish (in a good way) charm.
½ September 17, 2016
Big is a fun coming of age/fantasy type movie. Now, where the heck can I find a Zoltar machine so I can do the opposite of what happens in BIG?...pop in quarter and go back to the 80s!
½ September 10, 2016
This is THE body swap movie; it's done so unbelievably well, and Tom knocks it out of the park.
½ September 6, 2016
The Story is somewhere predictable, and somewhere do not make any sense.
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½ August 22, 2016
A thirteen-year-old boy wishes to be big, and his wish comes true. Except there's no time travel element, which really sticks in my craw. This kidult immediately lands a job in the big city and masquerades as a genius toy titan for an entire month? A thirty-something woman has sex with a pre-pubescent? The floor piano scene IS really cute, but was 1989 just a slow enough talent year for Tom Hanks to be Oscar-nominated for his perfectly ordinary performance?
½ August 19, 2016
A twelve year old kid goes to the carnival and eyes a strange make a wish vending machine where he commands to be BIG. The next morning he wakes up as thirty something Tom Hanks and he becomes a toy whiz because he's really a kid you know and only kids know what kind of toys are any good. He soon meets a fellow coworker and they fall in love but he soon goes back to being a kid again because adult life sucks. This switching place's/body movies have been popular lately and this one may stand out as a better film than its peers, it still isn't that great of a comedy.
August 7, 2016
Una de las comedias que apuntalaron la carrera de Tom Hanks, en la que hace ver el lado gracioso del dificil proceso de crecer y madurar. A destacar la escena del piano gigante.
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July 29, 2016
Liked it just felt like they didn't know how to end it and got too serious as most comedies do.
July 18, 2016
This movie will always be one of my favorites of all time. I finally saw the EXTENDED version tonight. Nearly 30 minutes longer and it was certainly interesting. This movie is good for the heart and soul. If you have never seen this, you need to let yourself experience this film. Tom Hanks is amazing in this and he really sells the ridiculous premise. I love this movie with all my heart!
½ June 16, 2016
Another 80s body switching/aging younger etc genre flick. This one has an undersized 12 year old who visits a carnival machine and wishes to be big. The next morning he awakes in a thirtysomething year old body (Tom Hanks who masterfully channels his inner child). He then gets a job, an apartment and of a course, a girlfriend while searching for the carnival machine to reverse his wish.
May 22, 2016
Funny on screen, disturbing off screen.
May 20, 2016
Big is an extremely funny and charming movie that can be enjoyed by all ages. Tom Hanks is excellent as the older Josh by playing the character with charisma and innocence. Highly recommend for a family movie night.
April 21, 2016
The seen of playing piano is so impressed.
½ April 13, 2016
An incredibly sweet and fun coming of age story that places characters and truths over gags.
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