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½ July 21, 2017
Utterly lacking in personality, but tries far too hard to add some, the deviations from the source material is the least of it's sins; it's boring, cringe-worthy and unwatchable with absolutely no redeeming features. It's the worst film I've seen in any genre to date and not even bad in ways that are interesting enough to be entertaining. Even if you're curious, don't let it waste your time.
July 10, 2017
Decent to me I love her outfit but not the best story line but it's entertaining.
July 4, 2017
This movie could have been a decent guilty pleasure but the plot was boring and the villain's motivation is dumb.
½ June 25, 2017
I couldn't even finish 30 minutes of it. I wanted to stop watching after the first five minutes but it literally felt like an accident that I couldn't take my eyes off. Once I realized that was just burning minutes of my life away I turned it off. Absolute garbage!
½ June 23, 2017
Hollywood needs to stop these "empowering woman film." They always end up being sh*t. I'm struggling to give this one star.
½ June 17, 2017
My God!!! This is horrible, there are way too many cuts in every action scene, the characters are weird, obnoxious and annoying, some of the abilities of Catwoman are just pushing it to the point that it's just cringy, and embarrassing, and the music are just even more cringy. This could arguably be categorized as the worst superhero movie ever. For a budget of $100 million, this a total waste. Halle Berry is better off as Storm in the X-Men movies.
Super Reviewer
June 15, 2017
This awful mess is one of the funniest things I ever watched!
½ June 11, 2017
Actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Entertaining enough
June 11, 2017
As a superhero movie, Catwoman is feeble and scatterbrained. As unintentional comedy, it's actually quite astonishing.
½ June 3, 2017
can't even get thru the hour long intro of cat crap...
½ June 2, 2017
1/2 star

Simply put, 'Catwoman' is one of the worst films ever made. Period. It's horrendous. How one hundred million dollars got put in to this, I just cannot fathom. It is simply mind boggling on every figurative level how poorly directed, written, edited, and acted it is. Seriously, I see direct-to-dvd films all the time that are better than this.

Did I mention how disastrously directed this film is?? Holy crap. The flow of the film has no rhythm whatsoever and the scenes in their own tend to make no sense. Wow.

I am at a loss for words with everything else wrong with this film. To make matter worse, I know that this movie does not deserve the time it takes to describe everything wrong with it.

Thank God for Anne Hathaway.
May 30, 2017
I don't care... I love it!!!
½ May 7, 2017
One of the worst movies ever made.
½ April 15, 2017
Belongs buried in a litterbox
Nate Z.
Super Reviewer
April 4, 2017
Halle Berry has not exactly followed up her 2001 Best Actress Oscar with wise choices. There was a starring role in a James Bond movie, Die Another Day, but she sucked so heartily that you wished she could have been dipped in gold. Then there was Gothika, a spooker that didn't scare anyone, except studio executives who saw the final gross. Now there's Catwoman, a big-budget superhero film that's got such a ripe odor to it to smell from miles away. It's not good when a studio pulls a trailer because fans laugh at it, and it's certainly not a good sign when the studio hires reshoots a month before the film is released. Catwoman's looking for a big chunk of the superhero money out there, but will it land on all fours?

Patience Phillips (Berry) is a frazzled, down-on-her luck graphic designer at Hedare, a giant cosmetics corporation led by husband and wife team George and Laurel Hedare (Lambert Wilson and Sharon Stone). Patience is described as being "fun-deficient," and lets people walk all over her. She tries saving a cat from a ledge one morning, and Officer Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt) jumps out of his car to intervene, thinking she's a jumper. He rescues her, though she doesn't need it, and then asks to go out some time for coffee, the universal first date without it having to be a date.

Patience is returning her designs late one night and overhears that Hedare's newest product has the unfortunate side effect of making people's faces melt if they discontinue use. The Hedare goons chase her down a water drain and flush her into a river. She's revived somehow by the same cat she tried saving from the ledge. Patience reawakens with superhuman powers, heightened sense, and expert agility. There are some kinks, though. She sleeps in odd places, gobbles tuna by the handful, and loves to swing a whip. Who knows what she does to go to the bathroom. The new Patience is a bit confusing to Tom, but he goes along for the ride. He's also on the hunt for the Catwoman, a mysterious leather-clad woman responsible for some jewelry theft.

