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June 4, 2018
hilariously funny, and makes your day.
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April 20, 2018
Incredibly funny, Blades of Glory is a hilarious sports/buddy comedy. After receiving lifetime bans from men's competitive ice skating, rivals Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy team up as a couples team intent on winning Olympic gold. Starring Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Amy Poehler, and Will Arnett, the film is well-cast with a lot of good comedic talent. However, the comedy is kind of broad and rather hit-and-miss. And none of the skating routines are all that impressive; though there are some fun moments here and there. It's a little scattershot, but Blades of Glory is entertaining and delivers some good laughs.
March 17, 2018
Still my favourite Will Ferrell film to this day. Hilarious from beginning to end, with stellar performances from everyone.
½ March 17, 2018
It's not perfect, and sometimes the jokes miss. But it is very funny.
January 13, 2018
BLADES OF perfect comedy and sport entertainment. Will Ferrell at his best indeed, spreading blades of glory wherever he goes. :)
½ November 19, 2017
Top 3 Will F movie. The skating scenes are the best.
October 21, 2017
There's something about Will Ferrell's silliness that gets me. Jon Heder is ok, but Will Farrell is the reason to watch this, and moments with Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, and Pam from The Office keep the laughs coming at a good clip if you're into their schtick.
September 2, 2017
Fairly bog standard dumb comedy. Suffers in that it's clearly a vehicle for Ferrell, yet he's both the least funny and the only one who blatantly physically miscast.
½ August 15, 2017
So here we are. Another Will Ferrell spoof comedy. Now, don't get me wrong I often find these films funny, so upon reviewing them I don't want to be too harsh. Blades of Glory is one of the best Ferrell comedies, which in itself is commendable and, quite often it is quite funny. It is a blessing that this film doesn't take itself too seriously, which allows the film to work; it spoofs sports dramas successfully without trying to give itself too many stakes. Will Ferrell steals scenes, without a doubt owning the film, though with a performance that is decidedly cringe-worthy, yet never pretends to be anything else. Jon Heder is more disappointing, however, never seeming to fully commit himself to the goofiness of the material.
It's all very well that the film is fun and that gives it some points, as that is the whole reason the film exists. But, this is a review and that means I've also got to look at this thing critically. Plot-wise, Blades of Glory is thin and formulaic lacking creativity in both plot and execution. The film's script is perfectly crafted for the genre, but many of the jokes do not hit home and end up giving you more embarrassment than mirth. Cast-wise, as already said, Ferrell owns this film (even Amy Poehler doesn't come close) and the rest of the cast don't approach with as much abandonment, which the film ultimately suffers for. Critically, this film is messy and uninspired. But, I do want to give it credit too; it did make me laugh and, though it's not going to win awards or even be the first choice on movie night, it succeeds in being a whole lot of fun.
July 9, 2017
It's no Talladega Nights or Napoleon Dynamite but despite the fact that there's a very disgusting scene in a public bathroom it's a pretty funny movie.
May 29, 2017
By no means the greatest comedy ever but I consider this as a guilty pleasure. Ferrell is wonderfully over the top as the sex addicted skater and drives this film forward...always makes me smile but I can see how this might not appeal to everyone.
½ March 17, 2017
A fine comedy with a few laughs and a couple funny performances.
March 16, 2017
Will Ferrell is good and everything is eh....
February 17, 2017
A funny movie. Pure silliness.
February 12, 2017
Unexpectedly awesome! Will Ferrell and Jon Heder have a surprisingly effective chemistry together. (First viewing - In my early twenties)
January 21, 2017
½ January 14, 2017
Lots of laughs! Feel good movie.
½ December 13, 2016
very funny in a stupid way. interesting unexpected story (3 viewings)
½ September 11, 2016
This wasn't very funny. Disappointing
September 8, 2016
As a figure skater of ten years this movie should be the most offensive thing I've ever seen but in reality I have never laughed harder at a movie than I do every time I watch this one. This is by far Will Ferrell's best movie. Not to mention his opposite in the film Jon Heder who I've never seen before in a movie but feel in love with him in this movie because of how funny he is.
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