Charles Grodin

Charles Grodin

Highest Rated: 96% Midnight Run (1988)

Lowest Rated: 10% Clifford (1994)

Birthday: Apr 22, 1935

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Supporting and occasional leading actor Charles Grodin built a successful career playing low-key, uptight, and frequently wholesome comic roles, with occasional turns as an arch-villain. Whereas many funnymen have been popular for their ability to overreact and mug their way around everyday obstacles, Grodin belonged, from the beginning, to the Bob Newhart school of wry comedy that values understatement and subtlety. Grodin learned to act under the guidance of Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen before making his 1962 Broadway debut opposite Anthony Quinn in Tchin Tchin. Two years later, Grodin made his first film appearance in Joseph Adler's Sex and the College Girl. Though offered the leading role in The Graduate (1967), Grodin refused, thereby providing a lucky break for Dustin Hoffman. In 1968, he played a small but memorable role as a naive obstetrician in Rosemary's Baby, and then tackled another villainous role as heartless navigator Aarfy Aardvark in Mike Nichols's Catch-22. Grodin got his big break when director and Nichols's former comedy partner Elaine May, who had been a longtime friend and mentor of the young actor, cast him in the lead of the Neil Simon-scripted The Heartbreak Kid (1972), in which he played a salesman who falls in love with Cybill Shepherd during his honeymoon. Though Steven Spielberg wanted him to play the role of shark expert Matt Hooper in Jaws (1974), Grodin preferred to direct the play Thieves on Broadway instead. In 1977, Grodin signed for the leading role in the film version. He also added spice as the villain in Warren Beatty and Buck Henry's remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941), Heaven Can Wait (1978). Since then, Grodin continued as a supporting actor in such films as The Woman in Red (1984) and The Couch Trip (1987). After receiving rave reviews starring opposite Robert De Niro in the 1988 hit comedy Midnight Run, Grodin's career began to slow down. He played the long-suffering patriarch in the first two Beethoven films and turned in a memorable performance in 1993's Dave, but by 1995 Grodin had decided to switch gears, opting to host a talk show. After The Charles Grodin Show ran for several years on CNBC, Grodin later took a gig doing Andy Rooney-esque commentary on CBS's 60 Minutes II.


Highest Rated Movies



24% The Comedian Actor $1.7M 2017
40% The Private Life of a Modern Woman Actor 2017
84% While We're Young Leslie Breitbart $7.1M 2015
52% The Humbling Jerry 2015
No Score Yet Simon and Garfunkel: Songs of America Director 2014
No Score Yet Brazzaville Teen-Ager Father 2013
No Score Yet Char-ac-ter Actor 2012
No Score Yet Character Actor 2009
18% The Ex Bob Kowalski $3.1M 2007
No Score Yet It Runs in the Family Mr. Parker 1994
23% Beethoven's 2nd George Newton 1994
10% Clifford Martin 1994
No Score Yet Saturday Night Live - Best of the Coneheads Actor 1994
55% Heart and Souls Harrison Winslow 1993
54% So I Married an Axe Murderer Car Driver 1993
95% Dave Murray Blum 1993
30% Beethoven George Newton 1992
No Score Yet Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories Actor 1992
29% Taking Care of Business Spencer Barnes 1990
96% Midnight Run Jonathan Mardukas 1988
No Score Yet You Can't Hurry Love Mr. Glerman 1988
38% The Couch Trip George Maitlin 1988
38% Ishtar Jim Harrison 1987
No Score Yet Last Resort George Lollar 1986
No Score Yet Film House Fever Actor 1986
No Score Yet Movers & Shakers Producer Herb Derman Screenwriter 1985
35% The Woman in Red Buddy 1984
48% The Lonely Guy Warren Evans 1984
13% The Incredible Shrinking Woman (La Increíble Mujer Diminuta) Vance Kramer 1981
76% The Great Muppet Caper Nicky Holiday 1981
72% Seems Like Old Times Ira Parks 1980
No Score Yet It's My Turn Homer 1980
85% Real Life Warren Yeager 1979
No Score Yet Sunburn Jake 1979
89% Heaven Can Wait Tony Abbott 1978
No Score Yet Just Me and You Michael Lindsay 1978
No Score Yet The Grass Is Always Greener over the Septic Tank Jim Benson 1978
No Score Yet Thieves Martin Cramer 1977
53% King Kong Fred Wilson 1976
No Score Yet 11 Harrowhouse Chesser 1974
92% The Heartbreak Kid Lenny Cantrow 1972
79% Catch-22 Aardvark 1970
96% Rosemary's Baby Dr. Hill 1968
No Score Yet The Meanest Men in the West Arnie Doud 1966


68% Madoff
Carl Shapiro 2016
No Score Yet CBS This Morning
Guest 2013
70% The Michael J. Fox Show
Mike's Dad 2013
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2012
No Score Yet Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
No Score Yet American Playhouse
No Score Yet Laverne & Shirley
No Score Yet Saturday Night Live
Host Guest 1977


Lady Holiday says: Nicky, that's my new receptionist dancing out there!

Nicky Holiday says: Which one?

Lady Holiday says: The pig.

Nicky Holiday says: She's sensational.

Lady Holiday says: 45 words a minute, about average.

Martin Daniels says: Do you like chocolate? Do you, like chocolate??

Martin Daniels says: Do you like chocolate? Do you, like chocolate?

Camahan says: [conversing with Wilson over the 2-way radio regarding the next procedure in the search for Kong and Dwan] There's gonna be somebody on that radar all night, isn't there?

Fred Wilson says: [in a tone of weary disgust] Any large furry BLIPS seen moving in your direction, you will KNOW...! Sweet dreams and out.

Fred Wilson says: Ah, the power of it. Ah, the superpower! Hail to the power! Hail to the power of Kong! And Petrox!

Fred Wilson says: [as the "Petrox Explorer" comes in sight of Skull Island] ... Did you ever wonder how Hernando Cortez felt when he discovered the Lost Treasure of the Incas?

Jack Prescott says: That wasn't Cortez; it was Pizarro. And he died flat broke.

Fred Wilson says: Take plenty of TNT when you go inland. Any sign of a monkey bigger than four feet, send him bang-bang.

Jack Prescott says: Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong! you heard them chant that! He exists. You saw the wall, right? Now who the hell do you think they're planning to give that girl to?

Fred Wilson says: It's some nutty religion. A priest gets dressed up like an ape and gets laid.

Fred Wilson says: Jack, let me straighten you out on a couple of points. One, that wall is an ancient ruin. Two, this island is uninhabited. [Loud drumming begins, coming from the direction of the wall]

Jack Prescott says: And three, there's an uninhabited German beer hall down there with a mechanical band.

Fred Wilson says: [Wilson steps out of the launch and onto the beach] Let's not get eaten alive on this island. Bring the mosquito spray.

Fred Wilson says: Lights! Camera! Kong!