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November 17, 2020
You've never seen Bond like this before. Stand back, but stay watching.
November 15, 2020
With its fresh approach to the lead character, its boost of severity, and its return to the source material, it proves to be the jumpstart the franchise has been begging for.
July 16, 2020
In all the Bond movies, this is the most emotional and personal Bond adventure I've seen.
November 20, 2019
I've been a fan of Craig since the little known Layer Cake and I am happy to say he does an outstanding job as Bond
September 10, 2019
'Casino Royale' is not only the "best of all time" Bond movie, but also one of the strongest vehicles in the action genre we've seen since the beginning of the century. [Full Review in Spanish]
January 17, 2019
The film has breathless stunts and encounters aplenty.
December 16, 2018
In Daniel Craig, the producers found a suitably tarnished and brutal icon for this new iteration of Bond
November 2, 2018
James Bond is back, and as it turns out, he's been gone a lot longer than anyone even realized.
December 14, 2017
Bond is back. Bond is beefy. And the new Bond is blond. Daniel Craig has comfort ably slipped into the tuxedo, size 007, and left audiences shaken and stirred.
November 10, 2017
When Bond kills an adversary in a hotel stairwell, the violence is nasty and brutal - and you feel bystander Vesper's shock and revulsion too. She doesn't merely wince and get over it, as so many of her predecessors did; she's clearly traumatised.
November 2, 2015
Casino Royale is exactly what the franchise needs to keep in the game against the Bournes and Missions: Impossible of the world.
November 2, 2015
This is a much more serious Bond than we've seen in many years. Daniel Craig inhabits the dark side of the secret agent really well, he is absolutely the best Bond since Connery.
November 2, 2015
Craig's humanised, more flawed interpretation of the role balances Campbell's physical direction and co-writer Paul Haggis's sparing wit, while Eva Green provides an alluring love interest.
November 2, 2015
I think this is a very intelligent film for a Bond film, and certainly one of the most enjoyable.
November 2, 2015
This is a Bond movie, and everything comes back to him and the actor who plays him. The filmmakers took a big gamble on Daniel Craig and on a script that updates everything. This time, the gamble paid off.
November 2, 2015
The screenwriters have brought Bond back toward the book.
November 2, 2015
Why see yet another James Bond movie? Because Casino Royale, Martin Campbell's rewiring of the series, is a real movie, and not just a James Bond movie.
November 2, 2015
The ace up the film's sleeve is Craig's foil, Eva Green, playing Vesper Lynd, the British accountant assigned to bankroll Bond's escapades. Calling her a Bond Girl would be an oversimplification.
November 2, 2015
Unlike recent Bonds, whose kills had no more weight than the one-liners that generally accompanied them, Craig's tend to be intimate, bloody, and devoid of glamour.
November 2, 2015
Casino Royale mostly succeeds as an introduction to a badder Bond than ever. When Craig's Bond finally dons a tuxedo and checks himself in a mirror, it's like watching Darth Vader first put on the helmet, a neo-iconic sight.
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