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½ March 17, 2017
A fine comedy with a few laughs and a couple funny performances.
March 16, 2017
Will Ferrell is good and everything is eh....
February 17, 2017
A funny movie. Pure silliness.
February 12, 2017
Unexpectedly awesome! Will Ferrell and Jon Heder have a surprisingly effective chemistry together. (First viewing - In my early twenties)
January 21, 2017
½ January 14, 2017
Lots of laughs! Feel good movie.
½ December 13, 2016
very funny in a stupid way. interesting unexpected story (3 viewings)
½ September 11, 2016
This wasn't very funny. Disappointing
September 8, 2016
As a figure skater of ten years this movie should be the most offensive thing I've ever seen but in reality I have never laughed harder at a movie than I do every time I watch this one. This is by far Will Ferrell's best movie. Not to mention his opposite in the film Jon Heder who I've never seen before in a movie but feel in love with him in this movie because of how funny he is.
August 17, 2016
One of his best movies, hilarious
½ July 31, 2016
Blades of Glory is hilarious and a fantastic comedy movie. This is another Will Ferrell funny classic movie. I will say the trailer to this movie looked stupid, but I decided to see the movie anyway and man was I wrong. This movie is great. Impossible not to laugh. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are hilarious together. The plot of the movie is even greater. I would very much suggest this movie.
July 15, 2016
Hahaha from beginning to end!!!!
½ June 27, 2016
I don't know why I was so disappointed.  This is one of those flicks where all the funny scenes are in the trailer.  So if you watched that you're set.  Though littered with homosexual innuendo it really wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.  If you're hard up for entertainment maybe I'd recommend this otherwise nah.
May 14, 2016
Best Will Ferrell film ever!!!!
½ May 2, 2016
got told off for laughing too loudly in the can you laugh too loudly?
½ April 23, 2016
Will Ferrell is funny as ever playin the BadBoy of Figure Skatin, and Jon Hender is just as good
½ March 30, 2016
Chazz Michael Michaels
½ March 10, 2016
Fairly hilarious, but a clever twist for a comedy about getting revenge. Even though I say fairly hilarious, there was definitely at least one moment where I laughed out loud. Ferrel, one of my favorite comedians of all time, makes his usual debut as a worthless-looking, but not so worthless skater and Heder playing a simple feministic skater who's just trying to make things right. A neat and ironic story about two performing ice skaters both winning gold metals, hate each other, then win gold medals again. I guess it proves that happy accidents can almost aways be worth something more. Not featuring the greatest amount of jokes, but overall comedic concept was well brought up. Even though I gave Get Hard the same rating, this one if anything was better. Obviously some great sport performances by the two actors.
February 4, 2016
I love this movie, it's trully funny

I hate those critics that think all movies need academic humor... that's stupid, this movie is perfect
January 15, 2016
Adulterated choreography.
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