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Driven by director Michael Mann's trademark visuals and a lean, villainous performance from Tom Cruise, Collateral is a stylish and compelling noir thriller.



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A taxi driver is unexpectedly taken on the ride of his life in this stylish thriller from acclaimed director Michael Mann. Max (Jamie Foxx) is a cab driver who hopes to some day open his own limo company; one night behind the wheel begins promisingly when he picks up Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith), an attorney working with the federal government who is attractive, friendly, and gives him her business card after paying her fare. Max thinks his luck is getting even better when his next fare, Vincent (Tom Cruise), offers him several hundred dollars in cash if he'll be willing to drop him off, wait, and pick him up at five different spots over the course of the evening. Max agrees, but he soon realizes Vincent isn't just another guy with errands to run -- Vincent is an assassin who has been paid to murder five people who could put the leaders of a powerful drug trafficking ring behind bars in an upcoming trial. As circumstances force Max to do Vincent's bidding, the cabbie has to find a way to prevent Vincent from killing again and save his own skin, a task that becomes especially crucial when he discovers Annie is one of the names on Vincent's hit list. Collateral also stars Mark Ruffalo, Peter Berg, and Bruce McGill as police detectives hot on Vincent's trail. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Tom Cruise
as Vincent
Jamie Foxx
as Max Durocher
Mark Ruffalo
as Fanning
Peter Berg
as Richard Weidner
Bruce McGill
as Pendrosa
Irma P. Hall
as Ida Duricher
Bodhi Elfman
as Young Professional Man
Debi Mazar
as Young Professional Woman
Richard T. Jones
as Traffic Cop No.1
Jamie McBride
as Traffic Cop No. 2
Siba Eastman
as Rabeca Violin
Ken Ver Cammen
as FBI Agent
Jeffrey Hwang
as Korean Vocal
Craig Eastman
as Rabeca Violin
Michael A. Bentt
as Fever Bouncer
Ian Hannin
as Cell Phone Partier
David Mersault
as Crime Scene Cop
Anthony Ochoa
as Crime Scene Cop
Klea Scott
as Federal Agent No.1
Wade Williams
as Federal Agent No.2
Paul Adelstein
as Federal Agent No.3
Omar Orozco
as El Rodeo Doorman
Edgar Sanchez
as El Rodeo Doorman
Cosme Urquiola
as El Rodeo Doorman
Jessica Ferrarone
as Female Criminologist
Troy Blendell
as Morgue Attendant
as Peter Yip
Howard Bachrach
as Pissed-Off Driver
Chic Daniel
as Plainclothes Cop
Rodney Sandberg
as White Guy
George Petrina
as White Guy
Elliott Newman
as Jazz Musician
Trevor Ware
as Jazz Musician
Bobby English
as Jazz Musician
Auggie Cavanagh
as Jazz Musician
Ronald Muldrow
as Jazz Musician
Peter McKernan Jr.
as Police Helicopter Pilot
Ivor Shier
as News Helicopter Pilot
Daniel Lujan
as Rubio No.1
Eddie Diaz
as Rubio No.2
Joey Burns
as El Rodeo Band Member
John Convertino
as El Rodeo Band Member
Josh Cruze
as El Rodeo Band Member
Martín Flores
as El Rodeo Band Member
Rick Garcia
as El Rodeo Band Member
Lawrence Goldman
as El Rodeo Band Member
Maurilio Pineda
as El Rodeo Band Member
Daniel Sistos
as El Rodeo Band Member
Jacob Valenzuela
as El Rodeo Band Member
Luis Villegas
as El Rodeo Band Member
Yussi Wenger
as El Rodeo Band Member
Jason Statham
as Airport Man
Angelo Tiffe
as Sylvester Clarke
Ron Eckert
as Hotel Security Desk Guard
Ismael Vidrio
as Gas Station Attendant
Manuel Urrego
as Direction-Asking Businessman
Luis Moncada
as Cold-Eyed Killer
Dyna Teal
as Sylvester Clarke Girl
Sandi Schroeder
as Sylvester Clarke Girl
Michael-John Wolfe
as Hotel Clerk
Addie Yungmee
as Fever Dancer
J.D. McElroy
as Fever Dancer
Megan Hiratzka
as Fever Dancer
Kate Gopaoco
as Young Girl
Christy Yi
as Young Girl
Wing Wong Wilson Kam
as Tactical Sergeant
Brandon Molale
as Limo Driver
Marianne M. Arreaga
as Police Helicopter Co-Pilot
Spike Silver
as Police Helicopter Co-Pilot
Ben Mihm
as News Helicopter Co-Pilot
Niles Roth
as Helicopter Pilot
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  • Feb 03, 2019
    Pretty good for a Tom Cruise led movie, but he's still bloody playing Tom Cruise. Just Tom Cruise with even stupider hair. Tom Cruise.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 11, 2016
    Collateral stars action movie star Tom Cruise as Vincent, a hit-man arriving in LA to complete contracts. He travels around the city using a taxi, forcing the driver, played by Jamie Foxx, to take him from kill to kill. That synopsis sounds weird, right? America's action hero, Tom Cruise, playing the villain? As odd as it may seem, Cruise did a phenomenal job. His antagonistic approach worked right off the bat, strolling out of an airport at night wearing sunglasses and receiving a hit list from Jason Statham (appearing in a cameo many believe to be reprising his role in the Transporter series). Cruise also works really well with Foxx. Their constant arguments about the morality of Cruise's actions are what really carry the movie. Michael Mann's direction is incredibly stylish and fitting - his use of colorful lighting and establishment shots of LA really bring the scenery to life. Aaron brought up the fact that the movie was shot digitally, and it really worked well with the colors (even if it was a little noticeable for zoom-in shots). Another thing that helped the cinematography was the editing; top-notch cuts helped the desperate tone. The subtle use of music is also noticeable. There are many scenes with nothing but the sounds of the streets as a backdrop. We gave this movie a lot of praise, but we have to be picky as well and say that Collateral is by no means perfect. Jada Pinkett Smith's character, in the movie for all of 15 minutes, is oddly trusting to Foxx (she was a customer in his Taxi before Cruise) right away. This forced plot element paid off, though, as the writing really brought the movie full-circle in the end. Mark Ruffalo is also in this movie, and his presence is completely unnecessary. it's not that Ruffalo was bad. His character could have been cut and the movie would be the same. All-in-all, Collateral is carried by the two lead performances and brilliant cinematography, even if the plot is at times convenient. We at Musicians on Movies agree that Collateral earns a B rating.
    Ben B Super Reviewer
  • Mar 03, 2016
    An interesting premise with a promising end result, Collateral must not be missed. Great performances from Jamie Foxx and most especially Tom Cruise.
    Maymay A Super Reviewer
  • Feb 08, 2016
    Visually beautiful, smart script and very thrilling. Collateral is a very well directed and awesome film that features excellent performances by Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise as well as some others such as Mark Ruffalo.
    Mr N Super Reviewer

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