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In this Disney comedy, the young misfits of a run-down Texas town find renewed hope and spirit when Anna, a plucky British teacher, introduces them to soccer. With the help of the town's former football champ, Anna struggles to prepare the kids for their match against the state soccer champions.


Hayley Miller
as Polly Neilson
Areil Welch
as Sue Gates
Bug Hall
as Newt Shaw
Jessie Robertson
as Kate Douglas
Anthony Esquival
as Juan Morales
Jordan Brower
as Nick Anderssen
Hayley Kolb
as Sophia Covertino
Anthony Esquivel
as Juan Morales
Haley Miller
as Polly Neilson
Ashley Welch
as Lou Gates
Ariel Welch
as Sue Gates
Jimmy Higa
as Tak Yamato
Gil Glasgow
as Cookie Musgrove
Libby Villari
as Brenda Neilson
Louanne Stephens
as Bomma Cole
John Bourg
as Jay Huffer Jr.
Tyler Bishop
as Second Knight
Casey Lee
as Third Knight
Milt Oberman
as Referee
Nik Hagler
as Chief Bishop
Stephen Parr
as Stadium Announcer
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Audience Reviews for The Big Green

  • Aug 06, 2014
    Mediocre comedy that doesn't do anything to make things interesting for the viewer, The Big Green fails to really grab your attention, and most of the gags are lacking in their delivery and as a whole the film isn't worth your time. This is one of those family comedies that use genre elements in order to create something fun and memorable. I felt that The Big Green could really have been something good, as the ideas here are interesting, but are underdeveloped, as if the script wasn't fully fleshed out, and overall it fails to be a memorable comedy and worthwhile film experience. There are far better comedies that the entire family can enjoy such as The Sandlot and Casper and of course Toy Story. You're time would be better if you would watch those, instead of trying to get into this one. After a while, the film falls apart, and becomes uninteresting, and as a whole, it doesn't stand out among other films, and it feels like it's trying too hard at duplicating other films like this, but to no avail. This film ends up being boring in the way that it tries to entertain, ands instead of being a fun comedy, it simply tries to outdo everything, and it fails to really make you laugh or enjoy it for that matter. Watch something different, as this film just doesn't have anything to make it amusing or well worth your time. I really was hoping for a film in the style of The Sandlot, where it would be whimsical, charming, fun and of course memorable, but in the end, it's a film that lacks anything to entertain you. Stick with other family oriented comedies, and pass up on this one, you're not missing much.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Oct 24, 2013
    Honestly, this film had more going for it than it led on, but sadly it had to settle for the cliched Mighty Ducks/Sandlot story that we've all seen before. I have to give this more credit than most of these 90s quick buck kids sports films though, it wanted to tackle so many issues. It had divorce, immigration, broken children, a lot of things that back then werent in many films. The downside is it's only glossed over and it just fits the story they want to tell. But viewed with the right lens, this is an okay flick you'll like fine.
    Jackson W Super Reviewer
  • Jun 14, 2010
    Even as a kid I knew this film was cliched and derivative. I happened to see it again the other day, and wow, it's worse than I remember. Sure, I did chuckle a few times, but man, the actng really is bad, and not just from the kids. It's a feel good story,but damn, it just offers nothing new and seems kind pointless.
    Chris W Super Reviewer
  • May 08, 2009
    It was pretty cliche but entertaining.
    Cita W Super Reviewer

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