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½ January 21, 2017
A dark, twisting story with an original time travel gimmick that makes for a quite a gripping movie. The directors cut is the best version despite its more poignant, but in someways sillier ending. Very rewatchable.
½ January 4, 2017
this is legit the most fucked up movie i ever saw
December 29, 2016
I like it! Great editing and presentation. Great performance by Ashton Kutcher as well. However if you ask me, the character should not blame himself for the decisions other people make but it's a great movie.
December 23, 2016
Critics always bash that one film that doesn't deserve to be bashed... unfortunately this is one of those films. Forget what they think, this is an excellent film!!!!!
½ December 3, 2016
Eventhough the film has its flaws and doesn't always make sense, it is fun to watch and entertaining.
September 29, 2016
The Butterfly Effect is a chilling and mind blowing thriller with a great performance from Ashton Kutcher!
September 9, 2016
This is the film I decided to write my English research paper about. Right now I am researching "informal" reviews of the movie. I will also be using this site for my working bibliography. I enjoy the alternate worlds Evan creates and how he tries to influence his past, but must make the ultimate sacrifice of pushing Love away. Does this reflect our culture of "required paring"? Is it taboo to be single?
August 31, 2016
This movie is seriously underrated. It is one of my favourites, and in my personal opinion, I thought that the plot was very intriguing.
August 16, 2016
Kutcher's character was just too despicable to care about. Being too ignorant, and too greedy, until he decides to commit suicide, compared to the alternate ending. What a jerk! The concept of the film seemed like a great idea, with allot of potential, but what it suffered from was Kutcher's performance.
August 10, 2016
I can happily sag that this is one of my favourite films. Maybe that is because I am extremely fasinated in the butterfly effect and its physcological background or whether its just a bloody good film, i dont know. Highly recommend watching if you like physcology
August 8, 2016
"The Butterfly Effect" is too thin to be considered smart, but smart enough to give you something more than just the ordinary "what if"-scenario. And the thing is...It has something to tell you, it just doesn't remember what.
August 6, 2016
This movie is seriously underrated.....
August 2, 2016
This is the best movie I've seen. The time travel aspect is amazing.
½ August 1, 2016
it messses with your midn sooooo good!!! one onf my favorites!!..
½ June 23, 2016
A frustrating, terribly executed mess
½ June 8, 2016
I will admit this movie is nostalgic but the plot is still quite fascinating. Passable performances and a connection to Ashton Kutcher's character lead to a very fun time.
June 4, 2016
Saw this on 10/12/2013
I never really expected that Ashton Kutcher could act. I almost hate all the romantic comedies that I have seen him in. The only film that I felt bearable was What Happens in Vegas(2008). In Butterfly Effect Ashton Kutcher gives a quite convincing performance. The first half of this film is really gripping, but once it moves to the 2nd half things get messier and the ending is just so-so. Anyway this film is an enjoyable one, but it's disturbing most of the times.
½ June 3, 2016
160603: Can't imagine myself investing time in this movie again. Had me jumping a bit at the start but it's not of the horror genre. Wikipedia calls it a "psychological thriller". I call it terribly hard on anyone who is under 16. There are some uncomfortable subjects addressed in this film. Subjects not suitable for the young, even if they're supposedly doing something else...because, as any parent knows, they never are. Now I'm mad, or disappointed, at myself. And worse, watched the Director's cut with my pregnant step-daughter. Bad choices all around. After reading about the alternate endings, of which there are four, I quickly watched the theatrical version, and thought about tossing the DVD into the garage sale box. Much like the movie, the DVD's future is undetermined.
May 28, 2016
Interesting idea but characters don't ring true.
½ May 27, 2016
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