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Three sworn brothers, and deadly Jinyiwei Secret Police of the Imperial Guard. The new Emperor s first mission - find and annihilate the corrupt fugitive Eunuch Wei and his followers. But one mistake reveals the truth - the three men are pawns in a deadly game, unleashing a CHAIN of secrets, conspiracies, and lethal consequences.

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Critic Reviews for Brotherhood Of Blades (Xiu Chun Dao)

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  • Brotherhood Of Blades is a gripping, entertaining martial arts drama in which the cut-and-thrust of the narrative is as important as the swordplay action.

    Nov 6, 2014 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…
  • Drama aside, the wuxia action sequences - choreographed by Lin Sang (Red Cliff, 2009) - are truly satisfying to watch, crucially without the aid of lavish visual effects or fanciful weaponry.

    Aug 24, 2018 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…
  • Brotherhood of Blades shows promise early on. A good conspiracy can always ignite a stagnant story and the action in the film is swift and impressive. But the feeble special effects take you out of the action and the conclusion is a bloated misfire

    Feb 13, 2015 | Rating: 5/10 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Brotherhood Of Blades (Xiu Chun Dao)

  • May 08, 2015
    I don't wanna say that this is one of the worst martial arts movies I've seen, because it's not. But, as far as I can tell or remember, this is the one I've enjoyed the least. Actually, now that I remember, Iceman was actually quite worse than this. But I think, at the very least, Iceman had so many more fantastical elements going on that it was probably easier for that film to fuck up than it'd have been for this one. As far as a traditional martial arts drama goes, however, I didn't get into this film at all. Not sure why I didn't like it. It's a combination of things really. The story is convoluted. I wouldn't call it nonsensical but there's simply too much going on at the same time in order for you to care about any of it at all. None of it resonates. You don't ever care about anything that's going on here because the film does such a poor job at presenting it all. Just know that there's a conspiracy involved here. It's not as nonsensical a movie like, for example, Isis. But in that case that film made no sense because it was an edited down, 2-hour version of the television series of the same name. This, clearly, isn't that, but trust me when I say that you will not find yourself invested in this film's story. But who gives a shit when the action is so great. Right. Right??? You would also be wrong on that front because the action in this movie is not good either. It's not what I would call poorly choreographed, it's just a little tame in comparison to everything else I've seen in other superior martial arts films. The editing of these scenes is also really fucking messy, to the point where I'm having trouble remembering any scenes from it and I just finished watching it less than 12 hours ago. I know I always bring it up, but I remember more from The Raid 2, which I watched 10 months ago, than I did a film I watched less than 12 hours ago. That's how you know a film's action sequences either blend together or are completely forgettable. I suppose blending together and being forgettable are one in the same. The action is really a big letdown, in that I wouldn't call any of those scenes good. They're not as bad as, say, fight scenes in 1950s sci-films, that were unintentionally hilarious. It's obviously not as bad as that. But there's Jackie Chan films from 30 years ago that have better action sequences than this film. Not that you'd want people to risk their lives the way Jackie did, but there was nothing about these martial arts sequences that felt inspired or interesting. There was only one thing that would've saved this film's convoluted story and that was the action. And we got nothing worth our time on that front. I suppose the sense of brotherhood these three soldiers feel is decent enough. It's not like you're emotionally attached to them to where you care about their plight when the shit hits the fan and everyone goes after them to kill them, but it is something that's fairly decent. This isn't a good martial arts movie and I would not really recommend it when there's so many better martial arts movies out there, a lot of them on Netflix. So you can clearly do better than this. It's fairly watchable, but I encourage anyone to watch it.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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