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August 8, 2002
A mess, but it's a sincere mess.
July 20, 2002
Though you couldn't call Love a complete success, it's packed with talent and intelligence, wayward poetry and bluesy longing.
June 21, 2002
A movie that can't get sufficient distance from Leroy's delusions to escape their maudlin influence.
June 21, 2002
The movie is obviously a labour of love so Howard appears to have had free rein to be as pretentious as he wanted.
May 3, 2002
A rough, uneven but admirably imaginative film.
April 26, 2002
While Howard's appreciation of Brown and his writing is clearly well-meaning and sincere, the movie would be impossible to sit through were it not for the supporting cast.
March 29, 2002
The film often achieves a mesmerizing poetry.
March 29, 2002
Admirably ambitious but self-indulgent.
March 29, 2002
[Howard] so good as Leon Barlow ... that he hardly seems to be acting.
March 28, 2002
Brims with passion: for words, for its eccentric, accident-prone characters, and for the crazy things that keep people going in this crazy life.
March 15, 2002
It all comes down to whether you can tolerate Leon Barlow. I can't.
March 13, 2002
Unfortunately, Big Bad Love, for all its undeniably good anti-mainstream intentions, fails to come off even as the cutting-edge manifestation it tries so strenuously to be.
March 8, 2002
Brave and admirable for the trust that it puts in a viewer's intuition and willingness in going along with it right through to its rewarding finish.
March 3, 2002
The only cosmic question that arises from watching this film is, why should we care about any of these people?
February 23, 2002
There are labors of love and there are labors of labor, exhaustively worked-through movies in which you feel as if you are watching a director give birth to every idea that has been gestating in the brain since he was given his first 8-mm camera.
February 23, 2002
[F]rom the performances and the cinematography to the outstanding soundtrack and unconventional narrative, the film is blazingly alive and admirable on many levels.
February 22, 2002
... alternately charming and annoying.
February 22, 2002
there's enough meat on the bones of Big Bad Love ... to keep it from being dismissable.
February 22, 2002
Though Howard demonstrates a great eye as a director, this Southern Gothic drama is sadly a tough sit, with an undeveloped narrative and enough flashbacks and heavy-handed metaphors to choke a horse -- or at least slow him down to a canter.
February 21, 2002
In the end, this is a story about a hard-to-know guy who loves his typewriter most of all. Everything else is just dust-jacket photography.
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