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August 17, 2017
SCOTT: (Dr. Scott Allison, Professor of Psychology, University of Richmond) Greg, it looks like we have another corrupt democratic government out to do harm to the good guys. For a change, it isn t the U.S. government.

GREG: (Greg Smith, Founder of Agile Writers of Richmond, VA) Closed Circuit, strangely, isn t about cameras but about circuit courts. Let s take a look

SCOTT: The film opens with a bang, literally, as we witness a terrorist bomb go off on a crowded London street, killing 120 civilians. Farroukh Erdogan (Denis Moschitto) is arrested and charged with masterminding the attack, and two lawyers, Martin Rose and Claudia Simmons-Howe (Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall) are assigned the task of defending Erdogan in court. Rose and Simmons-Howe are not allowed to speak to each other, as Rose is assigned the task of defending Erdogan in open court while Simmons-Howe is assigned the separate task of defending him during a closed hearing that weighs classified evidence.

GREG: Things are going well when Rose realizes that Erdogan was actually an MI-5 agent. That means that the government is indirectly responsible for the bombing and Rose starts to get pressure from shadowy characters to let the courts hang Erdogan in the name of patriotism. Things start to get exciting when Rose tells Simmons and they are on the run.

SCOTT: Greg, I had mixed feelings about Closed Circuit. On the positive side, the film is slick, sleek, and stylish. The pacing is excellent and director John Crowley deserves kudos for some clever camera work and some smart, judicious editing. We even have two very appealing heroes in Rose and Simmons, who show great chemistry and romantic sizzle. On the negative side, I was disappointed that two obviously intelligent heroes could make so many questionable decisions. Rose and Simmons display incredible naivet and end up backing themselves into the darkest of corners. Innocent people die because of their stupidity, making it hard for me to root for them despite their obvious virtue and charm.

GREG: This film was strangely prophetic having completed filming in October of 2012, just months before the bombing of Boston in April of 2013. I was surprised that the film was still released under these circumstances. In many ways it was very reminiscent of the events of that case. Strangely, the use of closed circuit cameras which played a big part of catching the instigators of the Boston bombing had no place in a movie about the same topic called Closed Circuit. I had similar misgivings about the logic these characters used. Rose realizes that his predecessor had been killed for the knowledge that MI-5 had a part in the bombing. Then proceeds to tell several people about his misgivings. Only in the movies would someone be so stupid.

SCOTT: Yes, several times I slapped my forehead with my palm, exasperated that Rose would essentially do the opposite of what anyone with an ounce of common sense would do. That s pretty much an unforgivable offense. Surely both of our heroes would realize how much they were in over their heads. Is it a surprise that virtually everyone they confide in turns out to betray them? And when Simmons knows she has a bulls eye target on her forehead, does it make sense to go home to an apartment that is all glass with mini-blinds that are never pulled shut? And then appear surprised at the possibility that someone might be watching her? I really wanted to like this movie, because our heroes are so likeable and have such an interesting history and lusty spark for each other. But they show questionable judgment over and over again. What a shame.

GREG: I actually had a lot of trouble with the direction of this movie, contrary to your earlier accolades. The movie plods along in a characteristically British fashion. The few chase scenes in the film were merely people walking fast to avoid being caught. And some of them were filmed as though the characters were being tracked by closed circuit cameras - which ultimately had nothing to do with the story. I found it annoying and distracting. I m not sure where the hero s journey is in this movie. By the end of the film our heroes come together but they seem unchanged by the events of the film. They are no better, or even worse off than when the film started. Aside from the revelation that the government was involved in the bombing and subsequent cover up, there isn t a lot of excitement in this film.

SCOTT: I agree, Greg, that the hero story is largely absent. We have two failed individuals whose only consolation is that after all the carnage they re partly responsible for, they ve at least rekindled their romance. If that s the transformation that s supposed to move us and stir us, it most definitely falls flat. For that reason, I give Closed Circuit just 1 Hero out of 5. The film overall was a bit stronger, due to some fine performances by Bana and Hall and also to some impressive direction and pacing. Closed Circuit didn t impress me but it did somewhat entertain me despite my frustrations with the actions of the lead characters. I award this movie 2 Reels out of 5. Movie: Heroes:

GREG: There were a number of attempts to pull at the heart strings. There is a subplot regarding Rose s divorce and his relationship with his 12-year-old son that goes nowhere. It could easily have been left out of the film and no one would be the wiser. For a dry and slow presentation I give Closed Circuit 2 Reels out of 5. And for a mostly absent hero s story I award the film a mere 1 out of 5 Heroes. Movie: Heroes:
½ November 14, 2016
Honestly, the MI5 could have been more devilish.
August 27, 2016
Pretty okay crime thriller with a surprising unexpected twist at the end.
½ August 17, 2016
Revealing the truth or sparing the lives with a deal.

