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A so-so David Spade comedy with a few laughs.



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In keeping with his background in television sitcoms, Sam Weisman directs the cameo-filled comedy Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. Dickie Roberts (David Spade) was a child actor on the hit TV show "The Glimmer Gang" and remains remembered for a particular catch phrase. Now in his thirties, he finds work as a parking valet and spends time with other nominal child stars (enter cameos by Danny Bonaduce, Corey Feldman, and the like). Wanting to make a comeback, he manages to get an audition with director Rob Reiner. When the role requires him to be normal, he decides to hire a normal family in order to relive the childhood he missed out on. He ends up with sleazy salesman George Finney (Craig Bierko) and his loving wife, Grace (Mary McCormack). Dickie shares a room with their two kids: sunny daughter Sally (Jenna Boyd) and impressionable son Sam (Scott Tessa). Former child star Alyssa Milano appears as Dickie's girlfriend, Cyndi.

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David Spade
as Dickie Roberts
Jon Lovitz
as Sidney Wernick
Craig Bierko
as George Finney
Mary McCormack
as Grace Finney
Scott Tessa
as Sam Finney
Scott Terra
as Sam Finney
Jenna Boyd
as Sally Finney
Doris Roberts
as Peggy Roberts
Rob Reiner
as Himself
Rachel Dratch
as Rob Reiner's Secretary
Willie Aames
as Himself
Tom Arnold
as Himself
Fred Berry
as Himself
Todd Bridges
as Himself
Gary Coleman
as Himself
Jeff Conaway
as Himself
Tony Dow
as Himself
Leif Garrett
as Himself
Corey Haim
as Himself
Eddie Mekka
as Himself
Jay North
as Himself
Erin Moran
as Herself
Ron Palillo
as Himself
Adam Rich
as Himself
Marion Ross
as Herself
Nicholas Schwerin
as Young Dickie
Fred Wolf (II)
as Dickie's Corner Man
John Farley
as Referee
Bobby Slayton
as Commentator
Joey "Coco" Diaz
as Emmanuel Lewis's Entourage
Kevin Grevioux
as Emmanuel Lewis's Entourage
Michelle Ruben
as Ring Girl
Brian Clark
as Guy in Car
Alan Blumenfeld
as Mr.Rollins
Sasha Mitchell
as Angry Driver
Blair Breard
as Alcoholic Speaker
Peggy Mannix
as Lamaze Group Leader
Spencer Garrett
as Publisher
Hal Sparks
as Publisher
Rob Elk
as Biker
as Sad Eye Sadie
Ian Gomez
as Strange Man
John Kirk
as Passing Man with Camera
Edie McClurg
as Mrs.Gertrude
Colin Ryan
as Gertrude Kid
Wyatt Smith
as Boy in Crowd
Valerie Perri
as Teacher at Microphone
Ashley Edner
as Heather Bolan
Mindy Burbano
as News Correspondent
Lindsay Dann
as Reporter
Erin Murphy
as Brittany
Jann Carl
as Herself
Peter Dante
as Himself
Lisa Joyner
as Herself
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Critic Reviews for Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

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Audience Reviews for Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

  • Jan 11, 2010
    I thought Dickie Roberts was enjoyable! david Spade brings some pretty good talent to the table here!
    KJ P Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2009
    Has David Spade been in any movies that were funny???
    Brody M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 06, 2009
    its just the same man-nanny becomes friends with the kids movie but it has David Spade and hes funny
    Coxxie M Super Reviewer
  • May 14, 2008
    <i>"This is Nuckin' Futs!"</i> <p> <i>Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star</i> is a film that was severely panned by critics and audiences upon first release. It met with such an appalling reception that I purposely avoided it in fear of it being as horrible as some people have said. However when I finally watched the film all my previous expectations were surpassed. People called it 'poor' and 'laugh-less' but I guess it's a matter of taste: I laughed quite frequently and found it to be decent comedy. <br> Dickie Roberts (Spade) was a very popular child actor who had an enormous fan base. After his show was cancelled while still a young child, the 'child actor syndrome' kicks in: i.e. Dickie is no longer a desired actor among the studios. He slips off the grid and out of the industry due to his sudden drop in popularity. Even his mother leaves him while he is still at a young age. Now an adult, Dickie is poor and has been reduced to typical jobs such as being a valet attendant who parks cars. He misses the fame and popularity of being a famous actor. When in Hollywood he meets Brendan Fraser (played by himself, logically enough) who is able to get Dickie an audition for the new Rob Reiner film. But Dickie is rejected because he doesn't have the genuine feel of the part due to his childhood that he was robbed of. Reiner believes that Dickie just isn't a real person because of the way stardom affected him when he was a child. Dickie is still determined to get the part and stage a successful comeback. To do this he will need to develop a personality of his own. So he advertises a considerable amount of money if a family will allow him to move in and hopefully relive a proper childhood. Dickie moves in with the typical suburban family: selfless mother Grace (McCormack), selfish father George (Bierko) and their two kids Sam (Terra) and Sally (Boyd). <br> There is a good basic premise here. It's a well-known fact that child stars usually disappear from the spotlight or their life is lost to drugs and alcohol. Although the script is decent, it's ultimately flawed massively by its overuse of clichés and conventions. Not to mention a few sickening sub-plots like the predictable one concerning Dickie falling in love with his new mother Grace. There's quite a bit of sexual humour trapped within this solitary sub-plot. And then of course we have the obligatory few scenes concerning school bullies that Dickie swiftly takes care of. These are all predictable and it wouldn't be a tragedy if they were left out. Despite this they're still mildly amusing at times. <br> The central laughs are built on the clever dialogue deliveries from David Spade. I'm not going to tell a lie at all - I thought that some of his insulting rants were absolutely hilarious and I was laughing out loud quite constantly. But it's a shame there wasn't any effort on the part of the screenwriter (looking at you, David Spade) to create any other gags or any other characters that can deliver funny dialogue. <br> After the first third of this film, we all know what the outcome will be. The conclusion is cheesy and predictable beyond words. The good news is that there are a number of decent laughs to keep one entertained despite its predictability. <br> David Spade is funny when given the right material to work with. Using a script he wrote himself it seems he gave his character the majority of the funny dialogue. The rest of the acting is okay but nothing groundbreaking. The kids sometimes seemed a little cardboard, as did the rest of the cast at times. Acting lessons are badly required during some sections of the movie. <br> Aside from its flaws and shortcomings, <i>Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star</i> at least stocks a good supply of laughs. There's no brilliance or innovation in the laughs department; however the film is still hilarious viewing. One of the film's highlights: a reunion of genuine former child stars being grouped together for a musical finale during the end credits.
    Cal ( Super Reviewer

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