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November 1, 2017
Domenick Data
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Coach Carter
The film is called Coach Carter and it was made in 2005. The main character is Samuel L. Jackson who plays Coach Carter. It takes place in Richmond, California. He returns to his former high school to coach a bunch of bad kids from the hood. This is one of my favorite movies because I can relate to it a lot. Coach carter makes a very strict program for the kids to follow and he has a lot of bumps in the road with the players and school administration. He ends up turning the program around and leads them to a state championship. I was very pleased about how the movie went and it always kept you on edge.
It all starts out with him applying and getting the coaching job at the school. He begins to realize what he got himself into as most of the kids come from broken homes and are involved with gangs. As soon as he meets the kids he lays out this rules and already a couple kids from the team quit. He has strict standards to help him turn the loosing team around. He wants them to go to class and be respectful. If no they will have to run and do pushups. The kids don't like school and don't like his rules. He even decides to lock the gym up so they can't practice, but this leads into problems. More people quit the team and don't like him. As the fil goes on and on the players starts listening to him more and buying in to what he is preaching to them. There is still problems but not as much and the team starts winning and winning more games until the ultimate goal of winning a state championship. Will it happen or will everything fall apart.
My experience with this film was mixed apart of I wanted to see the kids change and succeed and the other part of me didn't see the kids going nowhere. Some of the things that stick out to me was when he was about to get fired and all of his work was for nothing. Some of my strongest impressions were when the kids that quit the team and decided to come back and did all the runs and pushups the coach asked them to do.
The characters in this film were very realistic and have good attributes that varied from one to another. They all were different and reacted to things different just like people in real life. I felt like I was in it with them all and I wanted to see them do well and didn't want to see anything bad happen to them. Out of all the movies I have watched this one has to be one of the best acting ones I have watched yet. Each character plays their role perfect and keeps you engaged. There wasn't much technical aspects in the film that were challenging but the ones that had were thought of very well and executed perfect. There was many characters to make this film up. So there wasn't much sounds tracks involved and if there were some they really didn't catch my attention much. The story about how it all started and how everything turned out was worth the watch and it was what made it a great film.
To end, I recommend this film to almost anyone you don't even have to like basketball to watch it. Just throw one man changes so many young kid's life's is worth the watch and gives them an opportunity to succeed and you can watch the kids turn into men through the film. This is all why I picked this film and it is one if my favorite films to watch. It is put together perfect and the outcome is worth it to the end because it surprises most of the viewers because at the beginning they never predicted to see the outcome like it is based on the kids.
June 1, 2017
Easily one of my favorite movies. This and remember the titans also gets me in tears.
½ May 25, 2017
Good Movie, Good Message... Not too sappy, Just a good movie... Even 12 years later...
May 1, 2017
Coach carter is a true story and it was a good movie I love basketball and it's a good sports movie to see!
April 22, 2017
Best movie ever.
Such an amazing, inspiring and beautiful plot, backed up with extraordinary actors who bring the story to life.
100% recommend you all to watch it!!
½ March 27, 2017
When we see a new opening, that we opportunize when it's what we do. When we see that they are in need of a makeover when they are losing. When we see they are in need of of seeing things differently for a change. Seeing whom we are and seeing themselves in a different light. Seeing respect in the institution, seeing respect in their leaders, seeing in respect in the game. When we don't see somethings coming we naturally feel scared especially when we are kids, and change hurts. When we see our methods and decisions always need questioning to see whom we are dealing with when our name shows we are a champion hanging proudly up. When we see that we raised some people to follow the rules when it knows best to break it when we have a lot to offer our future. When we only see our presents and not our futures when we live poorly, when we don't believe in ourselves or others, and we are preparing ourselves for other things when they are on the way. When somethings we see, we see potential and progress. When we see that we are giving some people their money's worth and run for their money when we doing good and feeling good, seeing better with a fresh look and legs. When we make others see when we can relate to them, when we were once their age and faced challenges along the way. When we see that we need to be seen seriously and respected to lay down some strict rules. When we see that winning is everything when we are seen as a easy win. When we see that some people really would push their limits to meet with some standards, and join the team. When we see that seeing is not everything when we need to listen what we are saying. When we see that we are seeing each one another as a team mate then rival to take the struggle off each other's shoulders. When we see we are good when things go positive and we play as a team. When we see that we are still kids to not see some short comings. When we see that there is no I in basketball. When we see that we lack the respect of our opponents when we put them down. When we like to see somethings but don't see it when there is no progress to report for some. When some progress that we like to see we see its headline news. When other things we see but others dont see we need to reveal what is important to us to see in order for others to participate. When some realities that are presented to us to see we let others know who depend on us. When we see that what makes us happy when we are a happy family together, to not see how that is going to happen. When we see what is important to us more to see how we can find another way in. When we see that somethings are impossible that we don't give up on. When we see that we are finally not seen as a easy win. When we see that we need to get ourselves out of any jam when we are down to rely on good coaching and teamwork. When those we see are in control we see make the call when they have a closer look and are unbiased then we are. When not all plans we execute runs smooth when some of us fall that we need to see that we have another plan. When somethings we see we have plans for when they are playing in our court. When we see that we like seeing somethings that we can't resist when we can't get enough of winning and having a good time. When we see that somethings we see are the life of the party, when they look good. When somethings we wish