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December 7, 2017
And endearing tale of a flashy race car learning character from a small town. Although the plot can be a bit vapid at times, it still makes for a decent movie to watch with the family.
November 29, 2017
The most underrated pixar franchise ever. This is a fantastic film that the vast majority of people will enjoy.
½ November 22, 2017
Boring! Yeah, there are people out there who are obsessed with cars, and they like to make them look good, but making them the focus of a movie? This is really weird! Paul Newman deserved a better send off than this!
½ November 20, 2017
One of Pixar's best animated films!
October 30, 2017
With a great deal of heart, the very realistic message humanizes its non-human characters.
October 26, 2017
Love this movie, just love it ??

A nice little movie with an good but not overly complex plot that can amuse people of all ages. I loved Lightning McQueen. He might start out as an antisocial little brat, whose only interested is stardom. Still, you cannot help but adore him and see that he very much wants friends and to interact with others on a more personal basis. He's just a bit socially awkward and mistrustful. The characters of Radiator Springs, particularly Sally, Mater and Doc Hudson, really help him learn to slow down and look at life, think of others and be kind.

The end, even though Lightning doesn't win, shows just how much he's grown and opened up to others. So I would thourghly recommend this movie to everyone. It just never gets old for me.
½ October 20, 2017
When I first saw it, I was already expecting a seventh Pixar hit that was going to impress me a lot, I did not expect an animation about cars with mouths would be the best
October 11, 2017
Though it's a very fun film, Cars suffers from not being on the level of the best Pixar has to offer. It's perfect for kids, with dynamic visuals and fun characters.
September 17, 2017
If my memory is correct, this was the first animated movie I ever watched and one of the funniest ive watched
September 16, 2017
Quando dico che "Cars" è il mio Pixar preferito, la gente strabuzza gli occhi, sui loro volti compare regolarmente una maschera di orrore ed incredulità

So benissimo che non stiamo parlando del 'miglior lavoro della Pixar', ma resta sicuramente quello che più amo, quello che ho visto e rivisto fino allo sfinimento, quello che non mi stanca mai, quello magicamente più bello ad ogni rewatch, quello con il messaggio che mi sta più a cuore: fermati, ogni tanto, guardati intorno, quello che conta è il viaggio, non l'arrivo.

Insomma, "Cars" fa una delle cose che più mi piacciono al mondo: ti sbatte in faccia roba importantissima attraverso meccanismi semplici, un qualcosa che Disney e Pixar fanno più o meno da sempre, ma che in "Cars" è addirittura imbarazzante, da tanto viene nascosto sotto risate, motori, marmitte e scaffalate di merchandise.
September 2, 2017
Come on I was hoping it would be better I did not like the plot to this movie
August 31, 2017
cool And it has great argument
August 25, 2017
Cars is an amazing movie with a great thing to teach
August 5, 2017
It marked hugely my childhood. Altough some may say it's not as good as some Pixar early entries, I don't buy it! Cars is so original and satisfying to watch.
With gorgeous and bright animation, a fantastic and so likeble group of characters like the funny Mater or Luigi, or Sally and Doc, and a main character (Lightning McQueen), that starts as an arrogant rookie but slowly it evolves to a humble and pleasent lead to this story. Balacing its fast-paced moments and the slower ones, Cars has very strong messages about the progressive disappearance of the old Route 66 towns and the importance of the others in your life. A win for Pixar!

|It's a 9,4 out of 10|
July 29, 2017
Funny, energetic and inspiring, "Cars" might not be Pixar's best movie, I recognise it, but it's damn one of the my favourite animated movies ever. I grew up with this movie, this might sound a little bit cliche, I know, but I don't care, I love this movie, even knowing it has some problems. If americans reviewers don't like it, they lose.
½ July 29, 2017
Although compared to most Pixar movies this one is more basic when it comes to the writing and the theme but it does have good casting but that can not make up for its basic writing
July 26, 2017
Great coming of age film.
July 26, 2017
This movie is my personal favorite. I can rewatch it over and over! I love the storyline, and the characters are all just great!
July 23, 2017
Maybe not the best movie from Pixar Animation Studios, but Cars is still an enjoyable film. I won't deny that it does contain a weak script and some one-dimensional characters, but what really makes up for it is that it has a lot of heart, passion, and effort that went into it, so at least that's a good thing. Also, Pixar did a good job on the animation as usual, and I love the message about how you should enjoy life instead of bypassing it. It's a message that needs to be in more movies because it's a message that not many people take away from movies.
July 21, 2017
The critics want us to hate this film I say defy them Long Live John Lasseter!
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