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½ August 15, 2017
Black Hawk Down is a competent, confident and chaotic war film. It tells the true story of a raid in Mogadishu that lead to the first battle between the Somalian Militia and American Rangers. As the title suggests, a Black Hawk does indeed go down. This is a mighty difficult flick to rate. As a representation of modern warfare, it succeeds substantially and sits in the elite group of visceral war films. But as a complete movie? Questionable. Firstly Ridley Scott is such a consistent director in terms of tackling a genre and producing a film that defines that genre. Black Hawk Down is no different, his eye for technical technique and production is second to none. A war torn Mogadishu, practical explosions and effects, utilisation of real Black Hawks and army equipment. It's authentic, and that is a real important factor for a war film. The narrative subtly explores the cost of war on both sides. The US army losing valuable soldiers and equipment (which financially would set them back quite largely) and the Somalian families who are living in ruins. There will always be one view point that towers over the other, but there is the gritty imagery of war and the aftermath that it leaves behind which proves to be effective. This has a massive ensemble cast, with Josh Hartnett being the lead I guess (he is on the cover, sooooo technically...he is the lead). He doesn't deliver, in fact many of the actors don't. That's not their fault though. Scott purposefully chose to focus on the aspects of war rather than glorified American heroes. Even so, there is such limited characterisation that any loss of life delivers no emotional impact for the audience. It's no spoiler that many succumb to their wounds, and yet we're supposed to feel saddened. I physically cannot feel emotive towards someone who I can't relate to, or even care for. That is what prevents this from being an outstanding war film like many classics before. Jason Isaacs was probably the stand out performance for me. Still a decent war flick, it's powerful imagery just about saves it from being lifeless.
½ July 11, 2017
I have seen this movie 10 times. Excellent action movie ... and based on reality. Did I say great action already?
½ June 13, 2017
"No one gets left behind" is a noble but hard mission to follow. Now I'm no history buff but was this war similar to Vietnam? Where America stuck it's nose in a war that didn't belong to them? I guess this movie shows the controversy and brutality of war. I wasn't fully invested in the characters though. But I did like watching men stick together and fight for each other, like a brotherhood, and when one is hit it affects almost everyone else in that hell. Good action and effects and spectacle.
June 6, 2017
Visceral, heart-pounding portrait of war.
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½ June 2, 2017
Very good intense action film, Very well acted and very well done, Just a little slow at the start and seemed to drop the pace allot, Was hoping for a better ending too, I know it's based on a true story so I can't be too critical about some things.
May 21, 2017
My Favorite Ridley Scott Film Is 2000's Gladiator.
May 19, 2017
This is an intense and unforgettable movie about a terrible battle.
May 12, 2017
Ridley Scott's "Black Hawk Down" is a relentless military movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I think it tells a pretty compelling story and does an overall good job of making you care about the characters. I do feel the structure of the movie does feel a bit repetitive in places but I can't complain much about that since it is inspired by true events. I think if you're a fan of realistic, brutal, fast paced military movies, this is one you should definitely check out. It dives into a conflict that I didn't really know all that much about. It's a well-made and non stop thrill ride that I definitely enjoyed.
½ April 17, 2017
Similar to The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan before it, this movie shows the horror that is war, the heroism inherent in all of us and the randomness with which death takes us with a conclusion that we wage war not for glory, but to protect our friends.
April 7, 2017
Strong movie - great cinematography, wonderful soundtrack, well acted from start to finish.
April 3, 2017
Best Director!? You've got to be kidding. There's 1 1/2+ hours of nothing but bullets, bombs, and blood. how creative is that? There's no story here. War is hell? Well, duh? There is not one character that is ever fleshed out, that you feel like you know. (And it is ALL hims. I can't remember a womanizer the whole movie!). There are some you feel like you'd like to know, but you're never given the chance.
½ March 31, 2017
It feels exactly like it is. A Saving Private Ryan clone, only missing the great characters and solid story that made Saving Private Ryan such a compelling movie.
½ March 4, 2017
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February 28, 2017
Absolutely stunning and visceral portrayal of war. Cinematography, editing and sound design combine to really sit you in the midst of battle. Ensemble cast is top notch and Hans Zimmer is as always brilliant. One of Ridley Scotts best.
½ February 19, 2017
Riddle scott made a good job at directing this real war event that ended in a Pyrrhic victory for the Americans, they lost the battle with 19 KIA but still won the war after having to leave the country. The general who ordered this attack was understimating the field of batlle with serious lack of intel. The acting is farly good, specially by Bana, McGregor and Hartnett. Not a must see but very good entertainment.
February 7, 2017
This is a solid war film. There's not much one can say about it other than if you like modern war movies you'll probably enjoy this one.
January 22, 2017
An excellent, excellent war movie, up with there with The Hurt Locker. it's as gritty and violent as they come. Just don't watch it for the characters, there's not a whole lot of depth to them. Also the movie makes very little effort to humanize the Somalian adversaries.
December 20, 2016
I couldn't keep up with the characters. I hear it is really good, though. I'll give it another chance soon enough.
½ December 19, 2016
Beautiful war movie, with a cast put to the test, came out gloriously for a film directed by a master in the genre live action: Ridley Scott
½ December 4, 2016
The fair telling of an important conflict.
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