Patience unravels Hedare's cosmetics conspiracy and aims to stop George and Laurel from mass production, all the while staying one step ahead of her boyfriend's investigation. But Laurel is also experiencing some growing pains of her own. Unsatisfied with being pushed out her company's advertising spotlight for being "too old," she begins using heavy amounts of their newest beauty product and makes her skin as tough as living marble. With this new power, she schemes to retake power from her husband, as well as eliminate a pesky Catwoman

Let's not mince words and get directly to the elephant in the room: Berry's hideous, trashy costume. This is, by far, the worst costume ever in a superhero movie, and possibly the worst costume in cinematic history. It's so overwhelmingly ridiculous that perhaps the filmmakers felt Catwoman's ultimate weapon against evil was having it die from laughter. It's a bizarre combination of a mask with large mouse ears, leather bra, criss-crossing belts, gloves with diamond-tipped nails, and leather pants that look like they were mauled by a bear. Oh, and then there's also the open-toed shoes. What? A superhero who wears open-toed shoes? All evil doers would have to do is step on her feet. The only purpose the outfit serves is to make Berry look sexy, but you didn't need a stupid, tacky outfit for that.

The story of Catwoman takes a giant leap into weird mythology. Apparently, possibly immortal cats decide someone will become a Catwoman, a woman we're told is not bound by our foolish rules. There's no explanation why the cats choose who they do, what the purpose of this is, or what is even expected in return. We do get a montage of Catwomen through the ages dating back to ancient Egypt. Apparently, Catwomen follow the same lines of mythology like Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Unto each generation, a Catwoman is born." It's also kind of funny that a film called Catwoman, about mythic Catwomen, has a crazy old cat lady (poor Ruth Fisher).

The villainous scheme in Catwoman is awful. I can't imagine the FDA not having some grumblings when their test bunnies start having their faces melt off. More importantly, what company would [b]EVER[/b] release a product that melts your face in our litigious society? Just think of the mounting class action lawsuits that could very likely bankrupt that company. So, right there the villain's plot is moronic for two big reasons. Don't even get me started on Stone's superhuman strength aided by the beauty cream we learn melts faces.

The acting is what you would expect. Berry is a beautiful woman, no doubt, but her performance is split between flighty wallflower and naughty dominatrix, neither of which is convincing. Bratt is the worst police officer ever (he can't identify Catwoman even though only a tiny part of her face is obscured) and tries valiantly to hold his own amongst the ridiculousness. Wilson was such a stock corporate villain that they could have erected a cardboard cut-out of him and gotten the same performance. I never thought I'd say this, especially after The Muse, but Sharon Stone is the best thing about this movie. She's an ice queen, but an entertaining one until she goes overboard on her beauty cream.

Catwoman is the first superhero film for Warner Brothers since their disastrous franchise-killing Batman and Robin in 1997. It's hardly a coincidence that Catwoman is the also the worst superhero film since Batman and Robin. The film is trying really hard to be Spider-Man. Before her feline transformation, Berry is a frumpy dweeb, and afterwards she gets heightened senses, a new jolt of self-confidence, and the love of her man. Catwoman even has the guts to rip-off Daredevil, an amusing but flawed movie itself trying to be Spider-Man. There's a scene where Patience and Tom play a competitive game of basketball surrounded by chanting children. This is a direct rip-off of the scene in Daredevil where Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner play fight on a playground. I don't know about you, but when you're ripping off Daredevil of all movies, you have problems.

This film has five credited writers, which works with my Rule of Five for films: if there are five or more people responsible for the script, then there was no script. Who among the five wants to take credit for all the dreadful cat puns in the dialogue, like Catwoman saying, "What a purrr-fect idea." There's also this wonderful repartee where Laurel says, "For you, Patience, it's game over." Then Catwoman responds, "It's overtime!" It also hurts the story when Patience has to have a horny friend (MAD TV's Alex Borsetin) make wisecracks while wearing business attire that consists of whatever her boobs have the possibility of falling out of. There may be a feminist message about our culture's emphasis on beauty and its fear of aging, but whatever feminist message about accepting beauty there may be is tempered by having our heroine in S&M day wear.

Catwoman is director Pitof's (perhaps short for Pitof-[i]ful[/i]?) first real break as a director. He began his career as a visual effects artist on films like Alien: Resurrection, City of Lost Children, and The Messenger, but can anyone recount a visual effects artist that went on to become a decent director? (If you bothered to answer with Joe Johnston, then I don't think you understood the question).

