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A man investigates his father's claims that he communicated with mysterious spirits.

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  • Apr 04, 2015
    What I like about this movie is that there's an air of authenticity to everything that leads up to Jake going on the search to find out whether his father's claims were true. I've honestly tried to look for as much information into this movie as I can but, as far as I can tell, everything with Jake interviewing his sisters, his brother, family friends about Bert and his claims seemed to be 100% legit. I say this because there's old video footage of Jake and his siblings, or photos, and these do not look doctored at all, well with the exception of the obvious footage that's made specifically for the narrative of Bert's White Woman ghost that he claims to have 'met'. So, in some ways, and correct me if I'm wrong, this might be the first example of this type of film. Where they take some very real interviews with Bert's children and his friends about what type of man he was and incorporate it into a horror film. It may have been done somewhere before, but it is the first time I've seen it done, at least in a horror setting. I thought that was pretty unique and it did give the story a little bit of a twist. The problem is the fact that the story, outside of the real-life interviews with Bert's sons, daughters and friends, was honestly a little bit muddled. The movie loses a lot once they start talking about Bert hiring different companies to excavate on his property to see if there's Spanish treasure underneath his land and Nazi POWs in Texas during the war. I honestly, after having watched it, have no idea what this was supposed to accomplish. Absolutely zero fucking idea. Maybe they want to tie it to all the people that died in this area and how their spirits are still lingering and that's what Bert was feeling, or what drove him nuts, but I honestly don't think it works. It just made an otherwise good movie fairly nonsensical. It just doesn't make a whole lick of sense and it was easily the worst part of the entire film, by a country mile. Which is a shame cause I thought the combination of horror/documentary, like real documentary-style interviews, was a pretty clever way to tell this story of this man who just wants to know whether his father lost his mind or not. The climax itself is pretty damn good, it's well-shot and there's a good deal of tension. They do ruin it a bit with a 'twist' but they immediately get back on track for the last scene of the film. I found the twist to be really lame in the sense that, if it would've stuck, it would've negated everything we just saw for no real reason whatsoever. I don't think it honestly would've made one lick of sense given that there was no indication that Bert was known as a prankster or anything of the sort. But, again, the film at least makes up for it in its last scene. And you're not left thinking that watching this movie was a waste of your time. Pacing could've used a little work as did the story. The stuff about the Spaniards' gold, the Nazi POWs , the minerals should've all been cut out of the film. It serves no purpose and all it does is muddle the experience. Other than that, this is a pretty unique approach to a horror movie. I'd only call it average at best, some good stuff here, but there's a lot that holds it back from being a good movie.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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