This is from the director of 'Brooklyn' and that's the obvious reason for I'm here. Looks like many haven't liked it, but for me it was an okay film. Seen plenty of similar themes, so I did not find anything special from this. That means easily predictable story, but I just went through till the end to learn how it all ends. Apparently that's how the narration goes, without a twist. You will know right from the beginning who's behind the bomb blast that takes place at the opening.

Well written screenplay, but that was not enough for the film buffs or the critics, it might work for people who watch films occasionally. Looks like based on the real, but there's nothing in the opening or in the end of the film about it. Eric Bana and Rebbeca Hall as the ex and lawyers, takes up a high profile case which will be a secret trial. So theirs every move will be watched. Until one day they discover the truth which threatens their lives. The rest of the film reveals whether they successfully accomplish the undertaking or not.

In some parts, it was mild thrilling, but the developments were ordinary. Especially it never clears us the motive, just leaves some understandable terms. This is a dramatised thriller than a cinematised crime-mystery with powerful dialogues and stunts. They tried it to be a quite realistic, but was not successful. So there was not any extraordinary performance, both the leads were pretty decent. Had potential to be a great film may be in addition of a few action sequences. Overall, not a bad film, just one time watchable.

½ July 14, 2016
Reasonably good and entertaining movie, if a bit trite. Well worth renting on Amazon and grabbing a bowl of popcorn.
½ May 18, 2016
Great premise but badly treated with unexplained jumps in logic and plot. Ultimately unconvincing. Director doesn't hold it all together. Why wasn't it called Closed Court? Typically, movie again just missing its target.
March 28, 2016
Good Performances from Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall can't save this flick. I thought the editing was bad and the story is just bland and fails to hit a suspenseful climax.
September 24, 2015
The movie was great. The similarities to the first WTC bombing are overwhelming. Obviously MI5, CIA, et. al. got to or threatened the reviewers and shilled as audience to Keep People from going and seeing this. It is not your Action packed, juvenile spy movie, but Shows why no one speaks up about any of the false flag crimes against humanity.
September 19, 2015
There was no anticipation or excitement in this movie. It just seemed to drag along.
August 29, 2015
A fairly standard thriller that i could never fully get into. Decent cast including Bana and Hall, but they can't overcome the weaknesses inherent in the script and direction. Skip it.
August 27, 2015
There's nothing exceptionally good about this movie. It's boring at times and hard to sit through to the end.
August 27, 2015
Very slow build up of events
½ August 21, 2015
Fair but looks like a British TV drama instead.
½ August 19, 2015
I'd never heard of this before, and I'm not sure why as it's really quite a good film. A classy courtroom thriller based around a terrorist conspiracy. Eric Bana's English accent is as believable as the rest of the film too.
August 9, 2015
Who Is Watching Whom. A Semi-Intelligence Thriller, It Deepens & Twists Where It Needs To But Doesn't Venture Too Cleverly Out a Of Its Own Boundaries. The Argumentative Interplay Between The Lead Characters Keeps It a Interesting Enough.
½ July 27, 2015
Not much to say about this. The story was decent, well acted and somewhat suspenseful throughout, but it seems to me that the director gave up on this in the 3rd act and threw the ending together because it is kind of a disappointment considering everything that happens up until that point. The two leads are good for what they have to work with, not bad, not great, just kinda there. MILD RECOMMENDATION I suppose.
½ July 1, 2015
Closed Circuit

Directed By: John Crowley

Quite a drama i dont go in for a lot of time but has its consequence when a toff finds more action in top end political high court than anywhere after his schooling sweetheart.

a catch up review for a touch on plot movement.

Great would recommend
June 24, 2015
A really good British suspense thriller. Americans probably won't understand the subtleties of this movie as there are no steamy sex scenes or shoot-outs or car chases or bombs going off (except one in the beginning). The movie made a good case why closed courts do not always do justice to the parties involved. Good performances by the main characters made for an entertaining two hours. Recommended.
June 4, 2015
This is a good movie. Keeps you on your twos. Speaks about the inevitability of action and quite realistic compared to what I assumed it would be. Not that bad as RT thinks it to be.
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