]Movie Director Pitof has a love for cheesy CGI shots, but what's more harmful is his penchant for confusing quick-cut edits. After watching Catwoman, I had to pop some Advil when I got home because the film's editing had actually caused me a headache. It became so annoying that I started counting "one Mississippi, two Mississippi, etc." to gauge the average length of a shot. Let's just say that we didn't make it past "one Mississippi" about 95% of the time. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with quick-edits; The Bourne Supremacy used them effectively to keep a lively, unpredictable experience. Catwoman's editing is just jarring, especially during action sequences where you'd be hard-pressed to figure out what's exactly going on.

The effects work is also rather pathetic. Pitof adores zooming exterior shots that become tiresome after the eighth or ninth time. Worse are all the scenes where Catwoman jumps and leaps through the city like she's Spider-Man's long-lost sister. The film is bending over backwards to try and ape Spider-Man, and these joyless, silly sequences of CGI Halle Berry crawling and jumping around the city don't help the comparison. I do suppose that making a CGI Halle Berry flex and bend in her leather outfit was probably the most rewarding work for an animator since digitally making a breast grope itself in Hollow Man.

Who exactly is this movie intended for? If the filmmakers were going for fans of the Catwoman character, then why did they break away from the comic's history and create something distant and different? If the filmmakers were strictly making an action movie, then why all the visual fluff, idiotic romance, and headache-inducing editing? I suspect that the producers felt that the names Catwoman and Halle Berry would be enough to put butts in the seats. So, then, I deduce that the selling point of Catwoman is, "Wanna see Halle Berry in a sexy leather outfit?" Now, most males will say, "Sure thing," but why would they pay seven to ten dollars to see sexy non-nudity when they could rent Swordfish and Monster's Ball and witness the full extent of Halle's berries? Makes no sense to me. The short answer to who this film is intended for is, of course, no one.

Catwoman is derivative, incomprehensible, dumb, and just plain boring. The only people who will get a kick out of Catwoman are either hormonal teenagers aroused by Berry's outfit, or those who enjoy jeering a terrible movie. I can't even recommend seeing Catwoman because of its ineptness. It's bad, oh boy is it bad, but it's not insanely idiotic like Bulletproof Monk or Dungeons and Dragons to the point where the lunacy is a must-see. It's just boring bad, enough that it almost put me to sleep.

]Perhaps the funniest thing of all, Berry has publicly stated in interviews weeks after Catwoman's release that she'd love to don her leather outfit and do a sequel. Maybe she needs to talk to the producers who lost a bazillion dollars and inadvertently created a midnight movie howler. Then again, Berry isn't exactly making the best film choices post-Oscar. Catwoman will certainly get delegated to the litter box, but how many lives does Berry have left in Hollywood? Looking at her current slate of roles, including a remake of Foxy Brown, my guess is . . . not much.

Nate's Grade: D
½ March 18, 2017
Not very good. This "action" movie is fairly boring and dumb. Halle Berry is much more of a Marvel actress. Not a good superhero movie.
March 17, 2017
Halle Berry played the role and there was a decent plot.
March 11, 2017
P.U is that a Horrible Movie I smell completely destroying my favorite female character from my favorite comic book hero franchises? It sure the hell is! First of all, this Catwoman is completely unrelated to the comic character Selina Kyle except in costume and her alter ego name, second, this movie is absolutely awful and deserves the top place on my list of being the worst comic book movie ever made. The chemistry between the two love interests(Berry and Benjamin Bratt ) is about as intimate as a one night stand it's so non-existent that you can't believe for a second that these are two romantically involved characters. And third the movie is just boring at least with Batman and Robin it was entertainingly bad, this just gives me no satisfaction what so ever. The only satisfaction I get is looking at Halle Berry and that gets old after the first ten minutes we see her in the costume. The costumes, sets and the overall look of the movie are great, but what good is that when the characters and story are severely inadequate? The answer is that it isn't good at all. 1/5 stars
February 15, 2017
Catwoman was AWFUL that Stupid! Deadpool is my favourite badass superhero movie ever for boys.
½ February 12, 2017
I give this film an F. Besides, did Halle Berry HAVE to play another "superhero" if she plays the awesome Storm in the X-Men? Cat woman's costume sucks, too. And her cop boyfriend doesn't realize she's Catwoman when she eats fish, climbs down walls and hisses at dogs! I mean, why was this film made!?
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