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Originally made for television, the story concerns David Banner (Bill Bixby), thought to be dead but actually working as a janitor at a laboratory. There, he hopes to cure himself of the monster lurking inside. However, a group of terrorists are interested in the awesome power of the Hulk.


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  • Feb 23, 2010
    The Death of the Incredible Hulk is one of a series of made for TV films which followed on after the popular TV series ended its run in 1982. I'm sure most of our readers are familiar with the Hulk, either through the Marvel comics, the TV series, or the more recent feature film. For those of you who are not, the stories follow Dr Bruce Banner, who turns into a giant green-skinned beast (The Hulk) when he is angry or afraid. Unable to control his monstrous alter-ego he wanders across the United States looking for a cure, and trying to elude various pursuers who are convinced he and/or The Hulk are evil. So, does the title of the film give the story away? Well, I won't reveal all here, except to say that another film was planned after this one, but was never made as star Bill Bixby died unexpectedly before it could be made. For many fans this final chapter was a nice conclusion to the storyline of the original series. Our story begins with Banner working as a cleaner under an assumed name at a government research plant. It soon become obvious that he is actually there so that he can sneak into the lab at night and continue his research, hoping to find a cure that will stop his unwelcome transformation into a beast. At the same time, some suspicious characters are trying to break into the lab to steal its secrets, and Banner is drawn into a spy plot which could have come straight out of a James Bond movie. The plot tends to meander a bit after the first third, but has enough human interest to encourage staying with it until the end. Bixby plays the part of Banner nicely (he also directed and was Executive Producer so must feel some sympathy with the role). Lou Ferrigno is back as The Hulk, and is just as laughable in his green skin as ever (this is a low budget TV show and not a multi-million dollar Hollywood special effects epic). Still, he has the muscles for the part, and I must say I was rather sad to see his cameo in the recent Hulk movie relegated to the deleted scenes on the DVD. The rest of the cast play their parts well enough even if the enemy agents ham it up a little too much for my liking.
    Martin D Super Reviewer
  • Jun 10, 2008
    Some Minor Spoilers Here **************************************************************Death of the Incredible Hulk was the final Hulk movie. There were plans for another movie but they were scrapped after Bill Bixby passed away. This movie was mainly good except for one bad point which I will get to later. Firstly, it was good because it had all the usual things one expects from a Hulk show-action, intrigue and plenty of destruction. It's also an extremely sad movie. I had watched the Hulk series from beginning to end and to be honest it was a little bit too emotional watching the Hulk/Banner die. I watched this movie in 1990 and I must admit that I felt like crying. The late Bill Bixby did a great job throughout the series conveying Banner's emotions to us. As he lay on the concrete at the end and muttered, "I am free..." before dying I was quite emotional. Seeing Banner pass away without every truly curing himself was a little bit too much. I suppose death was a cure for Banner but it was still one of the saddest scenes ever in a movie. I only have one complaint with the film and I notice it is a complaint brought up by others who have reviewed this movie. It was the omission of Jack McGee from the movie. McGee was an integral part of the Hulk series. Throughout the series McGee followed the Hulk across the States and it was a bit hard to accept that McGee would not have followed the Hulk to this adventure. It was bad enough that Trial of the Incredible Hulk had omitted McGee but not having an integral character like McGee in the final film was quite bad. It is a crime committed by countless TV shows. The writers should have included McGee-even if they had to use a different actor. It would have been really interesting to see McGee standing over the dying body of David Banner exchanging words. Perhaps something like Banner saying, "You can't pursue me any more McGee" and McGee coming to realize that he had ruined a man's life for the sake of selling newspapers. The movie could have ended with McGee feeling remorse and apologizing to Banner before he passed away. That may sound over the top but any fan of the Hulk will probably tell you that this final movie should have included McGee. All in all, it wasn't a bad film. Rest in peace Hulk.
    David L Super Reviewer
  • Jan 08, 2008
    It's good to have the cast from the show back for the last movie but the end was a bit of a let down. The Hulk dies in a way that seems a little unlikely. But to defend the flick, he was supposed to come back to life in another tv movie but the actor died before it could be made.
    Jason S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 01, 2008
    A little more than twelve years with these characters and Bixby decides to put an end to Banner and the Hulk. This made-for-TV movie released in 1990 again has Bill Bixby in the director and producer's chair. This time Banner has a job as a janitor with a learning disability at a genetics lab. It is a persona that is much better at staying under the radar than many of the identities David has adopted over the years. He secretly assists a doctor in his genetics formula, then when his true identity is discovered he becomes close to the trustworthy Doctor Pratt (Sterling) and his wife (Tarbuck). Some Russian rebel criminal organization gets in the way of the research. Jasmin (Gracen), the lithe, good-hearted Russian operative who wants out of this criminal life is saved by Banner. In an isolated cabin, Banner quickly falls in love with Jasmin, another girl who could potentially help him live a normal life. No other superhero crossover characters this time, just some remnants of the Cold War. A family member of Jasmin and the Pratts who are now like David's family call them back from making their romantic escape. The effects skimp on the quality, but, like the title suggests, Banner is finally freed of his curse. It is sad to think that three years after this movie Bill Bixby would be dead before the age of 60.
    Byron B Super Reviewer

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