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September 2, 2017
How did the class of Dafoe, Archer, Moore and Mantegna end up in this pile of pig spunk. In saying that, it falls into that bad it is watchable category. Madonna is dreadful in an erotic thriller that tried desperately to be Basic Instinct. Madonna gets the charlies out and pours candle wax all over Dafoe's jaffas.
½ September 1, 2017
A true potboiler in the most negative sense of the word, Body of Evidence is labeled an erotic thriller. If credit is to be given to anything for this one it would be that yes you do see a copious amount of sex. With that being said you have less suspense here than you would find in a Disney film. Madonna is wooden and rigid as a woman put on trial for murder and Willem Dafoe is woefully miscast as her attorney turned illicit lover. They explore the boundaries of safe and dangerous sex while Julianne Moore, Anne Archer, and Frank Langella get completely wasted in some of the most thankless roles ever created.
July 21, 2017
love it, great movie
June 26, 2016
Any number of bad movies can be quite as terrible as Madonna's acting career. I saw Body of Evidence on demand and yep, this movie is hilariously awful. Poor William Dafoe decided to cast alongside Marge and the fact that the great Julianne Moore is in the movie. However, there's a lot of sex in this movie. Too bad the MPAA should've been given a first NC-17 wide release, but that didn't happen (that belong to the so-bad-its-good cult classic Showgirls). I just wished horny men might've read Playboy instead of watching an inexcusable Basic Instinct rip-off. I commited to this day as Body of Evidence stands as the worst, if not, the most Hated movies of the 1990's.
½ March 17, 2016
I laughed so hard during this movie. I can't see a single reason to increase the rating of this awful movie.. for Madonna's breasts maybe?
January 16, 2016
that one star is for j-moore
½ July 9, 2015
The acting is unbeliveable, the cinemathography and directing is random. But if you are in the seeking of a good courtdrama, watch "Better Call Saul", or if you are to experience some good porn, go watch X-Art. You?l find none of these here.
April 8, 2015
The worst of the two bad Madonna movies to come out in '93
January 28, 2015
Another "Wanna See" movie!!! I want to see "ALL" of Madge's movies!!! This one is "Erotic"...I like that ;)
January 20, 2015
Lo mejor de este intento de thriller erĂ²tico es una destapada Julianne Moore y la cachetada que le da a Madonna, zapatero a sus zapatos.
½ March 16, 2014
One of the very worst movies I have known.
January 21, 2014
There's a special place in cinematic history for pictures like "Body of Evidence", films that are astoundingly bad but also immensely and comically entertaining. This is a shining example, a ridiculous and overheated rip-off of "Basic Instinct" with dialogue and performances that are so much more offensive than the risque subject matter.

The film gained a lot of attention for the sex scenes, which admittedly pushed the boundaries, but frankly because of the overblown and feverish manner in which they were filmed they come as more as ludicrous than sexy. Madonna, however, should be grateful as this is the worst movie she's been in in which she does not give the worst performance. No, that honor belongs to the ridiculous Willem DaFoe. Just watch his hilarious internal struggle he goes through before almost every sex scene. It says, "I know I'm happily married but I just can't resist her."

If nothing else, the female lead will have this as a record of the time in her life when she looked amazing au naturel. That's something, I guess. The plot twists are absurd, and most of the courtroom scenes involve the judge constantly admonishing DaFoe. By the time you get to what I assume is the "big reveal" at the end, no tricks the movie tries to pull on its audience have any shock value left. You've been left so numb you don't even feel like laughing anymore.

"Body of Evidence" definitely wears out its welcome long before then.
December 15, 2013
Horrible trashy court room drama. I was surprised that Madonna would agree to it. The judge was perhaps the most painful aspect, she was horribly directed. The whole case should have been thrown out for contempt.
November 11, 2013
This movie has a serious case of missing identity. When watching Body of Evidence, I noticed that the film is constantly switching from a crime drama to an underground porn movie. It also doesn't help when you're lead actress isn't even trying to act and also the script is filled with a clumsy storyline and hokey dialogue. Let's explore this mess of cinema known as "Body of Evidence".

Rebecca Carlson (Madonna) is accused of murdering of older lover by literally fornicating him to death. Soon, her attorney (Willem Dafoe) begins to also fall for her sexual charm as a long and boring trial goes on in the background. I will say this much for the film ,it does have an interesting premise and there could be a great film here. But the screenwriter Brad Mirman doesn't know what to do with the premise. In fact, it pretty much is secondary while the sexual relationship between our two lead stars is the priority. And I am not exaggerating here, the sex scenes in this movie last close to 10 minutes at a time in this film. We get that Rebecca is a sexual beast, you don't need to hammer it in. When we're not trapped in a bedroom with Madonna and Defoe, we are stuck in a Courtroom filled with boring dialogue and nothing interesting comes up. Yeah, we get more details about Rebecca's sex life with her lovers but that's not enough to hold up a whole story let alone a film. Just like the sex scenes, the courtroom sequences seem to last FOREVER! It's like watching a really long episode of Law and Order SVU except there's no tension, no interesting characters and nothing interesting to say. The film is just a boring, bland and tasteless waste of time.

Madonna's acting is as you expect, zero skill with no effort or validity. There Is one scene where it looks like she is trying, but it's just even more proof she should stick to music. Also, her character is really flat and one dimensional. Rebecca Carlson is an attractive woman with a huge sexual appetite... so what? As a writer and storyteller, you have to give us a reason to care about this woman besides the fact that she's beautiful. It's not just her, Dafoe's character is not that great either. He is an attorney who is conflicted about his job and his "feelings" (I use the word loosely) for his client who could be a murderer. But not once does the film delve deep into this conflict or what the character is feeling. In fact, we hardly get to see his relationship with his wife or anything else. The film feels so closed off and only focuses on the sexual nature of this story.

All in all, the film has a premise that could be intriguing but the execution is not done very well. The acting is sub par, the writing is beyond ridiculous, the characters are boring and the direction is also really off. Only question is... why didn't this film get more Razzies?
October 28, 2013
It is exactly what you expect it to be. If you're in the mood for a movie like it then here you go.
October 28, 2013
Well... Madonna as a sexy femme fatale? Who would not like this?
October 23, 2013
Gripping sexual excitement pierced intermittently by boring courtroom drama.
October 6, 2013
One of those mystery movies you watch for the sex scence. Like basic instinct.
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