The Disappearance of Alice Creed Reviews

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October 25, 2019
After meticulously rigging a combination of claustrophobic suspense drama and icy procedural, director J Blakeson allows his movie to fall apart.
September 18, 2019
The cynicism of the undertaking is a little numbing, but even so it's hard not to admire the efficiency of the mechanism.
August 23, 2018
While some plot developments are more plausible than others, the conclusion features one of the most nail-biting moments of the year so far.
June 24, 2017
It's got the kind of writing you'd expect to find in a Hitchcock movie, with performances that measure up on every level.
August 14, 2011
A kidnapping story told in simple but effective way.
June 30, 2011
... An unnerving thriller that's driven by the threat of violence and the sexual proclivities of its protagonists.
November 30, 2010
What first-time director Blakeson does with this very familiar situation is cut it to the bone. Not only is there very little fat on this body, there's barely a skeleton.
November 23, 2010
Tense, thrilling kidnap story too violent for kids.
November 21, 2010
Tense, terse and beautifully crafted, it plays out with all the dread of a deadbolt hammering, inevitably, home.
November 19, 2010
The performances are nervy and vulnerable, lifting the material when Blakeson gets caught up in a few staring contests to pad out the film. At least in the first act, there's a real sense of threat.
September 16, 2010
The Disappearance of Alice Creed begins with a van being stolen and ends with a different stolen vehicle being driven away. In between comes a tight, efficient thriller with just three actors and at least two whopper switcheroos.
September 10, 2010
Sure, it's a parlour trick movie, with no great idea at its core, but props should go to Blakeson -- he's packed a remarkable amount of thrills into a one-bedroom flat location.
September 9, 2010
J Blakeson's feature debut is as spectacularly suspenseful as it is deceptively simple
September 9, 2010
Though The Disappearance of Alice Creed doesn't quite play out to the end, it is still a fine thriller and an exciting calling-card film for J Blakeson.
September 9, 2010
The neatness of the movie, however, hems it in. It is plotted almost to a fault.
September 9, 2010
By the time the feelbad finale is in full stride, Blakeson's writing makes no sense whatsoever. However, his direction of this throttling three-handed thriller does leave a lasting impact.
September 9, 2010
It's refreshing to see someone putting the needs of the part over her image, and this is far from a halfhearted performance. It's gritty and gutsy.
September 8, 2010
If you like a good twist, then this is the next film you must see. Your eyes will be glued to the screen, wondering what unexpected plot developments lay ahead.
September 7, 2010
There are one or two implausibilities towards the end of it all but Blakeson overcomes those with his climax. There's not a special effect in sight and no stunts either but he never lets go of the suspense. It's a rare skill.
September 7, 2010
For a first time filmmaker, Blakeson shows a formidable sense of control, restraint and stylish flair reminiscent of a more established helmer and despite the odd misstep, takes the time to ratchet up the tension and intrigue.
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