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Hong Kong-based filmmaker Johnny To directed this fast-moving action drama that explores the role of the media in current events. The Hong Kong police force takes a beating in the court of public opinion after their unsuccessful attempt to foil a high-stakes robbery is broadcast on live television. Determined to turn the tables, detectives on the force discover where the five criminals who masterminded the job are lying low, and they stage a major siege at the hideout. The hundreds of police officers have also armed themselves with cameras along with their guns as they turn the ambush into a media event. The thieves prove to be a difficult quarry to capture and they use their own video equipment to send pictures to the press at the same time, turning the shootout into a battle of images as well. Breaking News stars Kelly Chen, Richie Jen, and Nick Cheung.

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Kelly Chen
as Inspector Rebecca Fong
Nick Cheung Ka-Fai
as Inspector Cheung
Siu-Fai Cheung
as Eric Yeung
Simon Yam
as Asst. Commissioner C.K. Wong
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  • Jun 19, 2011
    "Breaking News" starts with a stakeout of Yuen's(Richie Ren) gang going badly awry as it devolves into a running shootout. To make matters worse, a policeman is killed, the criminals get away and the whole fiasco ends up on the nightly news. Deputy Commissioner Rebecca Fong(Kelly Chen) comes up with the idea of the police videotaping the arrest of the criminals in order to reassure the public that they can do their job properly. Inspector Cheung(Nick Cheung) is one step ahead of them and still on the case, by the way, has cornered the criminals in an apartment building. There is a lot in "Breaking News" that might seem familiar to viewers with its media coverage of an ongoing police situation. What's different here is the lack of chaos, with both sides vying to be in control of the message and attaining levels of success. So add to that Johnnie To's kinetic style of filmmaking(especially in the opening tracking shot that gets more suspenseful as it goes on) and you have a smart thriller that also entertains. However, the movie is not without its share of faults with inappropriate comic relief and major characters that come and go as they please.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 07, 2010
    <i>"We must put on a good show."</i><p> Hong Kong based director Johnny To is famous for his violent and gutsy action films. <i>Breaking News</i> is no exception. It is <b>bloody, explosive, fun, and exciting.</b> However, the most interesting element of the film is its concept with the way media works. <u>SUMMARY:</u><p> When an ambulatory TV news unit live broadcasts the embarrassing defeat of a police battalion by five bank robbers, led by Yuen (Richie Ren), in a ballistic showdown, the credibility of the police force drops to a nadir. While on a separate investigation in a run-down building, detective Cheung (Nick Cheung) discovers the hideout of the robbers. Cheung and his men have also entered the building, getting ready to take their foes out any minute. Meanwhile, in order to beat the media at its own game, Inspector Rebecca (Kelly Chen) decides to turn the stakeout into a breaking news show. <u>REVIEW:</u><p> For a Hong Kong action film, the plot is extremely <b>typical</b>. This is a typical cops vs. robbers film, and we get a lot of these from Hong Kong. What makes the script in this film well written is its idea of using media as a major theme of the movie. Both the cops and the robbers use the media to influence the public, and get closer to their objective. It works well throughout the film, as the cops try not to look bad, while the robbers make the cops look bad using the media. The characters are a let down though. There aren't any interesting characters here, except for Yuen. All the cops are so one-dimensional, and it's really hard to take a liking to them. In fact, you soon start to hope that the robbers kill the cops, but we know that won't happen. Yuen is such an interesting character though. He has a soft side to him, and that's something I like to see in a villain. The ending is disapointing, and it can even be called confusing. So, overall, the only smart thing about the script was its use of media as a theme. Richie Ren brings the best performance of the film. He was terrific as Yuen. He had a cool-collected attitude that made his performance work. Kelly Chen is so gorgeous that she can make her unlikeable character likeable, but her acting in this brings up a small problem. Nick Cheung has proven himslef as a great actor, in other films, but he was horrible in this, or maybe it was his character. Lam Suet makes a special appearance here as a hostage of the robbers. He was hilarious. Another funny addition to the cast was Siu-Hung Hui as Cheung's partner. The action is so well done it's not funny. The intro is one shot that lasts about 2 minutes. It's all filmed in one shot - no editing at all. The tension is set up so well in this intor, and at first we only have talking, the fireworks boom afterwoods. Yep, this is so action packed. There are well shot gun fights. Terrific editing. The cinematography is top notch, as it allows such visual excitement in the action sequences. However, the soundtrack is terrible. It's not catchy, not suitable - it sounds like crap. But the pacing is good. The film manages to move along at a nice and steady pace, so you're never bored throughout this film. Overall, <i>Breaking News</i> has fine action and a good themes, yet its script doesn't impress as much. However, it's fun and if you ever want to see an excting, edge of your seat thriller, this would be the film for you. <div style="width:3072px;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com/photos/breaking-news-6024661"><img src="http://content7.flixster.com/photo/60/24/66/6024661_gal.jpg" border="0"/></a><div style="text-align:center;font-size:10px;">
    James H Super Reviewer
  • Feb 11, 2010
    entertaining action ama from hong kng, as bad guys take hostage in tower apartments,with police closing in, soe exellent gunplay on show,and story is interesting,especially partabout using the media to ones advantage, someeiting cameawork during shoot outs made this more interestingtan,usual work
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Oct 21, 2009
    This flick is Bad Ass!!!
    Brody M Super Reviewer

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