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½ March 5, 2017
Burt Lancaster stars as a reclusive retired professor who is bullied into renting the unused top floor of his palazzo to a brash aristocrat (Silvana Mangano). She intends to use the apartment for her young, kept lover (Helmut Berger). Lancaster's life is continually disrupted by Berger and Mangano's daughter and her boyfriend. This makes it sound like an art film take on "Pacific Heights", but Visconti has different things on his mind. The crass, loud young folks reawaken Lancaster and connect him back to the world he has cast aside, but they also eventually reveal his hypocrisy and inability to act on his noble intentions.
January 20, 2015
Una de las ùltimas pelìculas de Visconti que conserva su genialidad , pero esta vez sin ser grandilocuente como el resto de su obra realiza una pelicula m s intimista sobre la decadencia de la sociedad uno de sus tòpico favoritos.
½ February 12, 2014
A landmark feature from Italian master Luchino Visconti.
July 15, 2012
Simply put, lesser Visconti is still Visconti, his style is everything. Not a great film, but a worthwhile film.
½ April 25, 2012
Supremely gorgeous set design and camera direction. For these reasons, and because the actors are right, 'Conversation Piece' is engrossing. Most European movies tend to be contemplative, more intellectual and less action-oriented than American cinema, and in the case of this movie, that style fits anyway: 'Gruppo' is sort of Visconti's summary piece of his life and film career. For that reason, it is impractical to watch this as an introduction to Visconti, and the movie is also harmed ultimately by moronic politics -- Marxism vs. fascism is a lose-lose argument, so it is somewhat anticlimactic for that to be an important part of the life/career summary.
½ January 3, 2011
Eccezionale Visconti
Super Reviewer
November 28, 2010
In "Conversation Piece," Bianca(Silvana Mangano) barges into the Rome apartment of a retired professor(Burt Lancaster), an art historian. Mistakenly, he assumes she has something to do with the painting he is interested in buying and is unpleasantly surprised when he finds out that it is instead his upstairs apartment that she is interested in renting for her paid lover Konrad(Helmut Berger), a former radical. The Professor intends to use it as an expansion for his library but as she astutely puts it, he has more than enough room for his books already in the service area of his apartment.(Did I mention that apparently she does not have a tape measure?) Despite Bianca missing her calling as a used car salesperson, he declines. But when Lietta(Claudia Marsani), her daughter, offers the painting he was originally interested in for three months' rent, he agrees to rent it for a year. And then the sky falls in.

Director by Luchino Visconti, "Conversation Piece" is a very engaging, witty and intelligent movie about what it means to truly live. The Professor moved from the United States to experience the Italy of his youth which he dreams of, not the conflicted one of the present. So he keeps it at bay, buying a complex system of locks for his front door after it closes in on him. There is nothing wrong with that, by the way, as the movie, despite not moving outside of the building, does not feel claustrophobic or stagy in the least. The Professor could presumably venture outside. As Lietta points out, he is not dead yet.(I also thought he might be gay, not asexual.)

"Conversation Piece," like the real world, is very unpredictable. What I assumed would be a simple clash of cultures and generations becomes rather fascinating when the characters start to interact in some very intriguing ways. The other thing about the real world is that it is full of compromises which Konrad is more than aware of; he once believed in something very strongly, but is now forced to demean himself.
November 10, 2010
One of Luchino Visconti's final films starring Burt Lancaster as an isolated professor who hesitantly lets a woman, her lover, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend rent the room above him. Basically the film is about generation clashes as well as mortality. I'll admit it, I wasn't terribly drawn into this because I had a poor VHS copy that was the English version and the sound wasn't that great, so I couldn't follow a lot of the conversation. Still, Lancaster is always an excellent actor so he brought a great presence to the screen. I've also gotta give some praise to the set, the house really sets the tone of the film and shows Lancaster's character and the way the new residents can never really fit in with his style of living. Anyway, as I said, it's probably a better movie that I think it is, but I just didn't have the chance to really see it correctly.
August 19, 2010
Una de las ùltimas pelìculas de Visconti que conserva su genialidad , pero esta vez sin ser grandilocuente como el resto de su obra realiza una pelicula màs intimista sobre la decadencia de la sociedad uno de sus tòpico favoritos.
April 26, 2010
During the first half hour, this movie promised to be entertaining in all its annoyingness. You could feel the tension rising and the professor (Burt Lancaster) get closer and closer to both a nervous breakdown and a multiple murder attempt. Some nice Italian chaos helped to lard this pretty portrayal of the worst tenants from hell if ever there were. One of the worst annoyers is Konrad Huebel (Helmut Berger), spoilt playboy lover of Marchesa Bianca Brumonti (Silvana Mangano), who rented the floor in the professor??s house in the first place. It??s funny, by the way, to realize this is only the second movie I??ve seen with Helmut Berger, and in both cases I got excessively irritated by the character he played (fully clad or otherwise). The man must have special talents indeed. Unfortunately the film has a strong beginning, but soon peters out into something unsubstantial and very uninteresting. By the time I was about to strangle the tenants, the professor peculiarly began to take a liking to them, drifting away in philosophical reveries I just couldn??t and wouldn??t buy. This was not the film I sat down for. And apart from that, nothing much happens in the second half anyway. Another missed opportunity.
½ April 21, 2010
...Burt Lancaster in the role of an old professor, whose life comes in a mess, as he meets a rich marquise, her decadent family and her young,rebel lover(Viscontis lover, Helmut Berger).Opulent!
April 20, 2010
A grandious Film Noir Melodrama about a Professor who want to stay alone because he is afraid of People and their Personalitys, Feelings and Conflicts and getting involved in and as this People get in his Life it gets much more miserable than he ever thought but also he befriends with this People and see them as his Family a Parabel on Generation Conflicts, the Conflict between Capitalism and Communism, a deep View into the Mind of the People and their Crazyness and the Wealth, Class and Enjoyment of Life and also the Sickness of Life of the Upper Class there is also a lot of Art to see in this Movie and its great directed and acted ecspecially from Burt Lancaster and Helmut Berger
October 4, 2009
"Gli intellettuali della mia generazione hanno cercato molto un equilibrio tra la politica e la morale: la ricerca dell'impossibile"
May 24, 2009
interesting but somehow
½ December 28, 2008
Very elegant, very touching, beautiful acting by Lancaster
December 14, 2008
ehh. . . . no thanks
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