to see are not there when they should be focused and rested. When somethings we wish not to see we see when they are the buzz kill. When we don't want to see something's but want somethings to know that we want what everyone wants but not other things to know we are failing them. When we see we can do so much and teach them somethings but can't when we are just their coach, not teacher, parent, friend or anything else. When we see that somethings we need to make others see end and other things begin when it's revealed to us late about each other's progress. When we see that some people we are responsible for wish to see the right people when we need them to see that. When we see that there is no hope them when we see no future for them. When we see that we can't take credit gor somethings we do and don't do when it's controversial. When somethings we see we don't see when we are focused on the wrong things, when they care about winning but team. When we see that there is a lot we can to When we are a coach to be there life coach on and off the court to reveal what they don't see the real numbers that matter when it's real life stats of life off the court. When somethings we see we put to good use when they can can be of good√,¬† influence in how to focus. When we see that not many people like seeing what we do but have no control over the matter when it's up to those we wish to see, see life and reality clearly. When what we don't see is how life is hard out there, that many are counting on us to win when they hot money riding on it. When we see that there is more riding on us winning when it's people's livlihoods and futures. When we see that many are effected by this when we are put into the spotlight and faced with realities of our abilities. When we see that many have alot riding on this when it's all they have. When we see we are the problem rather then the solution when we can't support the wrong message to know we are not wanted. When we see that we need to take matters into our own hands when we re-focus, and work as a team to put what is important to us and not others when it's our future and our perspectives. When what we see changes us when it's life's dangers, life coaches, and just seeing that somebody really cares to pay it forward that we can rebuilds what we started. When we see we got many riding on us to know we can't let them down when it counts. When we see that nobody sees the way we do when they never had someone to look up to. When we see that others dont want seeing somethings when we are not ready and have a future to look forward to. When we see that we have a new beginning and new future with somethings but not others when we can't see a future without some people beside us. When we see the largest fear and hurdle we face isn't a hurdle when we believer in ourselves to win, even when the hurdle is high and reminds us of what we give up and lost to yo move forward. When we see that what keeps us up is bring number 1, winning, being top scorer, titles and the spotlight to move forward to. When we see the game of basketball from all points of views to know that what we see is not everything when we are all apart of something that shapes the future of the city, team, players that we choose to grow or die when their futures are what we hope they are playing for. When we see that we come short in winning to know it's not the end but the beginning when we see we are not good but still see we have a future outside the court to look forward to. When we see that we give hope to a team regardless of who is on the team.
March 5, 2017
Coach carter is a true story and it is a good movie. I think this movie can teach you how to play basketball. And it all so teaches you school comes first not basketball. But this movie is a good movie. My favorite characters are Damien , Canyon , Junior battle , Kiera. I had a favorite line in the movie!! It is "Coach thing so I can play college ball!! So how am I going to do that and raise a baby."Kiera says "What are you saying you want out!!" That was a saying from the trailer, And the music to this movie was great it's good music! A lot of the music is rap. So if you like basketball you should watch this movie. This is high school basketball. And for having it be a true story it is a good movie!!!
February 1, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 2, 2017
One of the best sports films ever!
June 16, 2016
Samuel L. Jackson is fantastic in a rewatchable sports drama.
June 10, 2016
a great film like gridiron gang. About troubled students who find a way with a new coach to grow and become champions. Sam Jackson again gives a outstanding job as the lead as well as the new coming actors. Some parts are very forced. But in the end the characters drive the story and leaves you in the end cheering.
June 4, 2016
love this movie. emotional roller coaster between the players, coach, and the school. Caring about the school academics leads a strong message to the people out there knowing where they camer from. Succeeding at what they came to get and conquer.
May 9, 2016
Combining the "tough teacher goes into a failing class filled with underprivileged youths" genre with "tough coach turns a rag-tag team into winners" story and is led by the performance of Samuel L. Jackson
½ March 28, 2016
I enjoy how the director shows about doing education first and then the personal endeavours.
February 7, 2016
Saw this on 7/2/16
Samuel L Jackson's effective performance and caring character makes this sports movie a lot more enjoyable thanks to the underlying message. However, the film can't stop itself from being too far drawn into the feel good path due to it's untimely motivational speeches in the end.
½ January 26, 2016
Coach Carter is a really great sports movie that I actually didn't really want to watch it. Samuel L. Jackson is amazing in this and really gives the movie a lot of fuel. The characters are great, and the chemistry between the coach and the players is very respectable and very enjoyable. The basketball scenes are exciting and gets you pumped up to want them to win. The acting from the players are really good, and the new actors for the players give out some emotional moments that people might tear up. I was a bit worried that it's just going to show one or two of the players about what's going on in there life that isn't basketball, but it does go through most of the players that made the film long, but it's parcels well and made the players memorable. The movie reminds me of Hoosiers a lot, but it never felt distracting to me as, unlike other formulaic sport films, this one actually had a heart, and has a lot of effort that is trying to get people to know a lot about what's going on in this true story.
½ December 27, 2015
Nice story of Coach Carter and his efforts to develop quality people thru basketball in a community where most are expected to fail. Good character development, decent pacing and inspiring messages. Always fun watching a movie about coaching styles ;)
½ December 12, 2015
Coach Carter is a powerful character, and although the story is inspiring, well acted and easy to enjoy, I found the ending to be a disappointment. After all the adversity they went through, why end on a devastating loss just to avoid having a happy ending.
November 11, 2015
It is good suspenseful movie
October 10, 2015
A great movie for teens today!
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