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Michael Ritchie's The Couch Trip follows a long line of Hollywood films (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Disorderly Orderly) in which the psychos are seen as saner than the psychiatrists. Charles Grodin plays Dr. George Maitlin, a pompous radio self-help guru, who is having his own personal mental breakdown. Maitlin's lawyer puts in a call to a Cicero, IL, mental facility and the telephone is answered by schizophrenic mental patient John Burns (Dan Aykroyd). Thinking Burns is a crony of Maitlin, Burns is offered the job of replacing Maitlin during his recovery. Of course, Burns accepts the job. Immediately jetted to Los Angeles, Burns meets panhandler Donald Becker (Walter Matthau) at the airport. While wearing the garb of a priest, Becker sounds off against the madness of societal conventions; Burns takes to him immediately and they become fast friends. When Burns assumes command of the airwaves in Maitlin's place, his words of wisdom are so obvious and commonsensical that he is an overnight sensation. Meanwhile, in London, where Maitlin is convalescing, he gets wind of Burns' success. With renewed vigor and outrage, Maitlin leaves his recovery room and hops on a plane back to Los Angeles in an effort to recover his radio show.

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Dan Aykroyd
as John W. Burns, Jr.
Walter Matthau
as Donald Becker
Charles Grodin
as George Maitlin
Donna Dixon
as Laura Rollins
Richard Romanus
as Harvey Michaels
Mary Gross
as Vera Maitlin
David Clennon
as Lawrence Baird
Arye Gross
as Perry Kovin
Mickey Jones
as Watkins
David Wohl
as Dr. Smet
Michael Ensign
as Hendricks
Carol Mansell
as Mrs. Blair
Robert E. Hirschfeld
as Night Watchman
Charles Levin
as TV Reporter
Robert Hirschfeld
as Night Watchman
Kevin Rooney
as Cop at Hollywood Sign
Myrna White
as Policewoman
Tony Rolon
as Bellperson
Scott Weintraub
as Continental Agent
Donna Mitchell
as Stewardess
Linda Rae Favila
as Maitlin's Secretary
David Grant Hayward
as Waiter, London
Jonathan Emerson
as Hendrick's Assistant
Beverly Archer
as Mrs. Guber
Gloria Dorson
as Ida V.O.
Jerry Belson
as Yuri V.O.
Susan Kellermann
as Woman on Bus
Don Stark
as Peterson
Jean Sterling
as Woman at Baseball Game
Benbow Ritchie
as Man at Baseball Game
June Claman
as Lady at Riviera
Jack Ritchie
as Man at Baseball Game
Michael Gregory
as Security at Riviera
Corey Rand
as Airline Clerk
Jan Cobler
as Woman at Party
John Mahon
as Police Captain
Adrian Aron
as Woman at Party
John D. LeMay
as Dr. Smet's Resident
Ralph Adano
as Person at Party
Neal Kaz
as Cop in Maitlin's Office
Robert M. Dawson
as Person at Party
Tino Insana
as Jail Guard
Duane Tucker
as Guard in Squad Car
Rick Garcia
as Bellperson
Chevy Chase
as Condom Father
Johnny Sinclair
as Clerk in London
Kenneth Danziger
as Clerk in London
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Audience Reviews for The Couch Trip

  • Aug 09, 2011
    Another top Aykroyd comedy (does he ever make abad one?) alongside Grodin with his usual extreme character portrayal and Walter Matthau in a slightly weaker role than his partners. 88 was a good year for Aykroyd with 'The Great Outdoors' and this, two good films but this one clearly being the best, if not as well known, with Aykroyd in scorching form as a smart ass convict getting himself to a loony bin and then a top flight job as a doctor on the radio. Sounds average but the way in which Aykroyd performs his role is such a joy to watch with his usual quick fire dialog that he can unleash at any given moment as he has shown in many of his films. The whole film is basically an anarchic comedy with the main character being a total fraud, yet a lovable roguish fraud that you just wanna see win :) Much better than so many modern films due to Aykroyd coming across as quite an intelligent person who genuinely knows his stuff instead of just memorising lines, its also nice to see a comedian in film who can make you laugh with his wit and use of knowledge instead of just making stupid faces and acting like a complete moron Mr Carrey.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    A great group of comedians makes for a very funny movie. The story is funny too. I highly recommend this fun comedy.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • May 20, 2008
    Dan Aykroyd is always funny, and this movie even though it has some flaws is no exception, the one thing about this movie was the storyline which is it's biggest flaw, they have the relationship between Aykroyd and Walter Matthau's character which is really non-existent, then you have the main story line about a mental patient impersonating a radio psychologist. Just to little, if the movie had more depth then this would be a great comedy, but it is only good mostly because of Aykroyd and Matthau, and a little Charles Grodin never hurt anyone.
    Jason R Super Reviewer
  • Jul 30, 2007
    Dan Aykroyd has escaped from a mental hospital and becomes a great radio talk show pyscho-analyst. It's an okay movie, but doesn't have an abundance of funny scenes. Hardly classic. The memorable climax has them climbing the Hollywood sign.
    Lafe F Super Reviewer

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