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      Blade Runner Reviews

      This movie loses track of the few expectations it sets up, and the formlessness adds to a viewer's demoralization -- the film itself seems part of the atmosphere of decay.

      Full Review | Sep 19, 2023

      Rutger Hauer's "tears in the rain" monologue is just about the greatest science-fiction monologue to ever exist.

      Full Review | Jul 18, 2023

      Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), the ‘blade runner’ assigned to hunt them down, is a noirish antihero – really little more than a slave catcher and cold-blooded assassin – with his own humanity being repeatedly called into question.

      Full Review | Jun 25, 2023

      It’s an overwhelming, immersive experience, a total creation of a possible future so complete that you don’t need exposition to know how we got from here (whether release date 1982 or whenever you manage to see it) to there (Scott’s 2019).

      Full Review | Apr 8, 2023

      A masterpiece.

      Full Review | Jul 29, 2022

      Philip K. Dicks frequent exploration of perceived realities that begin to breakdown upon inspection, and thus define the fragile, shattered nature of existence and humanity, is brought to awe-inspiring life through Blade Runner.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/4 | Mar 21, 2022

      A disjointed, implausible sci-film so trapped in photographic maneuvers that it's lifeless.

      Full Review | Original Score: 2/4 | Nov 11, 2021

      One of the more imaginative and less realized movies of this or any year. Scott directs as if he were a doctor about to deliver some giant conception, and never once notices that this mountain of a movie is giving birth to little more than a mouse.

      Full Review | Nov 10, 2021

      Ridley Scott ought to be a set decorator, rather than a director. In Blade Runner, he loses sight of the story while devoting all his attention to decor and lighting. The decor and lighting, it must be admitted, are stupendous.

      Full Review | Original Score: 3/5 | Nov 9, 2021

      Some of us saw it and loved it early. Some of us saw it later in life or in broken forms before coming to love or respect it.

      Full Review | Oct 2, 2021

      If a machine thinks independently, feels, and even loves, is it alive? How do we decide who/what deserves a chance at life and freedom? Blade Runner doesn't answer those questions...but it does make you think.

      Full Review | Apr 1, 2021

      Without a doubt a seminal film for the science fiction genre. Ahead of its time, Ridley Scott gave us a visually stunning, mind-bending and soul-searching masterpiece. [Full review in Spanish]

      Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5 | Dec 3, 2020

      Everything, from the punkish clothing to the compact gadgetry, comments wittily on the present while also establishing a coherent future.

      Full Review | Original Score: 3/5 | Sep 4, 2020

      The set designs and overall look of the film are nothing short of inspired.

      Full Review | Original Score: 10/10 | Aug 31, 2020

      This is one of the great visions ever put on screen, a massive and formative illustration of world building.

      Full Review | Jul 16, 2020

      The score by Vangelis amplifies the emotion of every scene seamlessly, and enough can't be said about the production design by Lawrence G. Paull and visual effects by Douglas Trumbull.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/4 | Apr 6, 2020

      Visual flair, philosophical substance, and kick-ass action can come together to make an entertaining and artistically compelling movie. Blade Runner proved that.

      Full Review | Feb 28, 2020

      Still profound 18 years after its sell-by date, Blade Runner remains worthy of acclaim and analysis even as it exists in a "future" with very little resemblance to the one that came to pass.

      Full Review | Nov 18, 2019

      Blade Runner at times seems more like a television advertisement than a serious movie. [Full Review in Spanish]

      Full Review | Aug 27, 2019

      The whole film is very well crafted and a wonderful sci-fi dystopian movie.

      Full Review | Original Score: A- | Apr 17, 2019

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